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Hrastovac Photo Collection

1944 - 1949 Internment Camps


Anna Maria Erdmann-Heil (1923 Gyönk, Hungary-1983 Troy, Ohio)
Heinrich Erdmann (1900 Gyönk, Hungary - 1984 Pfuhl, Germany), father of Anna Maria;
Margaret Erdmann-Muth (1922 Gyönk, Hungary - ca. 1990), cousin of Anna Maria; at Donbas (Stalino) Coal mining camp. ca. 1947. Mr. Erdmann received his Gulag's permission to visit his daughter and niece in a different mine camp from time to time.
Photo Elizabeth Heil-Shell Archives.

A group of Donbas Gulag miners. Anna Maria Erdmann-Heil is in the back row holding the lantern. Ca. 1947.
Photo Elizabeth Heil-Shell Archives.

Donbas Gulag miners, ca. 1947. Anna Maria Erdmann-Heil sits in the middle of the front row. Photo Elizabeth Heil-Shell Archives.


Eva Engert Gfesser (at right)
in the last days in the Russian Slave Labour Camp.

The material for the new cloths was delivered and the inmates did their own sewing.

Most likely just prior to the inspection by the Red Cross. The prisoners were not released home with those outfits, though.

Contributed by Elisabeth Krebs Schwesinger, 2016

A 'souvenir' from a Russian slave labour mine. The brand new outfits were sewn by the inmates themselves and the material was donated by the mine.
Alas, the prisoners were not given permission to take those new clothes home after their release, ca. 1949.

Identified are Paul Krebs (2nd row, 2nd on left) and
Eva Engert Gfesser (front row, 2nd on left), both from Brestovac, Batschka

Contributed by Elisabeth Krebs Schwesinger, the niece of the persons mentioned above, 2016