Fischer-Family Underground Railway


During the years 1945-1948 our Donauschwaben were expelled from Hungary, Romania and Yugoslavia. Mr. and Mrs. Fischer of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada generously helped some of them to reach safer shores in North America. We honor their memory. Some of those families and individuals helped by Mr. and Mrs. Fischer are listed below:

  • Fischer, Johann and Anna Maria – Kitchener
    Schmidt, Anna and children Katharina, Elisabeth and Johann – Kitchener
    Heil, Johann and Elisabeth and son Johann – Kitchener
    Appel, Johann and Margaret and daughters Elisabeth and Margaret – Kitchener
    Szierer, Henry and Elisabeth and daughter Elisabeth – Kitchener
    Szierer, Johann and Elisabeth and sons Johann and Heinrich – Kitchener
    Szierer, Margaret – Kitchener
    Tippel, Johann and Katharine, Irene, Maria and Johann – Kitchener
    Jusstus, Johann and Margaret, sons Johann and Heinrich – Tillsonburg
    Heil, Henry and Margaret and Henry and Margaret – Kitchener
    Ehl, Elisabeth and daughter Elisabeth and granddaughter Elisabeth – Kitchener
    Gehring, Johann and Anna Maria, sons Johann and Henry – Otterville
    Heiczerader, Johann and Heinrich – Kitchener
    Ellenberger, Elisabeth and son Henry – Delhi
    Heppenheimer, Heinrich and Magdalena – Kitchener
    Kehl, Magdalena and daughter Elisabeth – Kitchener
    Heppenheimer, Peter and Anna Maria, sons Peter and Johann – Kitchener
    Meissner, Heinrich and Elisabeth, sons Johann, Peter, Heinrich – British Columbia
    Welter, Philip and Anna Maria – Kitchener
    Steger, Konrad and Katharina, daughter Katharina and son Konrad – Kitchener
    Abel, Peter and Anna Maria, son Peter – Delhi
  • Others:
    Faul, Peter and Anna Maria, son Joseph – Kitchener
    Stickl, Jakob and Elisabeth and son Joseph – Kitchener
    Ellenberger, Adam and Katharina and six children – Toronto
    Muth, Konrad – Delhi
    Steller, Joseph and Anna Maria and four daughters
    Krismanits, Konrad and Elisabeth and daughter Elisabeth – Aylmer
    Stickl, Heinrich and Margaret and three children – Delhi
    Tickl, Johann and Margaret and son Johann and daughter Margaret – Delhi
    Weil, Johann and Katharina, Johann, Valentine, Joseph and Edward – Delhi
    Knoch, Michael and Anna Maria, daughter Mary and son Michael – Kitchener
    Keller, Jakob and Anna Maria, Katharine, Jakob and Elisabeth – Kitchener
    Felder, Johann and Elisabeth, daughters Elisabeth and Katharine – Kitchener
    Schmidt, Johann and Elisabeth, Tibor, Irene and William – Kitchener
    Reinhardt, Konrad and Anna Maria, two daughters – Cambridge
    Ehl, Michael – Kitchener
    Simon, Adam and Anna Maria – Kitchener
    Schmidt, Konrad and Anna Maria – Kitchener
    Jorch, Heinrich and Elisabeth – Cambridge
    Mergel, Heinrich – Langton
    Anspach, Heinrich – Toronto
    Ehl, Konrad and Anna Maria and son Konrad – Delhi
    Ehl, Johann and Anna Maria and son Karl – Delhi
    Wiandt, Elias – Winnipeg
    Kildau, Konrad and Anna Maria – Hamilton
    Petz, Andreas and Margaret, daughters Elisabeth and Katharine – Hamilton
    Ferber, Andreas and Anna Maria, daughter Anna – Delhi
    Ferber, Katharina – Kitchener
    Ferber, Johann and Elisabeth and five sons – Kitchener
    Stickl, Elisabeth – Kitchener
    Felder, Joseph – Kitchener
    Rau, Johann and Margaret and son Johann – Hamilton