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Left to Right: Anna Bialleck, Miroslav Mesic, his son, unindetified volonteer and Philipp Jung in front of almost completed Hrastovac Memorial - June 2012 - photo Anna Bialleck Archives
View from insiede the Memorial- photo Anna Bialleck Archives


It was some time ago that the descendants of the Hrastovac Danube Swabian Ancestors -now living all over the world- erected a Memorial to honour the founders of that agricultural village, as the photos on the previous two pages show. The wind and weather started eroding the gravestone inscriptions, so once again some dedicated descendants now living in Brazil, Canada, Germany and the USA collected the necessary funds for the structure of the Memorial, while once again some of the current residents of Hrastovac did the manual labour. This summer of 2012 the Memorial is almost completed.


to all who contributed in any which way to this worthwhile project, but specifically to Mrs. Anna Bialleck of Germany, whose inspiration it was and to Mr. Miroslav Mesic of Hrastovac, who organized the volunteers.



In the fall of 2013 the area around the monument structure has been graded and loose stones added all around under the eaves. The Memorial Plaque is now attached to the front of the memorial structure after the stucco was applied to the building.

Our thanks go to Mr. Mesic and his volunteers for continuing to improve the grounds.

Photo: Misroslav Mesic, Hrastovac.

In July 2014 Philipp Jung visited Hrastovac's memorial and sent us this photo.
The view of part of the Hrastovac Cemetery as seen in July 2014. To the far left is the present day cemetery and the new chapel. The middle structure is the old chapel and to the far right is the Danube Swabian Memorial. - Photo by Philipp Jung, 2014 2014