Ochs of Hrastovac Research Group

Summary of OCHS Descendants in Hrastovac Genealogy Group
Prepared by Antony J. Kaufman

Parents: OCHS, Johann Walther and HABER, Elisabetha
of Wernges, County of Lauterbach, Upper Hesse

Their two sons Sebastian and Michael who settled in Kalazno, Tolna in 1722

Son Sebastian arrived with four documented children: Johann Heinrich, Johann Nicolaus, Johann Simon and Johann Conrad 

Son: Sebastian * 1673 in Wernges, Hesse; + in Kalazno, Tolna 

oo 1701 in Wernges, Hesse 

Anna Alisabetha MAHR of Rainrod, Hesse

Son: Michael, *ca. 1697 in Wernges, Hesse

oo 1752 in Varsad, Tolna

Anna Maria Becker

Grandson: Johann Heinrich, *1705 Jan 14 in Wernges, Hesse (son of Sebastian *1673) 


Anna Elisabetha NN (*1707)

Son Joh. Nicolaus (1707-1781) oo 1733 Anna Marie Rühl


7th generations to

Rosina Schmidt



  Son of J. H.: Joh. Sebastian *1727 in Kalazno

oo 1752 in Varsad

Anna Maria Becker


8th generations to

Linda Ellis

Heinrich Winterwerber

    Son of J. H.: Joh. Leonhardt *c. 1740 in Kalazno

oo 1760 in Kalazno

Maria Elisabetha Daum


6 generation to

Rosalinde Marzluft

7 gen. to

Tony Kaufman

Catharine Drexler

Philip Jung

Mike Teicher

Igor Beltrami

Gottfried Thurn

8 gen. to

Tony Hamilton

Dan Griffin

Mariene Krueger

Eva McIntre

Heidi Rafferty

Susan Farrell

Shirley Pack

Heinrich Schmidt

9 gen. to

Nathalie Bydeley



  NOTE: 1.   6 gen, 7 gen, etc. represents the number of generations from the last ancestor shown to the Hrastovac Group member.

               2.  Catherine Drexler’s husband John is the Ochs descendant.



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