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Hrastovac Photo Collection

 Homes of Hrastovac - Page One

Welcome to Hrastovac
Harald Felder 2003

Neugasse Street
 Harald Felder 2003

 Harald Felder 2003

Entering Hrastovac from Uljanik - Photo Anna Bialleck, 2007

Entering Hrastovac from Uljanik, vie of the other side of the street - Photo Anna Bialleck, 2007

Entering Hrastovac from the Fischteich - Anna Bialleck Archives, 2007

Entering Hrastovac from Garešnica
photo Anna Bialleck, 2007

Hrastovac' Ellenberger Home - Elsie Farnam Archives

Johann Ernst Homestead prior to 1944. At left Katharina Ernst-Jung; Christina Ernst (behind the fence) and Elisabeth Paul-Ernst holding the hand of Philipp Jung, who supplied this photograph 

The Field behind the Barn -  Harald Felder 2003

Friedrich Ehrlich Homestead built in 1896, photo taken in 2007 with Anna Bialleck in front and a local friend. House #23.

Close-up of the home above -  photo Anna Bialleck, 2007

This home was formerly Ochs' tavern and mill. About 1907 Mr. Ochs had the first diesel engine in town installed to run the mill.
 Harald Felder 2003

Firewood ready for the winter
 Harald Felder 2003

Most likely same house as above  -  Elsie Farnam Archives, 2002

The well in the front yard. House 74.
 Harald Felder 2003

 House Number 74.
 Harald Felder 2003

The old Walnut Tree
 Harald Felder 2003

The Outdoor Oven - Rosina T. Schmidt Archives 

Washday! photo Anna Bialleck, 2007