300-Years Danube-Swabians

Danube Swabian’s 300th birthday: October 2016

Even though the re-settlement of Hungary under the Austrian Empire started already shortly after the second battle of Mohács in 1687 it was only after the Ottomans did surrender the city of Temeswar (Timisoara) to the Habsburgs on 17th of October 1716 that the resettlement of Hungarian waste lands was assured a success.

When Austrian General Prince Eugene entered the city on 18th of October 1716 he named one of his officers, Claudius Florimund Mercy, as the governor of the town. Since the city had burned down during the siege, it was completely rebuilt under the supervision of Count de Mercy. The town Temeswar became the capital of the Banat, a separate Habsburg province and Count de Mercy became its first governor.

Count de Mercy (also Merci) strengthened the Banat’s defences, and rebuilt the economy through introduction of new settlers.

It was the official birth of Germanic youngest tribe: the Danube Swabians.