Jakob Kehl’s Declaration of Intention 
by Christina Aue

Jakob Kehl was born on the 28th of October 1889 in Franjevac, Slavonia, Austro-Hungary, and not in Brazil, as this document claimed. Most likely Jacob did not understand the question correctly and stated his birthplace wrongly.  Jakob emigrated with his family to Brazil where his father, Jakob sen. became very wealthy. Alas, Jakob sen. “loaned” to the Austrian King most of his savings, as required by all the Austrian empire subjects for the Empire’s war efforts. That money was never returned. Jakob Jun. returned to Hrastovac, as his wife, Mrs. Lamm-Kehl was very homesick. Eventually, they made it to Akron, USA, and had to start all over from scratch. Kathryn Lamm-Kehl died in 1941 in Akron. 


Brazilian Declaration of Intention by Jakob Kehl, *1889