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Hrastovac Photo Collection


2014 Hrastovacers Treffen in Hainburg, Hesse

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Hrastovacers Treffen in Hainburg, Hesse, October 2014

At left: Christina Aue

A lovely Athmosphere at the Treffen!


  Photo at Right in the home of Mr Bialleck

Photo at Right:

Philipp Jung reading from his book

Hrastovac Eichendirf, Eine deutsche Siedlungin Slavonien, Erinnerungen and die Jahre 1865 - 1946


Philipp Jung passed away on 26th of October 2015 on his 75th birthday in Niedereisenhausen, Germany.

Coffee time at the lovely home of Mr. and Mrs. Bialleck in Hainburg, Hesse, October 2014