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Rosina T. Schmidt

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Hrastovac Photo Collection

Hrastovac Lutheran Church

Built in 1929 

Drawing by Deanna Franklin

Hrastovac Church Altar, ca. 1930
 Berg-Iverson archives

Church Interior

A School Celebration Day

The Harmonium of Hrastovac Lutheran Church. Now being used in  Kaniskoj Ivi Church.

Anna Bialleck, 2007

Today the Hrastovac Lutheran Church's Bible found a new home in the Archives of the Lutheran Church of Weiskirchen, Hesse, Germany, the town which became a new home for many of the Hrastovacer Refugees.
Photo Rosina T. Schmidt, 2009

Hrastovac Church in Winter 1943/44

 Philipp Young archives

Panoramic View in 1944

Philipp Young archives

The Church Building after 1945 - Philipp Young archives - When this photo was taken the building was used by the new inhabitants as a sheep barn. ... May God forgive them, then they do not know what they are doing..... In the year of 2007 the church bell was discovered in the church of Ladislav by Anna Bialleck.

Now the same building is converted into a Motel - photo taken in 2005 

Interior of the former Hrastovac Lutheran Church in 2005