1944 Order for Hard Labour (Abduction Document)

Contributed by Brigitte Wolf

This document of December 1944 was the beginning of the abductions to hard labour camps in the Soviet Union,  delivered to the Danube Swabians living in Hungary and the future Yugoslavia.



By the Supreme Commander of the village of Apatin

27th of December 1944 – Official Military Corps


Subject: Mobilization of all fit to work ethnic German persons;

Reason:  Rebuilding of the areas behind the combat line.


In order to accomplish the order by the Combat Line No. 0060 of 22nd of December 1944, I command the mobilization of all fit to work ethnic German persons for the organization and implementation of the rebuilding in the areas behind the combat lines.

  1. All fit to work persons of ethnic German background are to be mobilized:

Men in the ages from 17 years to 45 years. Women from 18 years of age to 30 years.

  1. The assembly point for all the mobilizing persons in the community of Apatin is the Centralschule (Central school). All to be mobilized persons are to assemble on the 27th of December 1944 at 20h.
  1. The mobilized persons are to take with them: warm clotting, two pairs each sturdy shoes, three undergarments, beddings, eating utensils and food for 15 days, altogether up to 200 kg per person.
  1. The town officials are to make sure, that 100% of to be mobilized persons are assembled at the correct time.
  1. Any persons, who are trying to evade the mobilization, will be put in front of the War Court and persecuted as per the laws of the wartime including their families and accomplices.


Village Commander