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Hrastovac Photo Collection


Maria Engert Krebs, wearing her traditional Danube Swabian costum, with husband Josef Krebs, at the Christening of their first born child, Hermine, in Batschka Brestowatz in 1941.

Those are the paretns and sister of Elisabeth Krebs-Schwesinger, who contributed this photo, 2016.

Nine years later, in 1950, Maria and Josef Krebs were welcoming another child to their family: Elisabeth. At that time they lived in the refugee camp in Kapfenberg, Austria prior to their immigration to USA.

The Godmother, Eva Engert (far right), Maria's sister, just returned from the Russian coal mine slave labour camp.

Photo contributed by Elisabeth Krebs-Schwesinger, 2016

Happy parents Ljubica Weiss-Schmidt and Georg Schmidt
with their firstborn child Rosina, 1941.

Rosina T. Schmidt's archives, 2016