Danube Swabian Losses in former Yugoslavia

Leopold Egger

Mr. Leopold Egger wrote in ‘Das Vermoegen und die Vermoegensverluste der Deutschen in Jugoslawien’ that the collective Danube Swabian assets confiscated by formal Yugoslavia in 1945 were worth 84 billions, 266 millions and 690 thousand Dinar (Dinar 84,266,690,000.00), which was equal to DM 12,504,783,000.00.

As of 23rd of August 1945 Yugoslavia confiscated

1,566,030 Hectare farmland of which

742,905 Hectare were in Serbia and Monte Negro,

344,699 Hectare in Croatia and

266,478 Hectare in Slovenia.


One Hectare = 2.471 acres.

1566,030 Hectare = 3,869,660.13

Tito’s henchmen received the following:

Residential buildings 72,168

Agricultural buildings 58,455

Horses & Cattle 67,731

Pigs, sheep, etc.   111,920

Big agricultural machinery (Threshing machines, tractors, etc.) 54,411

Small agricultural machinery 129,503