Mose Pijade 1942 Declaration

 The Communist Gospel

Presented by Mosa Pijade at the anti-fascist Congress in 1942 in Bihac, Bosnia

Translated from Serbian by Rosina T. Schmidt

…..” there is much to do. We need to pull all the people on our side, if we want to win the war. This is difficult to achieve in a country like ours, because there are no unemployed masses in the cities and no heavy industrial workers. The agriculture countryside must be first re-educated so that the populace is willing to accept the communist ideology. So you have to create as many homeless people as you can, so the homeless people form the majority in the state. Therefore, we have to play with fire.

But we need to proceed wisely, it should work on other side as well: We will entice the Germans to the villages, we will shoot at them and then hide. The Germans will not find us, but they will burn down villages in revenge. Then the peasants who remained without a roof over their head will naturally join to us and we will then have the masses with us and be in charge.

Those who have no house nor land nor cattle will quickly join us, because we will promise them big raids. It will be difficult to those having a property . This we will combine with lectures, theater performances and other propaganda about us. We must mobilize at least one member of each family. We will organize many attacks to constantly irritate the occupiers to reprisals against the people; they may burn the villages and kill the weak. The people will then come to us and we will strengthen our numbers to thousands and thousands of fighters.  We will gradually move through all the provinces.

A farmer, who has a house, land and livestock, a worker who is paid a salary and has bread, is of no use to us. We must make them homeless, proletarians, so their hatred is growing toward those who have some property and we will increase their hatred to the point of fanaticism, to the point of obsession. Only the homeless are fearless and able to accept our desperate struggle because they have nothing to lose. So we will gradually create proletarian military, which is vital for our struggle. For the Communists to be unhappy, we have to cause the incidents, overthrow the masses into poverty, as we are the mortal enemy of any prosperity, every order and every peace. ”

End of Mose Pijade quotation.

The world may know this as a communist struggle and how the communist envisioned to achieve their goals. There is no need for further explanations.

(This document is in the archives of the Military History Institute in Belgrade in the file of Staff of the High Command
( JVUO ) – Chetnik archive under the sign fond JvuO K reg 12 br 30/2 .. . . .

Some notes:

Mosa Pijade (born January 4, 1890 in Belgrade, died March 15, 1957 in Paris) was a Yugoslav communist and close confidant of Josip Broz Tito. He was of Jewish descent, although he considered himself a Serb. During World War II he was in the inner Adviser of Marshal Tito and the Partisans at Zentralkomites  (head quarters) and was a member of the Politburo of the CPY. After the disintegration of Yugoslavia, the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro turned over the documents to the archives of the estate of Moses Pijade that also contain a list of ” concentration camps for the ethnic German population.” In socialist Yugoslavia he was declared a national hero.

The German Wehrmacht responded to the strategy of guerrilla attacks on members of the Wehrmacht from ambush with cruel revenge on the Serb and Jewish population. It was the command given, after which 100 hostages were to be shot for every German soldier killed, and 50 wounded for every German soldier wounded. The massacre of Kragujevac and Kraljevo are well known. This drove many more people into the arms of the partisans.

This is part of the new documents released that are changing the picture of the Second World war in Yugoslavia over the fate of the entire German NATIONAL MINORITIES IN YUGOSLAVIA

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