Hrastovac-Eichendorf, by Erwin Englert translated by EVA MUELLER. To purchase write to:

 The “HRASTOVAC-EICHENDORF FAMILIES 1865-1900” book  in print is sold out. The second edition on CD has been extended to include all the vital records from 1865 to 1944 and can be ordered directly from the author. It covers the German Lutheran Mother church in Hrastovac (Eichendorf) and its branches: Franjevac (Strižicevac), Kapetanovo Polje; Bastaji, Veliki and Mali; Mlinska, Pašijan, and other surrounding communities with smaller ethnic German population.

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The indexed list of families are also be viewed at this website. See Hrastovac-Eichendorf-Families-Book

MLINSKA: “Gross Mlinska, Die Geschichte eines hessichen Dorfes in Kroatien” by Jakob Bentz

MALI BASTAJI: “Klein-Bastei, Heimatbuch eines deutschen Dorfes in Slawonien – Kroatien” by Heinrich Heppenheimer, 1990 ISBN 30925921-10-9

The original  Lutheran Church Books for Hrastovac & surrounding area:

All the books 1903 to present are in GARESNICA, Slavonia.

    Trg Eugena Kvaternika 3
    43000 Bjelovar

  • Matični ured Bjelovar (Vital Office)
    Dr.Ante Starčević 8 (Street)
    Bjelovar 43000,Croatia

    e-mail :
    Phone : 38-54-327-8111
    Fax: 38-54-327-8164
    Opening Hours : 7.30a.m.-2p.m.

    43280 Garesnica, Croatia

  • MATICNI URED DARUVAR (Vital office)
    43500 Daruvar, Croatia

  • As none of the archives have a genealogist, they would only do the search for one person at a time, if exact names are provided.


    Osijek/Esseg state’s archives: and

Civil (Gradjanski)Evangelical – Evangelical Civil Records

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Reformed Christian (Reformska crkva) – Reformed Evangelical Church Records in Croatia

Roman Catholic (Rimokatolicka crkva) – Roman Catholic Church Records in Croatia

Baranya Church Books online:

1828 Hungarian Land Census (copy and paste all the lines into your browser) by Martha Remer Connor

Hungarian Civil Records 1895-1980:
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Hungarian Archives:

Austrian-Empire Musterlisten (draft lists)

Austrian-Empire Place Names (1905):

German protestant parish records online:

Over 1500 diverse genaological lists assambled by Hans Selbach:

Old newspapers covering “Hrastovac”

 Old German weights and measures


Latin/German Church lexicon by U of Muenster, Germany

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“Die Ahnenstammkartei des Deutschen Volkes”

Census 1667 for Herrschaft Eppstein (Hesse)

GOV – the genealogical gazetteer:

 Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt.) in Berlin. To search for WWII German military records. Fee apply and it might take up to one year to receive athe information……..German Army units 1939 – 1945

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For PFALZ research: Pfalz compiled a list of emigrants to Hungary and Austria. One of the “Mitarbeiter” (members) will be able to search the list for a given family name during specific time frame.

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David Dreyer’s Ship List: Hungarian State Archives

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2nd (1806-1869) Military Survey of old Hungary (without Transylvania): :
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WWII information

. Expelled Germans Online:

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. Swabian Odessa via Poland settlers: (vezeteknev eredet) (anyakenyvi kifejezesek-Angol-Magyar-Latin-Szlovak) (Magyarorszgi cemerek)

  • . Hungarian Conscription Lists (Katastarkarten):

  • . Friedberg, Hesse – Famiies Book:

  • . Various Geneaological Lists compiled by Hans Selbach: and at Rootsweb:

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