1944 Rukovina’s Oder 59 
1944 Rukovina Authorization
1944 Rukovina’s Order 69
1944 Rukovina’s Order
Ethnic Cleansing 1944-1945
Kraemer, From Ulmbach to Ingelheim

Genocide by Tito’s Partisans
Batschka’s Trail of Tears
Danube-Swabian Property Confiscation
Tito’s Starvation Camps
Krndija’s Death Camp
Krndija’s Discharge Orders
1945 Eviction of Priests
Genocide in Banat

Concetration Camp
Tiszalok post WWII Camp
Diaspora_Swabian Lutherans in Baranya
Danube-Swabian Losses in Former Yugoslavia
Czechoslovakia’s Slave labour Camp
Danube-Swabian lost Children
Orphanages Children
Europe’s mass grave
Camp’s Release Document

Geiger, Bosnia’s-DS Losses Page1
Geiger, Bosnia’s-DS Losses Page2
Geiger, Bosnia’s-DS Losses Page3
Geiger, Bosnia’s-DS Losses Page4
Schemm, War against German Culture-1
Schemm, War against German Culture-2
Schemm, War against German Culture-3