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Hrastovac Photo Collection

2010 Hrastovacer's Treffen

Hainburg, Hesse, Germany

Page Three

Photos by Helmut Bialleck, Harald Felder and Philipp Jung

Arrival in front of the Gasthaus Wolle's Licher Stubb in Hainburg, Hesse;

Caroline Heinzinger, nee Müller and Carolina Flohr-Schmidt, nee Trapp, with husbands greeting Anna Bialleck.

All are eager to meet each other.
Philipp Jung and Anna Bialleck
Jakob Faust with Mr. and Mrs. Heppenheimer
Elisabeta Schäfer (with glasses) celebrated recently her 90th birthday. Burkhard Ernst sitting across from Elisabeta.
Much Gemütlichkeit here!
Katharina Schütz (black & white sweater) is daughter of Konrad Lang and his wife nee Krimpelbein.
At left in front: Eva Gerfelder, next to her Anna Ehl, nee Köhler and next to her Johann Faust (with hat). Anna and Johann have not seen each other since 1944.
Fritz Wink, Heinrich Kah, Ilse Weiss, nee Müller, Katharina Schütz, nee Lang.
Gudrun Jung, wife of Philipp Jung (pink blouse), Margit Lotz, wife of Hans Lotz who is sitting on her side and Fritz Wink
Kaffee and Kuchen Time

all cakes donated by the marvelous Hrastovacer gourmet lady bakers. 

Gemütlichkeit all around!
Gemütlichkeit all around!