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Hrastovac Photo Collection

Weddings in Hrastovac
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A double wedding: Anna Jung and Hans Kah (at left) - Heinrich Jung and Katharina Ernst in 1933 - Sister and Brother Jung are the children of Anna Maria Ochs-Jung  © Philipp Jung Archives


The Wedding of Eva Ernst and Heinrich Faul 

© Philipp Jung  Archives



A double wedding in Kapetanovo Polje!

The couple on the left is Margaret Felder-Torau and her groom Stephan Torau. The couple on the right is Konrad Felder and his bride Katharina Jekel-Felder. The Musician are identified from left to right:

1. Franz Pimiskern
2. Georg Reidl
3. Heinrich Jahn
4. Gustav Kohler
5. Hans Ellenburger Sr.
6. Peter Klein
7. Hans Fleisch
8. Heinrich (Stickel) Reidl
9. Stefan Reidl.
Mother Torau is behind and to the left of the Torau groom.

Almost all settled in Leamington, Ontario.

© Family Davidson Archives
Contributed by Herwig Pimiskern

For more info on the wedding guests, please see Tonya Davidson's web pages, whose family it is:

Jakob Ernst with the  fiddle and Andreas Müller with tamburica at a Thanksgiving Fest 

© Philipp Jung Archives 


Wedding of Anna Kehl and Josip Valentic, Hrastovac about 1937 © Berg-Iverson Archives



Heinrich Mueller and Eva Paul Wedding on 17th of March 1917 

 © Karl Schwarzpech Archives



Heinrich Mueller and Eva Paul Wedding on 17th of March 1917   © Karl Schwarzpech Archives


Kapetanovo Polje wedding!