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Ellis Island Passenger List A - M

Ellis Island Passenger List O - Z

Bremen Passenger List (Partial)

Bremen Ships Lists:

The German Emigrants Database (Deutsche Auswanderer-Datenbank/DAD) is now available on the Bremerhaven Museum website.

The database comprises information on emigrants who left Europe for the United States of America between 1820 and 1939, primarily from German ports. It is constantly being added to, but already contains data on 4.4 million emigrants. The current data stock covers the years 1820-1833,1840-1891, 1904, and 1907.


A small but fortunate group of 500 Danube Swabian refugee families, exactly 2466 persons, were transported in 7 ships to the steppe of Entre Rios area in Brazil with the help of a Swiss charity “Schweizer Europahilfe” Swiss Aid), who donated 9 Million Swiss Francs, and by the invitation and help of the Brazilian government, as well as the Brazilian State of Parana.

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