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Hrastovac Photo Collection



Back in 1925 the sisters Katharina and Anna Fleisch left Hrastovac for Brazil.
90 years later Katharina's daughter Vilma Godoy-Wady and Vilma's daughter Sylvia visited Hrastovac for the first time, as the following photos of their adventure show.

Photo: Vilma Godoy-Wady, 2016


Vilma Godoy-Wady in front of one of the original Hrastovac homesteads -now house nuber #56- the very last of 'Swabian houses" that is still occupied and standing.

Left in the photo is the well.


Photo Vilma Godoy-Wady, 2016

Garden view of the same Hrastovac #56 home. Previous owner was Jakob Fleisch.


Photo: Vilma Godoy-Wady, 2016

The inside of Hrastovac Memorial with Vilma Godoy-Wady.

Photo: Vilma Godoy-Wady, 2016

Sylvia and Vilma Godoy-Wady in front of the Hrastovac Memorial

Photo: Vilma Godoy-Wady, 2016

Warm local hospitality was enjoyed by the Brazilian visitors.

From left to righ:

Wilma Godoy-Wady; Zeljka Bakaric, Ivan Bakaric, Marko Bakaric, Mirko Hasanac and Sylvia Godoy-Wady.

In Hrastovac, August 2016