Brazilian Hrastovacers

Many Hrastovac young people left Hrastovac ca. 1920 for the greener pastures across the Atlantic. One of them was Peter Trautmann, *1899. When he arrived in Sao Paolo, Brazil, his first job was to work on the  first sky scraper of Sao Paolo, seen in the photo below. Anna Trautmann-Bialleck of Germany,  his great-grand nice, was able to reestablish  the connection between the families in 2008. In May of 2009 Anna visited them for the first time in Brazil and shared the photos below with us.

The black and white photos show the times of the Peter Trautman (*1899) descendants. Photos curtesy of Peter Trautman, jun. 

The Sauerwein Family passport photo – courtesy of Vera Lucia Sanchez, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

A festive dinner in honour of Anna Bialleck who visited her Brazilian Trautmann Family for the first time back in 2009. From left to right: Pedro Stock, husband of Erika Trautmann, Erika Trautmann (daughter of Peter Trautmann *1924), Anna Bialleck, Catharina Trautmann (daughter of Peter Trautmann *1899), Helga Fetter (granddaughter of Elisabeth Trautmann), Helga’s husband, Lurdes Fetter (wife of Bruno Fetter, the son of Elisabeth Trautmann), standing Bruno Fetter, a family friend, Fatima (wife of Arno Fetter, son of Elisabeth Trautmann), Solange (daughter of Anna Trautmann, granddaughter of Peter Trautmann *1899), Maria Trautmann (daughter of Peter Trautmann *1899) and Anna Trautmann (daughter of Peter Trautmann *1899).