Gieg, Ella, Odenwald Emigrants



   Emigration from Odenwald to Hungary in 18th and 19th Century

by Ella Gieg

The author ELLA GIEG in her excellent study of the emigration from the Odenwald during the 18th and 19th centuries lists many family names associated with the emigration to Hungary during the years 1722, 1723 and 1724. 

In most cases the destination of the emigrant is simply given as Hungary, although there are a few exceptions that deal with Mucsfa in Tolna County. 

The family names appear in alphabetical order:

BACKY, Rupert baptized on the 8th Sunday of Easter in 1672 now living in Vielbrunn the son of  Johannes Backy a charcoal maker in the nearby nobleman’s forest, left for Hungary in 1724.

BECKER, Ulrich born in Wersall on 28.06.1693.  Married on 01.09.1716 Eva Rosina Dornberger.  Children: Johann Nicolaus born 04.05.1717, Susanna born 08.07.1720, Jakob born 24.07.1722.  Left for Hungary in 1723.

BICKELHAUPT (PICKELHAUPT), Adam born in Kirch Brombach 09.02.1687.  He married Catharina Elisabeth Arnold 06.02.1714.  Children: Johann Heinrich born 01.11.1714, Johann Georg born 20.08.1716, Anna Elisabeth born 31.01.1718.  Left for Hungary in 1723.

BICKELHAUPT (PICKELHAUPT), Johann Adam was born in 21.12.1684 and married on 16.01.1709 in Kirch Brombach to Elisabeth Catharina Herbert of Langen Brombach who was born 27.01.1688.  Children: Margareta Elisabeth born 18.04.1710, Johannes 11.05.1712, Johann Peter born 08.03.1718,  Catharina Margareta born 13.03.1722.  The son Johannes was living in Mucsfa in 1747.  The family left for Hungary in 1723.

BLOLY or BLOHLIN, Johann Caspar, a carpentar from Hembach and a widower, who left for Hungary in 1723 with his two children.  He originally came from Unter Grumbach by Worms.

 BRUNNER, Hans Michel, a mason of Seckmauern, married Catharina .  Children:  Eva 15.04.1714.  Left for Hungary in 1724.

BUCHLER, Matthias of Hummetroth, a widower left for Hungary in 1723.

 DOSCH, Maria Margareta  born in Vielbrunn on 12.02.1702.  Her father was Valtin Dosch a steward in Brunnthal, left for Hungary in 1733.

 DOSCH, Margareta born in Vielbrunn, baptized on 25.05.1696.  Her father was Valtin Dosch a steard in Brunnthal, left for Hungary in 1724.

EBERHARD, Peter married Elisabeth Flach of Rimhorn and they lived in Sandbach before emigrating to Hungary in 1723.

FLACH, Hans Michel, married Barbara Hertel on 15.02.1716 in Rimhorn and accompanied by her brother Anthony Hertel left for Hungary in 1724.

 FRIEDRICH, Leonhard of Reichelsheim left for Hungary in 1724.

GREULICH (GRAULICH), Johann Adam of Neustadt left for Hungary in 1724.

HALLI, Johann Adam of Vielbrunn, his wife Anna Dorothea, and children:  Christina born 14.08.1717, Anna Margareta born  08.06.1719,  Wendel 09.04.1721, Susannah Katharina born 16.04.1723, left for Hungary in 1723.

HAUSEL, Peter of  Langen Brombach, his wife and three children left for Hungary in 1785.

 HAYD, Maria Margareta of Vielbrunn, born in 1678 left for Hungary in 1723.

HENNING, Niclas of Hetzbach and his wife Elisabeth left for Hungary in 1724.

HERBERT, Anna Eva of Vielbrunn, baptized 30.10.1726 and left for Hungary in 1724.

 HERBERT, Johann Adam baptized on 02.03.1673 in Unter Ostern.  He left with his family for Hungary in 1724.

 HERBERT, Veit of Vielbrunn, baptized 26.08.1704 and left for Hungary in 1724.

HILS, Michael of Steinbach, a shepherd left for Hungary in 1765.

KAUFMANN, Peter married Magdalena Trunck 08.02.1717 in Lutzel-Wiebelsbach.  Left for Hungary in 1723.

 KORBER (KERBER), Adam of  Bullau, left for Hungary in 1724.

KORBER (KERBER), Hans Peter of Ober Sensbach, was born in Schollenbach on 08.02.1691.  He married Maria Ursula Schafer on 21.05.1722.  Child: Johann Georg born 18.06.1723.  Left for Hungary in 1724.

KORBER (KERBER), Simon of Ober Sensbach left for Hungary in 1724.

KURZ, Michael of Beerfelden, left for Hungary in 1723.

LANG, Johann Georg born in Beerfelden 14.01.1687.  Married 15.02.1713 Anna Margareta Breunig who was born 24.08.1692.  Children: Johann Georg born 26.12.1715, Anna Catharina born 08.12.1718, Johann Peter born 09.12.1722.  Left for Hungary in 1724.

LAUTENBERGER, Wendel of Vielbrunn was baptized on Ash Wednesday in 1681. He married Elisabeth Muller from Momart on 03.05.1708 and left for Hungary in 1723.

LAUTENSCHLAGER, Johannes of Neustadt left for Hungary in 1724.

LEOPOLD or LEIPPOLDT, Ernst from Hochst and his wife left for Hungary in 1723.

LIEHN, Johannes, a miller from Hochst living in Langen Brombach, he married on 26.11.1696 to Christina Elisabeth Bickelhaupt.  Children: Johann Heinrich born  20.10.1701, Johann Anton born 03.02.1707, Anna Catharina born 04.02.1710,  Anna Rosina born 18.02.1713,  they left for Hungary in 1724 and settled in Toffu, Baranya.

LIEHN, Johann Leonhard, he was born in Langen Brombach on 29.09.1698 the son of Johannes above).  He married Eva Meisinger on 16.06.1721.  They went with his parents to Hungary in 1724, and later he and his brother Anton settled in Hidas, Baranya and set up a mill together.

MEISTER, Johann Jakob a teamster, his wife Ottilia and their daughter Eva born 12.02.1715 in Seckmauern left for Hungary in 1723.

MISSBACK, Anna Maria born in 1699 in Seckmauern,  left for Hungary in 1724.

MISSBACK, Johann Daniel born in 1702 in Seckmauern, left for Hungary in 1724.

NESSLER, Johann Jakob, a master tailor, born in Kirch Brombach on 03.02.1694.  His wife Appollonia.  Children: Anna Margareta born 30.01.1722.  Left for Hungary in 1723.

NEURATH, Johann Leonard born in 1705 in Breitenbrunn the son of  Philip Friedrich Neurath living in Seckmauern, left for Hungary in 1724.

RAPP, Hans Adam from Schlechtbach, Wurttemberg married Elisabeth Krespin of  Kimbach on 15.04.1723 and emigrated to Hungary in that year.

RINKLER, Johann Adam born in 1705 in Breitenbrunn.  His father was Thomas Rinkler a woodcutter.  Left for Hungary in 1724

SAUL, Ciriac married Maria Katharina Schultz 06.02.1714 in Lutzel-Wiebelsbach.  Children:  Johann Michael aged 4, and Anna Margareta aged 2.  Left for Hungary in 1723.

SCHAFER, Georg, Shoemaker of Kirch Brombach.  His wife Anna Elisabeth.  Children: Anna Catharina was born 06.04.1715, Appollonia born 23.07.1720.  They left in 1723 for Hungary.

SCHNEIDER, Johann Adam Jr. of Hetzbach, a mason and miller.  His wife Anna Barbel and children: Johann Georg born 26.06.1711, Margareta born 07.09.1713, Johannes born 03.01.1716, Johann Adam born 13.05.1718, Maria Catharina born 06.04.1720, Anna Elisabeth born 16.09.1722, left for Hungary in 1724.

SCHNEIDER, Johann Adam Sr., of Hetzbach, a rock cutter and miller left with his son and his family in 1724.

SCHOTT, Johann Georg of Ober Sensbach, born 30.11.1690 and married on 16.01.1715 in Beerfelden to Anna Catharina Beysel who was born 21.09.1687 in Unter Sensbach.  Children: Hans Georg born 24.10.1715, Georg Philip born 06.01.1718, Conrad born 26.05.1721.  Left for Hungary in 1723.

SCHUMPERT, Johann Christian born in Beerfelden 26.12.1681 and married Elisabeth Kessler 15.05.1708, one child: Anna Elisabeth born 03.04.1714.  Left for Hungary in 1724.

SEIP, Johann Michel born in Gammelsbach 13.03.1687 and married Margareta Michel of Ober Sensbach on 12.02.1710.  Children:  Hans Michel born 04.10.1713, Anna Regina born 07.02.1716, Eva born 10.10.1717, Hans Georg born 01.04.1721, and Margareta Eva  born 21.1.1723.  They left for Hungary in 1724.

SPIESS, Johann Jakob, a tailor, of Vielbrunn.  On 11.11.1721 he married Anna Margareta Elisabeth Sutor from Mossau, one child: Johann Michael born 07.04.1723.  They emigrated to Hungary in 1723.

STRAUB, Johannes of Vielbrunn, baptized  23.03.1683.  Left for Hungary in 1724.

STRAUB, Johannes born on 08.09.1680 in Langen Brombach.  Married Maria Margareta   Hamm on 04.05.1706.  Children:  Margareta born 28.03.1709.  They emigrated to Hungary in 1723.

UHRIG, Wilhelm, of Hetzbach according to oral tradition he was born in 1677.  He married on 07.02.1702 and his wife was Anna Margareta Erbach or Brech or Beck from Ebersberg.  Children: Hans Georg born 08.11.1710, Hans Michel born 21.10.1712, Marie Lies born 29.11.1717, Anna Catharina born 20.09.1719, Anna Elisabeth born 19.07.1721 and Christina born 15.06.1723, all left for Hungary in 1724.

WEBER, Hans Kaspar of  Lauerbach  born 18.03.1696, married in Mucsfa, Tolna County in 1728.  Left for Hungary between 1723/1724.

WEBER, Hans Peter of  Lauerbach born 03.07.1694, married in Mucsfa Tolna County in 1733 and was a widower at the time.  Emigrated to Hungary between 1723/1724.

WEISS, Hans Georg of Huttenthal married Margareta Pauly of Ober Sensbach on 11.01.1697.  They left for Hungary in 1723.

WETZLER, Johann Martin of Kirch Brombach left for Hungary in 1723.

WOLFELSCHNEIDER, Anna Barbara of Hochst, born in 29.6.1725 left for Hungary on May 7th, 1748.