Schmidt Family of Mali Pašijan

Mali Pašijan, next door to Veliki Pašijan, is located in the region of Bjelovarsko-Bilogorska County of Croatia – some 48 mi (or 77 km) East of Zagreb, the country’s capital. It was originally a village settled by Croatians, but as the ethnic Germans were looking for homesteads, they more than willingly sold their land to the new settlers for any price they asked for. The new settlers started arriving to Mali Pašijan about 1895, when there was no homestead land available in the Danube Swabian village of Hrastovac and surrounding areas, which were settled by the Danube Swabians already back in 1865.  

Konrad Schmidt (*1827 in Majós, Tolna) brought his family to Hrastovac in 1870, and his nephew Johannes Schmidt, (* 22 Feb 1812 in Majós, Tolna), relocated his family to Mali Pašijan around 1900. Joe Esterreicher kindly supplied his research on the Mali Pašijan’s branch of the Schmidt family, that is part of the great SCHMIDT chart: 
July 17 2020