Maria and Nikolaus Arndt wishing everyone happy 2022!


Right to Left: Dr. Vinzent Arndt
Dr. Nikolaus Arndt
Maria Arndt
Nikolaus Arndt
Dr. Marius Arndt

Kathe Torau-Devidson of Ontario, Canada.

Schmidt family Easter Dinner in 2016 – RTS archives

At a Danube Swabian gathering in Bellingham, USA- L to R: Claudia Gray, a friend, Aida Krauss, Rosina T. Schmidt – all contributors – photo RTS, July 2019

Ricardo Hein of Uruguay visiting his ancestral town of Velika Mlinska in Slavonia, Summer 2019

Dr. Jacob Steigerwald

Hanna Knies -photo contributed by Helga Knies, 2019

Helga Knies – photo Helga Knies, 2019

Wagner-Spiegel Grandparents of Klara Spiegel

Wagner-Spiegel, contributed by Klara Spiegel, April 2020

Family Maerzluft Thanksgiving gathering in 2007