Kalazno and Varsad 1725 Settlers

Lutheran Settlers of Varsad, Kalazno and surrounding areas of Tolna

in the year of 1725

by Prelat D. Dr. Dr. Wilhelm Diehl, 1942[1]

Translated by Rosina T. Schmidt

Pastor Reichard arrived in Varsad and it’s filial Kalazno in 1725. The following settler families were already established in those two communities as well as in the surrounding areas:

In Varsad:

Alt, Johann Konrad from Echzell

Corell, Johannes from Arnshain

Doering, Johann Konrad from Weiches

Fischer, Peter from Elpenrod

Freyensehner, Johannes from Helpershein

Guthmann, Kaspar from Helpershain

Imhoff, Johann Heinrich from Elbenrod

Jungkurt, Hans Peter from Arnshain,

Kehr, Johannes from Meiches

Krailing, Konrad from Dauernheim

Krauss, Johannes from Gross-Rohrheim

Krauss, Johann Jakob from Gross-Rohrheim

Orth, Johannes from Erzhausen

Orth, Konrad from Helpershain

Orth, Martin from Helpershain

Otterbein, Konrad from Nieder-Beerbach

Pfalzgraf, Philipp from Grebenau

Sauer, Johannes from Udenhausen

Schaarmann, Andreas from Helpershain

Scheerer, Johann Heinrich from Strebendorf

Schmehl, Hans Konrad from Srebendorf

Schmitt, Dietrich from Stebendorf

Semmelrod, Johannes from Grebenau

In Kalazno:

Bauermeister, Johann Jost from Crainfeld

Decher, Hans Martin from Rainrod next to Alsfeld

Decher, Johann Kurt from Rainrod next to Alsfeld

Kalbfleisch, Kaspar from Udenhausen

Mock, Johannes from Schwarz

Nahrgang, Nikolaus from Rainrod nect to Alsfeld

Schaefer, Friedrich from Kirtorf

Schlitt, Johann Heinrich from Billertshausen

Seibert, Johann Heinrich from Elbenrod

Siepel, Johann Barthel from Rainrod next to Alsfeld

Storck, Konrad from Gross-Bieberau

Weycker, Johann Konrad from Leusel

Rausch, Nikolaus (most likely) from Rainrod next to Alsfeld

Ruehl, Johannes from Echzell

In Majos, a filial of Kismanyok:

Creutz, Georg Philipp from Dauernheim

Kraft, Johann Heinrich from Gettenau

Spitznagel, Johannes from Effolderbach

Walther, Heinrich Peter from Dauernheim

In Izmeny, a filial of Kismanyok:

Kindermann, Konrad from Eulersdorf

Schmitt, Eckhard from Grebenau

Schuetz, Erasmus from Leidhecken

Stang, Konrad from Wallerhausen

Stephan, Andreas from Echzell

In Gyoenk:

Petermann, Johann Heinrich from Schwickartshausen

Schmidt, Joahnn Peter from Gross-Gerau

Wagner, Johann Heinrich from Daubringen

Weingaertner, Peter from Rheinfelder Hof next to Wallerstadten

In Gyorkony:

Blaeser, Konrad from Egelsbach

Buess, Heinrich Albrecht from Gross-Gerau

Schmidt, Adam from Egelsbach

Walther, Johannes from Dauernheim

In Nagyszekely:

Happel, Johann Philipp from Worfelben

Koch, Konrad from Nieder-Modau

In Felsonana:

Daupert, Johannes from Ober-Lais

Birckenstock, Johannes from Rainrod next to Alsfeld

In Kotcse:    

Bruder, Johann Georg from Worfelden

In Kismanyok:

Haussmann, Johann Adam from Wirhausen

Poth, Georg from Nieder-Modau

In Kistormos:

Korn, Hans Georg from Semd


[1] Hessische Chronik, October 1942 – archives of Szekszard, Tolna