Where are they now?

Research by Eva Mueller
with the grateful help of

Mrs. Dimitrie, Mrs. Mueller and Mr. Kaiser

In 1944 the population of Hrastovac had to flee their bellowed hometown because of the ongoing Tito’s Partisan and Soviet Red Army raids.

House # Name Where located in 2006 
74 Albrecht Heusenstamm, Germamy
57 Baecker, Hans He lived in house #56 – there was only one house after the Fleisch, Jakob house – moved in after the Fleischs moved.
113 Baecker, Johann Heinhausen, Germany
18 Bentz, Johann Rental house owned by Bentz family
50 Berg, Heinrich Leamington, ON, Canada
121a Bierer, Georg Harrow, Windsor, Leamington, Kitchener/Waterloo, Scarborough all in Ontario as well as Winnipeg, Saskatoon, SK; Canada
121 Bierer, Heinrich Port Colborne, London, Welland, Guelph, all in Ontario as well as Western Canada
32 Bierer, Konstanz Austria; Germany; Brazil; Aldingen, Germany; Dayton, OH
99a Bierer, Michael Wels, Austria; Dayton, OH, USA
146 Bierer, Stefan Germany, Brazil; Aldingen, Germany
74a Braeutigam, Heinrich Heusenstamm, Germamy
5 Buchenaur, Johann Austria – then ?
21 Bulic, Georg stayed
  Church  now converted into a motel restaurant
137 Dewald, Peter Weiskirchen, Germany
97 Dietz, Jakob  ?
62 Disberger, Peter Toronto, ON, Canada
91 Drechsel, Georg (Drechsler??) Drechsler – Harrow, Windsor, London all Ontario, Canada
70 Drechsler, Hans Harrow, ON; Windsor, ON; Waterloo, ON, Canada,
95 Ellenberger, Andreas Harrow, ON, Canada
7a Ernst, Hans Weiskirchen, Germany
89 Ernst, Johann Germany
7 Ernst, Peter Wartburg, Austria; Oberhessen, Germany/ Buenos Aires, Argentina
68 Faerber, Konrad Harrow, ON; Windsor, ON; Canada
115 Faul und Pamer  ?
61 Faul, Heinrich  ?
66 Faul, Heinrich Germany
93 Faul, Heinrich Germany
80 Faul, Jakob Steinberg, Germany
74b Faul, Johann Windsor, ON; Germany
48 Faul, Matthias Weiskirchen, Germany (?lived in same house)
125a Faul, Sebastian Windsor, ON; London, ON, Canada
13a Faust, Georg Ulm, Germany; Harrow, Ontario, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
58 Faust, Georg Oberhessen, Germany
25 Faust, Hans (Jekel house) Harrow, Windsor, Kingsville (may be Leamington), Canada
101 Faust, Heinrich Leamington, ON, Canada
42a Faust, Jakob Don’t remember these properties being here or these people living in this section
51 Faust, Jakob Garesnica (daughter) ?
85 Faust, Jakob Vienna, Austria
92 Faust, Jakob  ?
133 Fink, Heinrich Germany
56 Fleisch, Jakob ?
81 Fleisch, Johann  ?
124 Fleisch, Johann  ?
148 Frensch, Nicholas Oberhessen, Germany; Australia
40 Frischkorn, Jakob Vacant land belonging to Jakob Frischkorn
72 Frischkorn, Jakob Pennsylvania, USA
20 Gaertner, Konrad Weiskirchen, Germany
114 Gaertner, Konrad Kingsville, ON; Chicago, IL,
149 Golmar, Josef stayed
82 Gossler, Jakob Port Colborne, ON; Montreal, QC, California, USA
83a Gossler, Jakob Port Colborne, ON; Montreal, QC, California, USA
34 Gossler, Michael Konradshofen, Germany
86a Gossler, Michael  ?
109 Hock, Jakob Steinberg, Germany
64 Jahn, Hermann  ?
136 Jann, Kathi  ?
26 Jekel, Peter Weiskirchen, Germany; Leamington, ON, USA
102 Jekel, Peter  ?
6 Jung, Heinrich Weiskirchen, Germany; Austria; Windsor, ON, USA
44 Juszt, Jakob  Germany; Sekitsch and Kruschevlje camps in Yugoslavia; Harrow, Kitchener, Toronto, Aurora, Whitby, Mississauga; Rebensdorf, Germany; Pickering
79a Kah, Anna  ?
14 Kah, Fillup Harrow, ON; Kingsville, ON, Canada
43 Kah, Hans Don’t remember these properties being here or these people living in this section
79 Kah, Hans Weiskirchen, Germany
46 Kah, Hans (Canada) Austria; Germany; Windsor, ON, Canada
41 Kah, Heinrich Germany, Dayton, OH, Canada
107 Kah, Jakob Port Colborne, ON, Canada
53 Kah, Johann Germany
59 Kah, Peter Germany
145 Kaiser, Hans Dietzenbach, Germany; Windsor, ON; Leamington, ON, Canada
33 Kanzlei, Gemeindehaus Town Offices
30a Kautmann, Johann stayed
30 Kautmann, Josef Leamington, ON, Canada
72 Kehl, Georg  ?
18a Kehl, Hans Germany
42 Kehl, Hans Don’t remember these properties being here or these people living in this section
45 Kehl, Heinrich Harrow, ON; Windsor, ON; McGregor, ON, Canada
78 Kehl, Heinrich Windsor, Ontario, Canada
112 Kehl, Jakob Harrow, ON, Canada
117 Kehl, Johann Perbel Austria, Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada
45a Kehl, Konrad Harrow, ON, Canada
2 Kehl, Michael Weiskirchen, Germany
116 Kehl-Kilhus, Michael Windsor, ON; London, ON; Canada
119 Koch, Heinrich  ?
103 Kohler, Hans Germany
19 Koehler, Heinrich Oberhessen, Germany
9 Koehler, Jakob Vacant land – Koehler’s land – inherited by son and daughter (married Rauch)
16 Koehler, Jakob Austria; Germany
48 Krimpelbein, Georg ? (lived in same house)
104a Krimpelbein, Heinrich France
77 Krist, Johann Weiskirchen, Germany
84 Lang, Konrad British Colombia, Canada
132a Lang, Konrad Weiskirchen, Germany
71 Loch-Pamer, Georg Germany
142 Lotz, Heinrich Chicago, IL, USA
28a Lotz, Jakob Weiskirchen, Germany
83 Lotz, Jakob  ?
52 Lotz, Johann Harrow, ON; Milwaukee, WI
24 Maerzluft, Hans Austria;Port Colborne, ON; Argentina; British Columbia;Stoney Creek,ON
147 Markevic, Mile stayed
139 Maerz, Hoch Steinberg, Germany
  Maschinen Haus; Stables; House & Little Schoolhouse Pecht & Pohl families lived in the house at different times
76 Muench, Georg Harrow, ON; London, ON; Cambridge, ON; Leamington, ON, Canada
3 Mueller, Andreas Harrow; Harrow, Windsor, Kingsville, Leamington, London ON, Canada
28 Mueller, Andreas, Schmied Weiskirchen, Germany (maybe Dayton, OH if this is the son of house #122)
13 Mueller, Hans Wels, Austria; Harrow, ON; Windsor, ON (Faust land)
22 Mueller, Hans Dayton, OH, USA
4 Mueller, Heinrich Vacant land – lived at #36
36 Mueller, Heinrich Austria (Ried area); Harrow, Windsor, Dayton, OH, USA
111 Mueller, Heinrich  ?
54 Mueller, Jakob stayed
4a Mueller, Johann Vacant land – lived at #122
122 Mueller, Johann Klumpen Austria (Ried area), Germany, Dayton, OH
37 Mueller, Johann, Butterhans Oberhessen, Germany; Dayton,OH
90 Mueller, Peter Germany
15 Mueller, Peter (Maschinen Mueller) Germany
138 Ochs, Heinrich Germany
118 Ochs, Jacob Windsor, ON, Canada
21 Ochsenhofer, Franjo  ?
11 Ochsenhofer, Georg Vancouver, B.C., Canada
60 Ochsenhofer, Heinrich stayed
35 Pamer, Georg Austria; Dudenhofen, Germany
63 Pamer, Heinrich Germany
94 Pamer, Heinrich  ?
96 Pamer, Heinrich Harrow, ON; Windsor, ON, Canada
88 Paul, Martin  ?
151 Pecht, Peter (Becht) Milwaukee, WI, USA
123 Petz, Heinrich Weiskirchen, Germany
127 Petz, Johann Weiskirchen, Germany
125 Petz, Peter Weiskirchen, Germany
134 Pirmajans, Elisabet (Biermayer) Montreal, QC; California; Norfolk,Virginia
27 Rapp, Georg Germany
87 Rapp, Georg Offenbach, Germany
92 Rapp, Martin  ?
108 Rapp, Martin Offenbach, Germany
110 Rauch, Hans  ?
9a Rauch, Johann Vacant land – Koehler’s land – inherited by son and daughter (married Rauch)
73 Reith, Johann Oberhessen, Germany
93 Reith, Johann  ?
140 Ruppert Milwaukee, WI, USA
141 Ruppert  ?
8a Ruppert, Heinrich USA
8 Ruppert, Jakob USA
102a Ruppert, Jakob Ohio
143 Ruppert, Konrad  ?
10 Salaij, Jula  ?
86 Schaeffer, Adam  ?
31 Schaeffer, Johann Weiskirchen, Germany
23 Schaeffer, Johann (lings) Austria; Windsor, ON
106 Schaeffer, Kathi  ?
47 Scherer, Adam Windsor, ON, Canada
1 Scherer, Johann Weiskirchen, Germany; Windsor, ON
126 Schlitt, Jakob  ?
131 Schmidt, Heinrich Harrow, ON
129 Schmidt, Jakob Harrow, ON, Jakob owned both properties, # 129 and #130.
130 Schmidt, Jakob Harrow, ON, Canada
150 Schneider, Maria stayed
144 Schneider, Michael stayed in Garesnica
135 Schuck, Fritz Langen, Germany
132 Schuessler, Fritz  ?
100 Schuessler, Johann Weiskirchen, Germany
65 Schwab, Adam  ?
65a Schwab, Adam  ?
49 Schwab, Jakob Austria; Harrow, ON; Windsor, ON
123a Stark, Jakob Weiskirchen, Germany
2a Stark, Johann Dietzenbach, Germany; Austria (Ried area)
120 Stueckel, Johann Oberhessen, Germany
17 Trautmann, Heinrich Was killed in 1944 in Celje, Slavonia while in the refugee treck.
39 Wagner, Peter may have been empty land in the 40’s
99 Weber, Jakob Konradshofen, Germany
105 Weber, Johann Konradshofen, Germany
69 Weber, Karl Canada, Ulm, Germany
128 Wenzel, Johann  ?
38 Wink, Jakob Kitchener, ON; Harrow, ON, Canada
12 Wink, Peter Rental house owned by Peter Wink;
55 Wirth, Martin Germany;Harrow, ON; Strathroy, ON, Windsor, ON; London, ON; Cambridge, ON; Leamington, ON; Bloomfield Hills, MI; Draper, Utah
104 Wolf, Jakob Oberhessen, Germany
114a Wolf, Jakob Germany
29 Wolff, Johann Germany
40 Zarth, Anna Harrisburg, PA, USA
67 Zarth, Eva Dayton, OH, USA
58 Zulauf, Johann Weiskirchen, Germany