Hrastovac – Eichendorf Families 1865-1900
ISBN: 1-4107-1663-5
by Rosina T. Schmidt
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A Registry of Families of the ethnic German Lutheran Mother Church in a Village in Slavonia, including the branch parishes of Franjevac, Keptanovo Polje, Mali- and Veliki Bastaji, Mlinska, Pasijan, and other smaller communities near by. The historical Information is in both German and English languages. For the updated online book please click below. 

 Hrastovac – Eichendorf Families

by Rosina T. Schmidt

Children of the Danube
By Henry Fischer, a Hrastovacer

Henry is quite a story teller and we are honoured to have him in our midst. You can find more information on his book, as well as his other writings at:

Emigrants and Exiles

The isolation the Children of the Danube experienced from the upheavals of history in the rest of Europe would no longer hold true in the second half of the 19th Century and beyond. At the outset, Emperor Francis Joseph’s attempts to preserve the …

…continuation at

Henry A. Fischer’s Heimat-books are available for research also at the The University of Waterloo, Ontario. Please see:


Deutsche protestantische Ansiedlung in Südungarn im 18./19. Jahrhundert
by Georg Müller
available through:
Partisan and Communist Repression and Crimes in Croatia 1944 – 1946
Slavonia, Syrmia and Baranya

by Dr. sc. Vladimir Geiger –  English translation –
Public Affairs
University of Mary
7500 University Drive
Bismarck, ND 58504
Logor Krndija
1945 – 1946
By Vladimir Geiger
ISBN 978-953-6324-67-5
And 978-953-6659-40-1
Radni Logor Valpovo
1945 – 1946
by Vladimir Geiger
ISBN 953-96090-3-8
Das Schicksal der Jugoslawien Deutschen in der Kroatischen und Serbischen Literatur
by Vladimir Geiger
ISBN 978-953-99941-1-4-1
Published by Zajednica Nijemaca u Hrvatskoj / Gemeinschaft der deutschen in Kroatien, – Zagreb, Croatia, 2009

View from a Barred Window
by Katharina Fares
ISBN 978-0-9945680-0-7

The book describes author’s experiences and memories, about the dispossession and expulsion of the German-speaking people of Shwabian—Turkey in Hungary.
Although the fate of the ethnic German people, from the Shwabian—Turkey was not as horrific as the fate of the Danube Swabians of Yugoslavia, it was nevertheless inflicted against all human rights.

“Familienbuch Franzjosefsfeld in Bosnia 1885-1940″
by Herbert Hoffmann, 2020
available through AKdFF in Sindelfingen, Germany;


Velika Pisanica 1945 
Sabirni, radni i prolazni
logor za folksdojčere
by Vladimir Geirger
ISBN 978-953-8335-04-4
Zagreb, 2020