Krivaja Survey

Krivaja Katastar of 1934

Published in “Zakljiucak”, Virovitica, Croatia

Contributed by Ursula Spandler

House Number Householder
3 Anton Pelc
4 Korsipa Horvath
5 Martin Spandler
7 Dragutin Wandelt
9 Peter Erl
10 Ivan Flisar
11 Peter Maticka
12 Andrija Hencl
15 Peter Schahauser
16 Josip Sautner
17 Regine Pajtl
18 Antun Horacki
19 Ivan Spandler
24 Josip Horvat
24 Gaspar Horvat
28 David Stern,
Peter Fritz
30 Rikard Straus
31 Antun Muller
32 Vencl Kilajz
35 Dragutin Spandler
35 Martin Spandler

Besides the list ubove, the following families were also living in Krivaja:

  • Plessinger (Schlesinger?)
    Fuchs (barber)
    one Serbian family owning a small store
    one Hungarian family

Outside of the Krivaja village and towards Virovitica stood a brick yard surrounded by few houses. Johann Spandler lived and worked there with his wife Maria, nee Pozezanac and their children Franz, Stefan, Anna and Karoline.

Across the street lived the owners of the brick yard: Resi Brzello, Tonka and Wicki.

A little bit further stood the Wirtshaus (pub), than the home of the family Fritz, who pressed pumpkin seeds for oil.

Still a bit furher, towards Krivaja subdivision, stood the kohl yard that belonged to a Jewish farmer.

In the Krivaja subdivision lived two Spandler families, that most likely were related to each other. Ivan Spandler, born in 1863, was Ursula’s ancestor.