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Independent Croatia Identification Document of Johann Ernst, * 1881

Family Chronic - Johann Müller is born in the year of 1860, the 8th of March. - Take me for your wife - Eva, nee Wagner, born on the 29th of May 1859, both born in Also Nana - married on 16th of January 1883.

 © Anna Maria Marzluft Family Archives

Parents and siblings of wife
"Honor father and mother" that is the first commandment that has a promise.
Father Mother
Father Johann Wagner
Mother Christina Herchet
my sister Elisabet Herchet
my brothers Johann and Heinrich Herchet- © Anna Maria Marzluft Family Archives
Parents and siblings of husband
A wise son is his father's delight
but a foolish son is his mother's grief - Spr. 10,1
Father & Mother
Father is Adam Müller
the mother Elisabeta Schuttmanin
my brother Peter (?) Müller  - © Anna Maria Marzluft Family Archives
Let the children come to me, don't prevent it, as such is God's empire - Mark 10,14
our children
they are Peter (?) Johann and Eva Müller
and 6 were born before. - © Anna Maria Marzluft Family Archives
 Workers Book - 1930 for Georg Schmidt - © Rosina T. Schmidt Archives
 Military Identification - 1934 - © Rosina T. Schmidt Archives
 Drivers License - 1940 -  © Rosina T. Schmidt Archives
 Identification Document - 1947/48 - © Rosina T. Schmidt Archives