Hessian Immigrants to Varsad

Hessian Immigrants to Varsad, Tolna
Information Compiled from the Archives of Hesse
and Varsad Church Books by Rosina T. Schmidt

Alt, Johann Balthazar from Echzell-Büdingen, Son of Alt, Conrad and Müller Anna Maria,  in Varsad in 1722. 

Alt, Johann Conrad, Born in Geisnidda in 1700, wife Müller, Maria Anna from Echzell

Bauermeister, Johann Jost form Schlechtenwegen-Lauterbach, Married in Crainfeld to Wacker, Helena Catharina in 1719, daughter of Wacker, Johann Jakob.

Becht, Peter from Gross-Rohrheim, Godfather in 1726 in Varsad to Herzog, Johann Adolf.

Becker, Johann Sen. from Rainrod, Alsfeld. His son was Godfather to baby Kondes, Johann Conrad in 1726.

Bormann, Burckhard from Elbenrod, Alsfeld, arrived in Varsad in 1723

Bormann, Johann Georg rom Elbenrod, Alsfeld; Married in 1740 in Varsad Anna Margaretha, widow of Braun, Peter.

Buchenau, Anna Magdalena from Storndorf. Daughter of Buchenau, Johannes.

Buchenau, Johann from Oberbreitenbach. Born in 1701, married in Storndorf to Frank, Anna Elisabeth.

Buchenauer, Johann from Storndorf, Alsfeld. Son of Buchenauer, Lorenz. Married to Buchenwald, Anna Barbara.

Buchenwald, Barbara from Oberbreitenbach, Alsfeld. Married Buchenau, Johann

Burkhardt, Daniel

Föller, Son Johann Stephan born in 1728 in Varsad.

Dächert, Hans Martin from Rainrod. Baptizes daughter in 1725 in Varsad.

Dieter, Maria Elisabeth from Nieder Kleen. Married in 1725 in Varsad Kollmann, Johann Martin

Döring, Johann Conrad from Meiches. Born in 1712. Married in 1732 in Varsad to Orth, Maria.

Ehmert, Johann Daniel from Municipality Schwarzenfels. Married in 1762 in Varsad Pohr, Eva Maria from Kalazno.

Erdmann, Margaretha from Arnsheim. Born ca. 1691. Married Korell, Johann from Merzhausen.

Ernst, Johann Heinrich from Wichmannshausen

Euler, Johann Wilhelm from Hanau area. Widower. Married in 1749 in Varsad to Seybert, Anna Christina. He lived in Felsönana.

Faust, Anna Margaretha from Hanau. Married in Varsad in 1724 to Gärtner, Johann Jakob, son of Gärtner, Johann Leonhard.

Fichtenauer, Johann Georg from Hagenau, Austria. Married in Varsad in 1729 Färber, Maria Eva, daughter of Färber, Benedigt.

Fischer, Johann Peter from Elpenrod-Niedergemünden. Son of Fischer, Johann. Married in Elpenrod in 1701 to Schlosser, Catharina, daughter of Schlosser, Jakob. See entry.

Framm, Anna Elisabetha from Storndorf. Wife of Buchenau, Johann.

Frank, Anna Maria from Zell, Fulda. Married in Varsad in 1724 Schäfer, Johann Peter. See entry.

Freyenhöfer, Johannes from Heloershein-Ulrichshein. Married in 1724 in Varsad Fischer, Maria

Gärtner, Johann Jakob from City of Hanau. Married in 1724 in Varsad Faust, Anna Margaretha.

Gutmann, Caspar from Helpershain-Ulrichshein. Godfather in Varsad in 1724.

Habekorn, Philipp Heinrich from Allendof a. d. Lunda. Married in Varsad in 1741 Ewald, Margaretha Anna.

Hartenstirn, Johann Heinrich from Arnsheim. Born there in 1697. Widower when married to Menges, Elisabeth.

Haass, Friedrich Wilhelm from Hanau. His daughter Maria Catharina married in 1756 in Varsad, Röpf, Johann Mathias. See entry.

Heck, Philipp from Dauernheim, Bingenheim.

Hild, Johann Wendel from Bad Soden, Schlüchtern. Married in Varsad to Kedert, Anna in 1724.

Hinckel, Johann fromIsenburg/ Merkholzische Herrschaft. His son Johann died in 1741 in Varsad.

Hoffmann, Ewald from Gross-Rohrheim. His daughter is bapt. In Varsad in 1724.

Hoffmann, Johann Michael from Erbach, Odenwald. Married in Varsad in 1765 to Deckert, Anna Elisabeth from Kalazno.

Imhoff, Johann Heinrich from Elpenrod, Alsfeld.

Jäckel, Anna Catharina from Hainbach, Alsfeld. Married in Varsad in 1754 Schäfer, Jakob. See entry.

Jäckel, Johannes from Langenhain. Married in 1766 in Varsad to Mosbach, Catharina.

Jungkurt, Hans Peter from Arnsheim. Died in Varsad in 1732.

Kaiser, Johann from Helpersheim

Kappel, Johann Friedrich from Wörfelden. Son of Kappel, Johann Philip. Married in 1740 in Varsad to Ritter, Anna, daughter of Ritter, Georg Wilhelm.

Kniss, Elisabeth Barbara from Sellnrot. Daughter of Kniss, Johann. She married in Varsad in 1751 Wagner, Heinrich.

Kniss, Johann from Sellnrot

Korell, Johann from Merzhausen, Ziegenhain. Born there in 1677, son of Korell, Heinrich and Margaretha. Married to Erdmann, Margaretha. See entry.

Krähling, Conrad from Dauernheim, Bingenheim. Born there in 1697 and married there in 1715 Dippel, Elisabeth Margaretha.

Krauss, Johannes, Sen. from Gross-Rohrheim-Jägersburg. Was a publican. Bapt. His son Georg Christoph in 1728 in Varsad.

Kollmann/Kuhlmann, Johann Martin from Gross Gerau. Married in 1725 in Varsad to Dieter, Maria Elisabeth. See Entry.

Kühn, Peter from Huttengesess, Hanau. Son of Kühn, Caspar. Born ca. 1712. Married in Varsad to Buchenau, Anna Magdalena. See entry.

Lang, Johannes from Schwabenrod. Born ca. 1685. Married in Strebendorf in 1714 to Unger, Elisabeth Catharina. See entry.

Lang, Johan Jakob from Hernsheim, Worms. Killed in Varsad in 1729.

Lotz, Susanna from Storndorf. Daughter of Lotz, Heinrich. Married in 1756 in Varsad Lents, Johann Conrad, son of Lentz, Georg Bernhard.

Martin, Conrad from Erbenhausen. Married in 1740 in Varsad Sauer, Anna Maria, daughter of Sauer, Johann.

Mosbach, Catharina from Gut Riedesel, Lauterbach. Married in Varsad in 1766 Jäckel, Johannes. See entry.

Moser, Ferdinand from Iselbrunn, Königsbrunn/Wìurttemberg. Died in Varsad in 1767 at age of 27 years.

Müller, Johann from Brandenstein. Married in Varsad in 1768 Jost, Anna Elisabeth.

Müller, Johann Georg from Oberbayerbach. Married in 1723 in Varsad Pitschen, Anna Catharina.

Müller, Maria Anna from Echzell. Wife of Alt, Johann Conrad. See entry.

Nagel, Johann David from Nieder Kleen. Born ca. 1656.

Nahrgang, Nikolaus from Reinrod, Alsfeld. Husband of Rausch, Margaretha. See entry.

Orth, Conrad from Helperhains-Ulrichstein. Born ca. 1673.

Orth, Johannes from Ober Ramstadt. To Varsad in 1723 with 5 children.

Orth, Martin from Helpershain. Born ca. 1686. Confirmation of his daughter Anna Margaretha in Varsad in 1725.

Peter, Johann Heinrich from Hopfgarten. Son of Peter, Johann Jost. Married in 1738 Weber, Anna Elisabeth. See entry.

Pfalzgraf, Philipp from Grabenau. Not born in Grabenau.

Rausch, Margaretha from Reinrod. Born in 1726. Wife of Nahrgang, Nikolaus. See entry.

Reinhard, Carl, Pastor from Ober-Ramstadt. First Pastor in Langenfeld, Banat before fleeing with the help of Count of Mercy to Varsad.

Riegelmann, Anna Catharina from Bauernschwend, Darmstadt. Daughter of Riegelmann, Johann Peter and Cunigunde. Married in Varsad in 1765 Caspari, Reinhard.

Röpf, Johann Mathais from Mettelsinn. Married in Varsad in 1756 Haass, Maria Catharina. See entry.

Schaaf, Johann Heinrich from Kirtorf, Alsfeld. Born 1750 as son of Schaaf, Johann and Giller, Anna Gertrud. Married in Varsad in 1780 to Walter, Anna Barbara, widow.

Schauermann, Andreas from Helpeshain. Married in Varsad in 1723 to Müller, Elisabeth.

Schäfer, Jakob from Hainbach, Alsfeld. Married in Varsad in 1754 Jäckel, Anna Catharina. See entry.

Schäfer, Johann, Sen. from Hainbach, Alsbeld. Died in Varsad in 1743, born ca. 1697.

Schäfer, Caspar from Felda. Died in Varsad in 1741. His wife Anna died there in 1723.

Schäfer, Johann Peter from Zell, Fulda. Married in Varsad in 1724 Frank, Anna Maria. See entry.

Scherer, Heinrich from Stebendorf. Daughter Elisabeth Catharina died in Varsad in 1725.

Scherer, Johann Heinrich from Stebendorf. Son of Johann Conrad. Born in 1693. Married in Varsad in 1721 Horst, Veronica.

Schlitt, Johann Heinrich from Billertshausen, Alsfeld. Son Martin born in Varsad in 1728.

Schlosser, Catharina from Elpenrod, Alsfeld. Born in 1701 to Schlosser, Jakob. Husband Fischer, Joh. Peter, who died in Varsad in 1728.

Schmel, Hans Conrad from Strebendorf. To Varsad in 1722.

Schmehl, Hans Conrad from Storndorf. Son of Schmehl, Heinrich and Merz Maria. Died in Varsad in 1725, at age of 26 years.

Schmidt, Dietrich from Strebendorf. Born ca. 1670, not in Strebendorf. Wife Anna Elisabetha. He died in Varsad in 1731. She in Kalazno in 1749. Son Johannes born ca. 1707 in Ober Breidenbach. See entry.

Schmidt, Johannes from Ober Breidenbach. Born ca. 1707. Son of Dietrich Schmidt and Anna Elisabetha. See entry.

Seibert, Anna Christina from Elpenrod. Daughter of Seibert, Johann Leonhard. Married in Varsad in 1749 Euler, Johann Wilhelm, a widower.

Seibel, Johann Barthel from Rainrod. Left for Kalazno.

Seifert, Johann Heinrich from Elpenrod. Son born in Varsad in 1726.

Semmelroth, Johannes from Grebenau. His daughter is Godmother in 1725 in Varsad.

Serth, Anna Elisabeth from Kirtorf. Daughter of Serth, Johann Georg. See entry. Married in Varsad in 1752 Corell, Johann.

Serth, Johann Georg from Kirtorf. Left for Varsád with daughter Anna Elisabeth and her fiancée.

Siewald, Anna Elisabeth from Friedewald. Daughter of Siewald, Ernst and Geld, Anna. Married in 1771 Sieber, Johann Nicolaus in Varsad.

Spitznagel, Anna Maria from Nidda. Daughter of Spitznagel, Wigand.

Spitznagel, Wigand from Nidda, Frankfurt. His daughter Maria Magdalena married in Varsad in 1741 to Dückel, Johann, son of Dückel, Philip.

Starck, Johann Conrad from Gross Bieberau, Lichtenberg. Son Christoffel born in Varsad in 1723.

Stegmeyer, Philipp from Langensteinbach. Son of Stegmeyer, Paul. Widower in 1741 when married to Gross, Anna Elisabeth from Paks.

Suser, Daniel from Stassburg. Daughter Anna Maria died in 1771, age 2 years.

Tonsor, Johann Marcillius from Kloppenheim. Born in 1692 to T. Julius and Bechthold, Susanna Elisabeth. Left Wiesbaden in 1724 with a group of emigrants consisting of 69 families, who choose him as their pastor. Arrived on the Kistormás prairie on 23rd of Feb. 1725, where they have been dumped on to green grass by the landlord’s Fuhrmen. See

Theiss, Philipp from Dillenburg. Son of Theiss, Philipp and Vogel, Catharina. Died in Varsad in 1726.

Unger, Anna Margaretha from Zeitlof. Married in Varsad in 1764 Knoch, Peter.

Unger, Elisabeth Catharina from Strebendorf. Daughter of Unger, Peter. Born ca. 1697.

Wagfahrt, Anna Margaetha from Schwarz. Born ca. 1730. Married in 1762 in Varsad Dieter, Johann.

Wahl, Maria Magdalena from Kirtorf. Settled in Varsad in 1766.

Weber, Anna Elisabeth from Erbenhausen. Daughter of Weber, Johann. Husband Peter, Johann Heinrich. See entry.

Weitzel, Johann from Stebendorf. Married in Varsad in 1731 Frank, Anna Maria, widow.

Ziegler, Christoph from Schwarzenbach, Fulda. Married in Varsad in 1733 Anna Elisabeth, widow of Neb, Johann Adam.

Zulauf, Conrad from Arnsheim, Alsfeld. Left for Kalazno.