Hrastovacers Family Registry

see also Hrastovac-Eichendorf Families 1865-1944 OFB 

Abel, Andreas Abel Andreas Descendants
Amrein Ancestors Amrein Ancestors
Arndt Descendants Arndt Descendants
Bialleck, Anna Ancestors Bialleck Ancestors
Braun, Valentin, *ca. 1690 Braun, Valentin, Descendants
Buchenauer, Henrich *ca.1785 Buchenauer, Heirnich, 1785
Baecker, Johann, *ca. 1820 Baecker, Johann, ca.1820
Dörmer, Johann Heinrich, *1693 in Birklar, Giessen Doermer, Johann, Heinrich, *1693
Eisenbeiss, Johann Michael, *ca. 1740 Eisenbeiss, Johann Michael
Ellenberger, Georg, *ca. 1800 Ellenberger, Georg
Ernst-Jung Family  Ernst-Jung
Esterreicher, Joe, Research no longer active 
Falk, Johannes, *ca. 1640 of Boenstadt, Hesse  Falk, Johannes, *ca. 1640 
Fausst, Johann, *ca. 1595 in Grossenlueder, Hesse Fausst, Johann, *1595
Fausst, Johann, *1750 Fausst, Johann, *1750
Fink, Georg Heinrich ,*ca. 1710 Fink, Georg Heinrich, 1710
Friedrich, Hans, *1525, Gersfeld, Hesse Friedrich, Hans, *1525
Faerber Descendants Faerber Descendants
Goebel, Adam, *bef. 1550, Laubach, Hesse Goebel, Adam,*1510, Laubach
Goebel, Johann Caspar, *1698, Felda, Hesse Goebel, Johann Caspar, *1698, Felda 
Goebel, Johann Georg, *ca. 1711 Goebel, Johann Georg, *ca.1711
Goebel, Martin, *ca. 1748 Goebel, Martin, *ca. 1748
Goldmann of Varsad, Tolna Goldmann, Martin, *ca. 1748
Heller, Hans, *ca. 1569, from Nordenstadt Heller, Hans, ca. 1569
Heppenheimer, Leonhard, *ca. 1690, Nieder-Ramstadt, Hesse Heppenheimer, Leonhard, 
Just, Nikolaus, *ca.1784 Just, Nikolaus, 1784
Kaiser, Johannes, *ca.1624, Ilbeshausen Kaiser, Johannes, *ca. 1624
Kehl, Johann Jacob, *ca. 1730 Kehl, Johann Jacob, 1730
Knittel Family of Nagyszékely, Tolna County, Origin Knittel Family of Nagyszékely, Tolna County, Origin
Kirchner, Johann Abraham, *1717, Langhain Kirchner, Johann Abraham, 1717 
Knoch, Somogydorocske, Somogy Knoch of Somogydorocske
Klotz, Georg Klotz, Georg, *1876
Kolb, Johann Christoph, *1694 Kolb, Johann Christoph
Kuehfaber, (Kiehfaber), Johann Michael *1697, Burgfella, Hesse-D. Kuehfaber, Johann Michael
Lehn Family Lehn Family
Lickl, (Lueckl) Descendants Lickl Descendants
Loebel, Johann, *ca. 1700 Loebel, Johann, *ca. 1700
Menz, Johann Heinrich, *ca. 1680 Menz, Johann Heinrich, *ca. 1680
Muench, Johann Jakob *ca. 1749 Muench, Johann Jakob
Muth Family Origins Muth Family Origins
Mueller, Andreas, 1778 Mueller, Andreas
Mueller, Johann Georg, 1775 Mueller, Johann Georg
Mueller, Johann Jacob, 1668, Breckenheim, Hesse Mueller, Johann Jacob
Ochs, Hrastovac Genealogy Group Ochs of Hrastovac
Ochs, Johann Philipp, *1794 Ochs, Johann Philipp, 1794
Ochs, Kaufman Chart Ochs-Kaufman Chart
Ochs, Peter, Descendants Ochs, Peter Descendants
Ochs, Sebastian,  Descendants Ochs, Sebastian with Family to Kalazno in 1722
Ochs, Sebastian with Family to Kalazno in 1722 Ochs, Sebastian with Family to Kalazno in 1722
Ochs-Schneider Descendants Ochs-Schneider
Ochs-Stark Descendants Ochs-Stark
Pfeiffer, Jakob, ca. 1610 Pfeiffer, Jakob, *ca. 1610
Ploetzer (Blaeser), Johann Heinrich, *ca. 1720 Ploetzer (Blaeser), Johann Heinrich, *ca. 1720 
Rasch, Nicolaus Descendants, Baden-Durlach Rasch, Nicolaus, Descendants
Peter, Johann Josst, *1690 Peter, Johann. Jost, *1690
Pimiskern Descendants Pimiskern Descendants
Reith, Johann Christoph Reith, Johann Christoph
Rosenbecker, Johann (Georg) Heinrich, *1688 in Delkenheim Rosenbecker, Johann (Georg) Heinrich
Rothaermel, Hans Georg, *1664, Hammelbach, Odenwald Rothermel, Hans Georg, *1664
Rothaermel, by Wally Schlegel Rothermel by Schlegel 
Rück, Gerhard, *ca. 1585, Reichelsheim, Hesse Rueck, Gerhard, *ca. 1585
Ruehl, Ruell, Riel, Johannes, * 1643, Echzell, Hesse Ruehl, Johannes, *1643
Sammet, Heirnich, *ca. 1775 Sammet, Heinrich, *ca. 1775
Schmidt, Caspar, *1679 Descendants Schmidt, Caspar, *1679
Schmidt, Rosina’s Ancestors Rosina’s Ancestors
Schoen, Johann, *ca. 1701 Schoen, Johann, *ca. 1701 Descendants
Spandler, Johann, *1842 Spandler, Johann, 1842
Schwindt, Georg Andreas, *ca. 1700 Schwindt, Georg Andreas *ca. 1700
Stumpf, Johann Jacob Descendants Stumpf, Johann Jacob Descendants
Tenz, Josef, *ca. 1737 Tenz, Josef
Trautmann, Georg Philipp, *1705, Gross-Gumpen Trautmann Descendants
Trautmann of Varsad Trautmann of Varsad
Wagner, Peter, *1769 Wagner, Peter Descendants
Waing, Weing, Weink, Veing, etc.

Wertz (Würz) of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Waing of Somogydorocske

WERTZ Family of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Wickert Marriages in  Varsad Wickert Marriages, of Varsad
Wickert Research Wickert Research
Wickert, Births in Kalazno, Tolna Wickert Births of Kalazno
Wickert, Births in Varsad, Tolna Wickert Births of Varsad
Wickert, Deaths in Kalazno and Varsad Wickert Deaths
Wickert, Johann Dietrich, Leusel, Hesse Wickert, Johann Dietrich of Leusel 
 Weyl (Weil), Peter  Weyl, Peter
Wolf-Families Wolf Families
Zarth, Johan Heinrich, *ca. 1720 Zarth, Johann Heinrich, *ca.1720

 For SCHMIDT CLAN of EHRINGSHAUSEN see Ehringshausen’s_Schmidts 

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