Hrastovac-Eichendorf, by Erwin Englert translated by EVA MUELLER. To purchase write to:

 Click here for HRASTOVAC-EICHENDORF FAMILIES 1865-1900 online book. The sixth online edition  has been extended to include all the vital records from 1865 to 1944. It covers the German Lutheran Mother church in Hrastovac (Eichendorf) and its branches: Franjevac (Strižicevac), Kapetanovo Polje; Bastaji, Veliki and Mali; Mlinska, Pašijan, and other surrounding communities with smaller ethnic German population.

MLINSKA: “Gross Mlinska, Die Geschichte eines hessichen Dorfes in Kroatien” by Jakob Bentz

MALI BASTAJI: “Klein-Bastei, Heimatbuch eines deutschen Dorfes in Slawonien – Kroatien” by Heinrich Heppenheimer, 1990 ISBN 30925921-10-9

The original  Lutheran Church Books for Hrastovac & surrounding area:

All the books 1903 to present are in GARESNICA, Slavonia.

Less Often Used Sources in Danube Swabian Genealogy in Serbia’s Vojvodina by Stasa Cvetkovic