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Amanda Platt and Family visiting Bastaji from England in June 2008. From left to right: Hildegard Fittler (Amanda's Aunt) the man with his back to the camera is Alex Worrell, (Michelle Morris's partner); Michelle's not visible, then Melinda James (Amanda's other sister), Anita Blazekowich who lives in a nearby village and helped them all day in Bastei, Christine Woytiw (Amanda's Aunt) who last visited Bastei in 1988 and lastly the lady whose house it was. Photo Amada Platt, 2008


Helmut Tenz, in 2008

Helmut's mother, Maria Horwath Tenz wrote the book "The Innocent Must Pay" on her experiences in Tito's starvation camp of Rudolfsgnad. The book can be purchased through the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota, USA. - Photo: H. Tenz Archives


Anna Bialleck and husband with newly found cousin from Brazil Arno Fetter and wife (right). June 2008. Photo: Anna Bialleck


Darlene Goldmann-Turnbull and Donovan Turnbull with Kendra and Jesse, October 2007 - Photo: Darlene Turnbull



25th wedding anniversary of Elsie Drews-Goldmann and Peter Goldmann Jr. in 1982. On the left are Groom's parents: Peter Goldmann Sr. and Anna Maria nee Forster. At right is the bride's mother Mathilda Wolter-Drews. The Couple's Daughters Joann and Darlene are standing.


Raimund and Mathilde Matzeg, originally of Blagorodovac, celebrating their 60th Anniversary on 25th of January 2008 - Photo contributed by Anna Bialleck.


John and Kathy Schafer were celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary on 9th of February 2008. They were married back in Hrastovac in 1943. They are proud parents of one son, thrilled grandparents  two grandsons and five great-grandchildren.


Elisabeth and Karl Schwarzpech were married in 1948 in Wels, Austria and in 2008 are celebrating their diamond anniversary. Elisabeth, nee Mueller, grew up in Hrastovac in house #36. They live in Canada now and are proud parents of three children, have six grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.


Katharina and Anna Fleisch left Hrastovac for Brazil in 1925. Here they are in 2007, from left to right: Katharina, her daughter Vilma, Anna and her daughter Nilza. Anna died in 2008 and Katharina passed away on 25th of February 2015. -Photo: Vilma Godoy-Wady


Katharina Fleisch celebrating her 90th birthday on 19 Nov 2009 with her daughter Vilma, her granddaughter Fernanda and Pedro, the great-grandson in Brazil. - Photo Vilma Godoy-Wady


On 19th of November 2011 Katharina Fleisch is once again celebrating her birthday in Brazil, now the 92nd with great-grandson Pedro, her daughter Vilma and her great-granddaughter Eduarda, who was in the photo all of 8 days old. - © Photo Vilma Godoy-Wady


Jean and Henry Fischer, August 2007

© Photo: Rosina T. Schmidt


Anna Trautmann-Bialleck, ca. 2007

© Photo: Bialleck Archive


Stefan Torau, born in 1918 in Steelton, Pennyslvania; resided in Kapetanovo Polje from 1920 - 1944 ;

died 2007 in Leamington, Ontario, Canada



Carmen, Andreas and Harald Felder, 2003, Photo: Harald Felder Archives


Katharine Ferber, nee Kehl, celebrating her 90th Birthday on 12th of April 2006;  Born in Hrastovac #2 on 12th of April 1916, daughter of Michael Kehl and Anna Maria Schuessler, wife of Jakob Ferber of Gross Mlinska (Velika) and died in New Westminster, BC, Royal Columbian Hospital, Canada on 5th of Dec 2006. -
© Photo: Ron Berg Iverson Archives.  


From left to right: Konrad, Samson, Sydney, Jarod, and Cathy Pimiskern, 2006; 
© Photo: Pimiskern Archives 



Frank, Yale and Christine Pimiskern, 2006;
© Photo: Pimiskern Archives 




The Kniess Sisters: Helga, Else, Hanne

 Velika Mlinska Connection


Michael Georg Felder visiting Kapetanovo Polje in 2005, 
© Photo: Felder Archives


Rosina T. Schmidt and Family, 1999 
© Photo: R. T. Schmidt Archives

Marzluft Family Thanksgiving 2007,

©  Rosalinde Marzluft Archives

In the book "Hrastovac - Eichendorf Families 1865 - 1900" we read the story by Johann Märzluft of Hrastovac: 'Our Unforgettable Escape from Eichendorf (Hrastovac)', written back in 1984.

Here is Johann's extended family celebrating Thanksgiving in 2007 at a gathering at his daughter's Erika in Maryland. 

Front row: Victor Liefke Sr. (from the Ukraine), Magdalena Liefke (Johann's oldest daughter born in Hrastovac), Nathaniel Liefke (Victor Jr.'s son), Magdalena Marzluft (nee Zarth, the matriarch of the family born in Hrastovac), Rachel Rauh (Erich's daughter), Erika Rauh (Johann's daughter also born in Hrastovac) and Ella Liefke (Victor Jr's daughter).

Second row:  Keth and Daniel Kreischer (Johann's son-in-law Phil's Aunt and Uncle, from Liebling Romania, another Donauschwabe), Monika (Liefke) Hanna, Tony Rauh (w/long hair (son of young Philip)), Lisa Rauh (wife of Erich), Michelle Liefke (wife of Victor Jr.) and Johann's youngest daughter Rosalinde Marzluft.

Back row:  Phil Rauh (Johann's son-in-law, a  Romanian Danube Swabian), Erich Rauh, Billy Hanna (Monika's eldest son), Brian Morrow (Rosalinde's partner of 21 years), Joey Hanna (Monika's youngest son, Josh Rauh (One of young Philips twins), Young Philip Rauh (red shirt), Jake Rauh (the other twin) and Victor Liefke Jr.

Not present is Johann's son  Hans (who was born in Austria after WWII) and his wife Cynthia (they currently reside in South Carolina) and Hans' daughter Heidi Runk (nee Marzluft) with husband Ken and sons Caleb and Mason, who spent the day in Pennsylvania with her mother Anna Marzluft' (nee Gehring) side of the family (Gehrings are also Donauschwaben from Yugoslavia).
Johann Märzluft passed away two years after the story was written.