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Hrastovac Photo Collection

Milwaukee, August 2007

Back in 1914 Peter Ochs and his wife Katharina Stumpf, left Hrastovac  and settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In total they had 14 children, of which 12 lived to be adults. Peter and Katharina's descendants are gathering from time to time in Milwaukee, WI. To see the photo of the 'big family', please see: Teicher_Memoirs

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From left around the table: Mike Teicher, Tony Kaufman, Jane Ochs, Robbin Teicher, Diane
Ochs, Joan Kaufman, Philip Ochs, Jack Ochs.
Photo � Kaufman  Archives
At Left: Tony Hamilton with Anthony J. Kaufman � Kaufman  Archives

From Left to Right: Philip Ochs, Dave Rofritz, Jack Ochs - � Kaufman  Archives