Trautmann Family Photos

All Photos curtesy of Anna Bialleck

At left: Front row left to right: Lisa Trautmann (*1926), Adam Nerad, Konrad Trautmann (*1924). Middle row: Adam Nerad, husband of Emilia, Elisabeta Sifel (*1893) next to husband Heinrich Trautmann (*1889), Heirnich Trautmann (*1910). Back row, standing: Emilia Siefel-Nerad *1893, Johann Trautmann † 1946; Anna Trautmann, *1942, Jakob Trautmann, †1944, Katharina Poth *1910. Photo ca. 1938.

At right: The young Trautmann Family in 1956: Maria (*1932), Anna (*1953) and Konrad (*1924). The photo was taken just before leaving Yugoslavia.

Below left: The extended Trautmann Family in 1968: Front row left to right: Heinz-Juergen (*1961), unidentified, Katharina Poth (*1910), Anemarie Trautmann (*1942), Katharina Trautmann (*1948), Winfried Haerschelmann. Back row: Maria Trautmann (*1932), Konrad Trautmann (*1924), Maria-Ellen, wife of  Wilhelm Trautmann (*1938), Heinrich Trautmann (*1910).  Shortly after the photo was taken Maria-Ellen and Wilhelm returned to USA, where Wilhelm was tragically killed in a traffic accident that same year.

Below right: Trautmann Family Grave in Antunovac, erected in 2007