1944 Rukovina’s Oder 59 
1944 Rukovina Authorization
1944 Rukovina’s Order 69
1944 Rukovina’s Order
1944 Abduction Document 

1945 Yalta Conference 
Ethnic Cleansing 1944-1945
Deportation to Slave Labour in the Soviet Union 1944/1945 – Henry A. Fischer
Kraemer, From Ulmbach to Ingelheim

Genocide by Tito’s Partisans
Batschka’s Trail of Tears
Tito’s Starvation Camps
Krndija’s Death Camp
Krndija’s Discharge Orders
Sekitsch Concetration Camp and Other Deaths
Camp’s Release Document
1945 Eviction of Priests

Genocide in Banat
Keri: The Destruction of Ethnic German Lutheranism in the Swabian Turkey

1947 the secret letter from US Embassy in Belgrade to US Administration
Tiszalok post WWII Camp
Diaspora_Swabian Lutherans in Baranya
Danube-Swabian Losses in Former Yugoslavia

Czechoslovakia’s Slave labour Camp
Danube-Swabian lost Children
Orphanages Children
Europe’s mass grave

Geiger, Bosnia’s-DS Losses Page1
Geiger, Bosnia’s-DS Losses Page2
Geiger, Bosnia’s-DS Losses Page3
Geiger, Bosnia’s-DS Losses Page4

Schemm, War against German Culture-1
Schemm, War against German Culture-2
Schemm, War against German Culture-3

Alfred DeZaya: Ethnic Cleansing