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A small but fortunate group of 500 Danube Swabian refugee families, exactly 2466 persons, were transported in 7 ships to the steppe of Entre Rios area in Brazil with the help of a Swiss charity “Schweizer Europahilfe" (Swiss Aid), who donated 9 Million Swiss Francs, and by the invitation and help of the Brazilian government, as well as the Brazilian State of Parana. See



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Name, date of birth (day, month, year)

Place of birth


Teppert, Peter, *7/7/1921 Filipovo Batschka
Teppert, Martin, *13/7/1923 Filipovo Batschka
Teppert, Magdalena, *14/6/1927 Filipovo Batschka
Teppert, Anton, *5/11/1930 Filipovo Batschka
Tettmann, Johann St., *6/5/1894 Gašinci Slavonia
Tettmann, Katharina, nee Mueller, *28/7/1882 Gašinci Slavonia
Tettmann, Jakob, *11/8/1919 Gašinci Slavonia
Frei, Katharina, nee Tettmann, *5/2/1925 Gašinci Slavonia
Frei, Michael, *7/11/1927 Virovitica Croatia
Mueller, Georg, *24/4/1937 Gašinci Slavonia
Tettmann, Johann Jr., *27/3/1932 Gašinci Slavonia
Tettmann, Elisabeth, nee Kaisner, *28/11/1928 Novi Banovci Syrmia
Tettmann, Katharina, *7/8/1949 Schlatt - Voecklabruck Austria
Tossmann, Johann, *24/1/1917 Ruma Syrmia
Tossmann, Maria, nee Kreutzer, *29/7/1919 Ruma Syrmia
Tossmann, Paul, *24/9/1936 Ruma Syrmia
Tossmann, Anton, *26/10/1943 Ulm Germany
Kreutzer, Anna, *3/9/1891 Ruma Syrmia
Kreutzer, Anton, *29/10/1891 Ruma Syrmia
Toth, Michael, *9/3/1909 Borova Slavonia
Toth, Paula, nee Cerni, *30/10/1911 Pcelic Croatia
Toth, Michael, *29/1/1936 Borova Slavonia
Toth, Johann, *11/12/1940 Borova Slavonia
Toth, Stefan, *24/5/1943 Borova Slavonia
Toth, Sophia, *15/5/1949 Hochburg Austria
Weigand, Stefan, *20/8/1891 Viskovci Slavonia
Weigand, Theresia, nee Klink, *6/8/1898 Forkusevci Slavonia
Weigand, Anton, *4/5/1916 Viskovci Slavonia
Weigand, Theresia, nee Schrantz, *3/3/1919 Piskorevci Slavonia
Weigand, Anton, *12/1/1928 Siroko Polje Slavonia
Weigand, Josef, *24/2/1940 Siroko Polje Slavonia
Weissbart, Anna, nee Duhatschek, *10/6/1913 Illatsch Syrmia
Weltsch, Adam, *14/9/1919 Lapovci Slvonia
Weltsch, Katharina, nee Hoffmann, *25/4/1923 Levanjka Varos Slavonia
Weltsch, Andreas, *25/11/1942 Lapovci Slavonia
Weltsch, Anna, *30/11/1946 Kirchdorf Austria
Hoffmann, Michael, *2/3/1892 Detsch Syrmia
Hoffmann, Maria, nee Neumann, *17/3/1893 Nustar Slavonia
Werner, Katharina, nee Keller, *17/3/1893 Tomašinci Slavonia
Werner, Wendelin, *7/2/1931 Tomašinci Slavonia
Wirth, Stefan, *4/5/1905 Špišic Bukovica Slavonia
Wirth, Anna, nee Christbsaum, *30/12/1912 Špišic Bukovica Slavonia
Wirth, Michael. *10.7.1932 Špišic Bukovica Slavonia
Wirth, Anna, nee Koller, *8/6/1878 Kapan Slavonia
Wirth, Michael, *21/10/1883 Špišic Bukovica Slavonia
Wirth, Theresia, *28/9/1928 Špišic Bukovica Slavonia
Wirthm, Ingeborg, *22/6/1951 Braunau Austria
Zentner, Paul, *1/10/1919 Ruma Syrmia
Zentner, Juliana, nee Hummel, *12/9/1920 Ruma Syrmia
Zentner, Elisabetha, *11/8/1940 Ruma Syrmia
Zenter, Josef, *19/3/1942 Ruma Syrmia
Zenter, Paul, *26/7/1944 Ruma Syrmia
Zentner, Anton, *15/11/1945 St. Aegidi, Linz Austria
Zentner, Katharina, *16/4/1950 St. Aegidi, Linz Austria
Zimmermann, Franz, *1/3/1914 Dragotin Slavonia
Zimmerman, Thresia, nee Brandt, *17/2/1920 Kopanica Slavonia
Zimmermann, Josef, *1/3/1944 Dragotin Slavonia
Zimmermann, Eva, *20/12/1945 Magdalenaberg Austria
Zimmermann, Maria, *25/4/1950 Kirchdorf Austria
Zimmermann, Maria, nee Riesel, *18/2/1892 Viskovci Slavonia
Zimmermann, Josef, *19/3/1929 Dragotin Slavonia
Zuber, Anton, *18/6/1920 Borova Slavonia
Zuber, Anna, nee Toth, *5/7/1927 Borova Slavonia
Zuber, Richard, *9/3/1944 Krcedin Syrmia
Zuber, Josef, *10/3/1945 Puchkirchen Austria
Zuber, Johann *18/3/1915 Borova Slavonia
Zuber, Anna, nee Pammer, *15/7/1916 Borova Slavonia
Zuber, Andreas, *20/4/1940 Borova Slavonia
Zuber, Johann, *17/8/1942 Borova Slavonia
Zuber, Rudolf, *4/7/1947 Puchkirchen Austria
Zuber, Josef, *16/8/1907 Borova Slavonia
Zuber, Theresia, nee Pammer, *6/2/1911 Borowa Slavonia
Zuber, Anna, *24/4/1937 Borova Slavonia
Umlauf, Franz, *16/9/1927 Sakula Banat
Umlauf, Maria, nee Zuber, *16/2/1931 Borova Slavonia
Zuber, Matthias, *24/8/1918 Borova Slavonia
Zuber, Agnes, nee Beck, *14/12/1921 Borova Slavonia
Zuber, Semlin, *24/4/1943 Semlin Syrmia
Zuber, Helene, *10/9/1944 Beschka Syrmia
Zuber, Maria, *13/9/1946 Puchkirchen Austria
Zuber, Katharina, *26/1/1949 Puchkirchen Austria
Berger, Josef, *15/11/1899 Subotica Batschka
Berger, Theresia, nee Brandt, *8/9/1900 Subotica Batschka
Berger, Anton, *3/2/1932 Subotica Batschka
Berger, Josef, *5/1/1935 Subotica Batschka
Bornbaum, Martin, *27/10/1895 Ruma Syrmia
Bronbaum, Elisabeth, nee Fischer, *19/11/1895 Ruma Syrmia
Bornbaum, Elisabeth,*30/3/1927 Ruma Syrmia
Bronbaum, Josef, *24/7/1864 Ruma Syrmia
Bornbaum, Josef, *27/3/1924 Ruma Syrmia
Bornbaum, Therese, nee Kemmer, *6/8/1931 Ruma Syrmia
Dilmetz, Anton, *5/9/1919 Ruma Syrmia
Dilmetz, Theresia, nne Linzner, *6/3/1921 Ruma Syrmia
Dilmetz, Katharina, *1/2/1939 Ruma Syrmia
Dilmetz, Theresia, *7/8/1947 Altheim Austria
Dilmetz, Ignatz, *1/9/1893 Ruma Syrmia
Dilmetz, Maria, nee Moser, *17/3/1895 Ruma Syrmia
Dochnal, Jakob, *11/10/1903 Kula Slavonia
Dochnal, Magdalena, nee Distl, *7/1/1906 Veprovac Batschka
Dochnal, Anna, nee Mayer, *12/3/1925 Kula Slavonia
Dochnal, Jakob, *7/8/1930 Kula Slavonia
Hack, Karl, *3/9/1905 Semeljci Slavonia
Hack, Anna, nee Roth, *13/12/1908 Viskovci Slavonia
Hack, Paul, *18/4/1930 Semeljci Slavonia
Hack, Anton, *21/8/1931 Semeljci Slavonia
Hack, Franz, *8/5/1935 Semeljci Slavonia
Hack, Anna, *8/5/1937 Semeljci Slavonia
Hack, Rosina, *30/9/1942 Semeljci Slavonia
Hack, Josef, *25/2/1946 Peuerbach Austria
Hack, Katharina, *3/3/1948 Schlatt-Voecklabruck Austria
Hack, Anton, *17/1/1882 Semeljci Slavonia
Hack, Maria, nee Theiss, *24/9/1887 Semeljci Slavonia
Hajer, Peter, *20/5/1920 Hrtkovci Syrmia
Hajer, Theresia, nee Bornbaum, *25/8/1922 Ruma Syrmia
Hajer, Jakob, *1/9/1941 Ruma Syrmia
Hajer, Ewald, *29/12/1942 Ruma Syrmia
Hajer, Manfred, *8/2/1944 Ruma Syrmia
Hauptmann, Johann, *6/1/1896 Budanica Croatia
Hauptmann, Maria, nee Wurzinger, *28/9/1895 Budanica Croatia
Huptmann, Anna, nee Stutz, *23/1/1931 Babska Novak Syrmia
Hauptmann, Johann, *2/5/1931 Budanica Croatia
Hech, Stefan, *21/8/1902 Setschan Banat
Hech, Margarete, nee Bauer, *10/3/1903 Setschan Banat
Hech, Katharina, *8/1/1927 Setschan Banat
Hech, Elisabetha, *10/2/1930 Setshan Banat
Obermann, Maria, *15/2/1885 Indjia Syrmia
Hech, Nikolaus, *8/4/1928 Setschan Banat
Hech, Elisabetha, nee Obermann, *31/7/1933 Gasinci Slavonia
Heipl, Andreas, *6/9/1904 Tovarnik Syrmia
Heipl, Magdalena, nee Wendt, *29/10/1907 Grabovci Syrmia
Heipl, Matthias, *27/9/1939 Tovarnik Syrmia
Heipl, Erich, *13/9/1942 Tovarnik Syrmia
Heipl, Stefan, *4/7/1927 Donji Tovarnik Syrmia
Heipl, Juliana, nee Simon, *28/9/1927 Donji Tovarnik Syrmia
Heipl, Andreas, *27/3/1947 Linz Austria
Heipl, Theresia, *25/3/1949 Linz Austria
Wendt, Franz, *9/2/1904 Grabovci Syrmia
Weindt, Theresia, nee Mueller, *18/3/1905 Grabovci Syrmia
Jegel, Konrad, *23/12/1902 Ernsthausen Banat
Jegel, Barbara, nee Linepitz, *8/10/1905 Ernsthausen Banat
Jegel, Anna, *12/1/1937 Ernsthausen Banat
Jegel, Johann, *6/4/1937 Ernsthausen Banat
Klecker, Sebastian, *9/3/1903 St. Georgen Banat
Klecker, Anna, nee Achenbach, *30/8/1911 Pardan Banat
Klecker, Rosina, *23/5/1933 St. Georgen Banat
Klecker, Nikolaus, *22/11/1934 St. Georgen Banat
Klecker, Annemarie, *26/7/1942 Pardan Banat
Achenbach, Magdalena, nee Werth, *22/4/1889 Pardan Banat
Kraemer, Michael, *1/7/1909 Drenje Slavonia
Kraemer, Rosa, nee Wirth, *17/4/1913 Satnica Slavonia
Kraemer, Adam, *2/2/1936 Drenje Slavonia
Kraemer, Adam, *2/2/1869 Goebling Austria
Scheks, Josef, *1/09/1921 Drenje Slavonia
Scheks, Katharina, nee Kraemer, *11/5/1930 Drenje Slavonia
Scheks, Helene, *1/9/1949 Schirka Austria
Scheks, Josef, *17/7/1951 Linz Austria
Krimmer, Bernhart, *8/7/1898 Ernsthausen Banat
Krimmer, Rosina, nee Pleli, *23/1/1899 Vinkovci Slavonia
Lammel, Johann, *26/10/1927 Slavonski Brod Slavonia
Lammel, Maria, nee Steinmetz, *12/3/1930 Marijanci Slavonia
Lammel, Edward, *15/12/1946 Linz Austria
Lammel, Katharina, *29/10/1948 Kronsdorf, Linz Austria
Lehmann, Christof, *24/5/1903 Svetozar Miletic Batschka
Lehmann, Magdalena, nee Ritt, *14/10/1905 Karavukovo Batschka
Lehmann, Franziska, *10/11/1929 Karavukovo Batschka
Lehmann, Josef, *29/5/1937 Karavukovo Batschka
Koenig, Matthias, *7/5/1919 Kula Slavonia
Koenig, Magdalena, nee Lehmann, *25/9/1924 Karavukovo Slavonia
Koenig, Theresia, *20/1/1950 Taufkirchen Austria
Lehnhardt, Josef, *8/9/1902 Potnjani Slavonia
Lenhardt, Magdalena, nee Gruber, *10/2/1904 Pisak Slavonia
Lenhardt, Katharina, *8/11/1925 Pisak Slavonia
Lenhardt, Josef, *18/3/1930 Viskovci Slavonia
Lenhardt, Nikolaus, *26/2/1939 Viskovci Slavonia
Moegler, Magdalena, nee Lenhardt, *13/4/1928 Pisak Slavonia
Moegler, Josef, *10/3/1929 Plavna Batschka
Moegler, Rosina, *14/9/1949 Neudorf Austria
Marx, Blasius, *26/6/1891 Ratkovo Batschka
Marx, Roisina, nee Benz, *4/9/1894 Erdevik Syrmia
Marx, Franz, *6/9/1925 Erdevik Syrmia
Schmaus, Barbara, nee Marx, *11/12/1919 Erdevik Syrmia
Schmaus, Ida, *25/3/1939 Erdevik Syrmia
Schmaus, Adelheid, *28/2/1940 Erdevik Syrmia
Schmaus, Barbara, *15/7/1942 Erdevik Syrmia
Marx, Stefan, *10/9/1911 Erdevik Syrmia
Marx, Maria, nee Schmidt, *12/11/1920 Erdevik Syrmia
Marx, Albert, *5/9/1941 Erdevik Syrmia
Schmidt, Johann, *7/11/1883 Kula Slavonia
Schmidt, Anna, nee Welsmueller, *18/12/1888 Erdevik Syrmia
Mayer, Adam, *14/12/1925 Illatsch Syrmia
Mayer, Barbara, nee Mueller, *12/8/1927 Illatsch Syrmia
Mayer, Josef, *22/9/1949 Zell, Pram Austria
Mueller, Josef, *4/6/1898 Illatsch Syrmia
Mueller, Katharina, nee Strauch, *6/3/1903 Berak Slavonia
Nauy, Peter, *24/10/1914 Klein Betschkerek Banat
Nauy, Gertrud, nee Fischer, *27/2/1920 Klein Betschkerek Banat
Nauy, Maria, *23/11/1939 Klein Betschkerek Banat
Nauy, Pete, *20/11/1941 Klein Betschkerek Banat
Nauy, Gertrud, *12/7/1949 St. Marienkirhchen Austria
Pastal, Anton, *19/1/1927 Kukujevci Syrmia
Pastal, Maria, nee Szabo, *3/9/1928 Kukujevci Syrmia
Pastal, Eva, nee Lunova, *28/12/1904 Calma Syrmia
Purr, Jakob, *11/2/1914 Ratkovo Batschka
Purr, Anna, nee Schneider, *15/2/1917 Vodjinci Slavonia
Purr, Katharina, *7/2/1941 Rokovci Slavonia
Purr, Anton, *23/8/1946 Wels Austria
Purr, Katharina, nee Geringer, *15/11/1891 Ratkovo Batschka
Romer, Johann, *8/6/1906 Erdevik Syrmia
Romer, Katharina, nee Mayer, *6/9/1907 Erdevik Syrmia
Romer, Theresia, *9/9/1930 Erdevik Syrmia
Romer, Maria, *11/9/1932 Erdevik Syrmia
Romer, Johann, *29/12/1935 Erdevik Syrmia
Romer, Georg, *15/11/1938 Erdevik Syrmia
Romer, Hermann, *3/7/1943 Erdevik Syrmia
Seitz, Anton, *31/10/1904 Subotica Batschka
Seitz, Margarethe, nee Brucker, *4/8/1902 Subotica Batschka
Seitz, Josef, *30/10/1927 Subotica Batschka
Seitz, Johann, *17/2/1930 Subotica Batschka
Simon, Georg, *30/1/1904 Tovarnik Syrmia
Simon, Viktoria, nee Dort, *17/11/1905 Televoas Serbia
Simon, Alexander, *12/2/1934 Tovarnik Syrmia
Simon, Johann, *13/10/1936 Tovarnik Syrmia
Simon, Peter, *20/1/1939 Tovarnik Syrmia
Simon, Katharina, *21/10/1940 Tovarnik Syrmia
Simon, Josef, *25/2/1945 Dorf Austria
Sorg, Adam, *22/10/1912 Betschmen Syrmia
Sorg, Maria, nee Frei, *10/7/1913 Betschmen Syrmia
Sorg, Susanna, *5/3/1937 Betschmen Syrmia
Sorg, Maria, *11/8/1933 Betschmen Syrmia
Sorg, Leonhard, *1/3/1935 Betschmen Syrmia
Sorg, Erna, *25/9/1938 Betsshmen Syrmia
Sorg, *Helmuth, *14/0/1947 Wels Austria
Szabo, Adam, *1/11/1889 Tovarnik Syrmia
Szabo, Elisabetha, nee Scheirich, *1/7/1903 Kuzmin Syrmia
Szabo, Eva, *14/12/1935 Kukujevci Syrmia
Szabo, Georg, *2/4/1938 Tovarnik Syrmia
Schenk, Katharina, nee Merle, *20/11/1908 Stefansfeld Banat
Schenk, Adam, *10/1/1929 Steansfeld Banat
Meissner, Mathias, *17/3/1893 Stefansfeld Banat
Scchenk, Anna, nee Becker, *15/2/1931 Racinovci Slavonia
Schenk, Nikolaus, *19/8/1932 Stefansfeld Banat
Schmitutz, Karl, *1/12/1898 Kula Slavonia
Schmitutz, Maria, nee Sasler, *15/11/1900 Djakovo Slavonia
Schmitutz, Rosa, *1/5/1931 Pisak Slavonia
Schmitutz, Maria, *8/11/1941 Pisak Slavonia
Schmitutz, Johann, *22/7/11945 Reichenkirchen Austria
Schurtz, Anna, nee Puhl, *12/9/1909 Vetovo Slavonia
Schurtz, Alois, *8/9/1931 Vetovo Slavonia
Schurtz, Josef, *20/9/1933 Vetovo Slavonia
Schurtz, Franz, *1/10/1938 Vetovo Slavonia
Schurtz, Maria, *1/7/1941 Vetovo Slavonia
Schurtz, Johann, *14/3/1881 Pakratz Slavonia
Schurtz, Maria, nee Peci, *9/9/1881 Fericanci Slavonia
Stecher, Johann, *17/9/1903 Barcz Hungary
Stecher, Maria, nee Bentschik, *2/2/1911 Nova Gradiska Croatia
Stecher, Josef, *24/8/1928 Nova Gradiska Croatia
Stecher, Maria, nee Hack, *20/2/1933 Semeljci Slavonia
Stecher, Johann, *24/6/1933 Zatonj Croatia
Stoetzer, Karl, *7/11/1926 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Stoetzer, Katharina, nee Ringel, *11/5/1929 Sekitsch Batschka
Stoetzer, Helene, nee Ort, *19/10/1893 Nijemci Slavonia
Stoetzer, Helene, *3/11/1934 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Stutz, Anton, *1/4/1908 Bapska Novak Syrmia
Stutz, Theesia, nee Gasafi, *27/12/1914 Bapska Novak Syrmia
Stutz, Maria, *7/9/1932 Bapska Novak Syrmia
Stutz, Rosalia, *21/12/1934 Bapska Novak Syrmia
Stutz, Konrad, *17/3/1937 Bapska Novak Syrmia
Stutz, Helene, *11/9/1945 Sippbachzell Austria
Stutz, Elisabeth, *31/7/1948 Sippbachzell Austria
Stutz, Johann, *15/9/1882 Bapska Novak Syrmia
Stutz, Anna, nee Mortiz, *15/11/1888 Bapska Novak Syrmia
Temmer, Mathias, *1/8/1910 Radikovci Slavonia
Temmer, Maria, nee Frnzwa, *19/2/1912 Tenje Slavonia
Temmer, Katharina, *26/2/1937 Radikovci Slavonia
Temmer, Gertrude, nee Seitz, *29/2/1876 Tschonopl Batschka
Weber, Mathias, *6/2/1910 Mastort Banat
Weber, Marianne, nee Turh, *14/9/1918 Soltur Banat
Weber, Leanthe, *26/3/1941 Soltur Banat
Webe, Katharina, *14/10/1885 Mastort Banat
Weggesser, Josef, *4/9/1896 Gertianosch Banat
Weggesser, Barbara, nee Wirs, *12/1/1905 Gertianosch Banat
Weggesser, Hans, *15/10/1925 Gertianosch Banat
Wirs, Margarethe, nee Knopf, *28/10/1881 Gertianosch Banat
Weissenberger, Blasius, *3/2/1913 Marijanci Slavonia
Weissenberger, Agnes, nee Rittgasser, *6/12/1914 Marijanci Slavonia
Weissenberger, Juliane, *2810/1937 Marijanci Slavonia
Weisenberger, Maria, *18/9/1939 Marijanci Slavonia
Weissenberger, Blasius, *21/6/1883 Marijanci Slavonia
Weissenberger, Rosalia, nee Morwel, *11/6/1888 Vaskut Batschka
Wesan, Johann, *11/11/1909 Kupinovo Syrmia
Wesan, Magdalena, nee Kemmer, *6/7/1925 Grabovci Syrmia
Wesan, Johann, *25/5/1945 St. Agatha Austria
Wesan, Juliane, *13/10/1946 St. Georgen Austria
Wesan, Anna, *1/3/1948 Tollet Austria
Wesan, Theresia, *6/7/1949 Grieskirchen Austria
Kemmer, Anna, nee Brandtner, *13/3/1905 Grabovci Syrmia
Wildmann, Anton, *9/8/1901 Ilok Syrmia
Wildmann, Anna, nee Ott, *14/1/1906 Plavna Batschka
Wildmann, Jakob, *10/12/1929 Cerna Slavonia
Wildmann, Kathaina, *24/1/1932 Cerma Slavonia
Wildmann, Mathias, *15/4/1934 Cerna Slavonia
Wildmann, Eva, *25/11/1940 Cerna Slavonia
Wildmann, Elisabeth, *22/3/1943 Cerna Slavonia
Wilk, Johann, *28/2/1909 Johannesberg Slavonia
Wilk, Christine, nee Schermaul, *11/7/1908 Johannesberg Slavonia
Wilk, Wenzel, *3/5/1933 Johannesberg Slavonia
Wilk, Anton, *13/1/1935 Johannesberg Slavonia
Wilk, Anna, nee Nickl, *14/6/1870 Johannesberg Slavonia
Pferschi, Anna, *28/6/1935 Bokane Slavonia
Woelfl, Mathias, 818/10/1925 Bajmok Batschka
Woelfl, Maria, nee Fleckenstein, *14/7/1907 Bajmok Batschka
Woelfl, Johann, *13/2/1929 Bajmok Batschka
Woelfl, Theresia, *30/5/1933 Bajmok Batschka
Zieasch, Stefan, *29/2/1916 Jarmina Slavonia
Ziasch, Elisabeth, nee Schmiederer, *2/3/1919 Tordinci Slavonia
Ziasch, Magdalena, *23/1/1941 Tordinci Slavonia
Ziasch, Kathrina, *261942 Tordinci Slavonia
Schneider, Barbara, nee Weinketz, *21/4/1894 Bogdanovci Syrmia
Schmiederer, Eva, *1/8/1925 Tordinci Slavonia
Baumann, Jakob, *7/3/1923 Franzfeld Banat
Baumann, Eva, nee Hittinger, *21/12/1926 Franzfeld Banat
Baumann, Chritine, nee Gebhard, *30/7/1889 Franzfeld Banat
Baumann, Jakob, *5/7/1890 Franzfeld Banat
Becker, Josef, *9/2/1923 Andirijasevci Slavonia
Becker, Magdalena, nee Schwager, *21/11/1928 Lowas Syrmia
Becker, Edeltraud, *8/6/1951 St. Panthaleon, Braunau Austria
Becker, Stefan, *3/9/1894 Andirijasevci Slavonia
Becker, Elisabeth, nee Richardt, *17/2/1902 Svinjarevci Slavonia
Becker, Stefan, *11/12/1925 Andirijasevci Slavonia
Becker, Maria, *21/8/1930 Andirijasevci Slavonia
Becker, Martin, *22/8/1932 Andirijasevci Slavonia
Becker, Anna, *5/5/1934 Andirijasevci Slavonia
Beker, Matthias, *21/9/1937 Andirijasevci Slavonia
Becker, Jakob, *3/3/1941 Andirijasevci Slavonia
Berger, Anton, *11/2/1912 Kula Slavonia
Berger, Elisabeth, nee Kalaikovic, *6/7/1920 Kula Slavonia
Berger, Heinrich, *15/7/1940 Kula Slavonia
Berger, Magdalena, *23/11/1948 Nussbach Austria
Berling, Josef, *12/8/1906 Ivankovo


Berling, Maria, nee Eiler, *16/12/1909 Ivankovo Slavonia
Berling, Josef, *17/7/1927 Ivankovo Slavonia
Berling, Katharina, *24/3/1938 Ivankovo Slavonia
Eiler, Philipp, *27/7/1880 Torschau Batschka
Eiler, Elisabeth, nee Holzdoerfer, *8/9/1883 Pivnica Croatia
Bohner, Stefan, *8/12/1920 Tovarnik Syrmia
Bohner, Elisabeth, nee Bauer, *6/12/1924 Grabovci Syrmia
Bohner, Helga, *19/8/1951 Grieskirchen Austria
Buechler, Franz, *6/3/1914 Kovin Banat
Buechler, Elisabeth, nee Baumann, *27/5/1913 Franzfeld Banat
Buechler, Peter, *27/5/1933 Kovin Banat
Buegl, Franz, *4/10/1898 Satnica Slavonia
Buegl, Katharina, nee Lorenz, *1/3/1903 Vukovar Slavonia
Buegl, Peter, *29/9/1919 Satnica Slavonia
Buegl, Elisabeth, *12/2/1923 Gasinci Slavonia
Buhali, Maria, nee Dernjel, *11/9/1905 Fericanci Slavonia
Dernjeli, Elisabeth, nee Wendsdorfer, *1/2/1927 Slatnik Slavonia
Dernjeli, Anna, *10/7/1928 Slatnik Slavonia
Dernjeli, Josef, *27/2/1930 Fericanci Slavonia
Dernjeli, Juliana, *18/9/1933 Fericanci Slavonia
Buhali, Maria, *10/8/1935 Ivankovo Slavonia
Buhali, Mathias, *24/2/1929 Semeljci Slavonia
Buhali, Anna, nee Stuber, *7/1/1930 Banatski Brestovac Bnat
Buhali, Jakob, *16/2/1950 Linz Austria
Stuber, Katharina, nee Pury, *9/11/1909 Banatski Brestovac Banat
Buhali, Johann, *9/10/1926 Semeljci Slavonia
Buhali, Rosalia, nee Fingler, *7/9/1930 Mandicevci Croatia
Derner, Heinrich, *11/9/1930 Boksici Slavonia
Derner, Anna, nee Tschonka, *23/4/1931 Zubrica Slavonia
Derner, Anna, *20/12/1950 Hoersching Austria
Essert, Josef, *8/3/1897 Vinkovci Slavonia
Essert, Anna, nee Pentz, *7/71909 Jarmina Slavonia
Essert, Rudolf, *13/4/1928 Vinkovci Slavonia
Essert, Franz, *3/8/1932 Vinkovci Slavonia
Essert, Theresia, neen Popp, *8/1/1879 Vinkovci Slavonia
Fassbinder, Anton, *24/1/1934 Tschand Banat
Fassbinder, Margarethe, nee Breier, *1/2/1897 Neu St. Peter Banat
Fassbinder, Anna, *26/1/1930 Tschand Banat
Fassbinder, Barbara, *16/3/1932 Tschand Banat
Fassbinder, Stefan, *25/12/1935 Tschand Banat
Fassbinder, Magdalena, *16/5/1939 Tschand Banat
Fassbinder, Anna, *27/9/1949 Ried Austria
Fassbinder, Hans, *16/8/1923 Tschand Banat
Fassbinder, Maria, nee Jugg, *22/9/1932 Temeschburg Banat
Fassbinder, Hans, *4/10/1949 Ried Austria
Fassbinder, Maria, *10/10/1950 Ried Austria
Fillan, Josef, *9/10/1895 Mandicevac Slavonia
Fillan, Katharina, nee Hetrich, *18/6/1898 Keschinci Slavonia
Fillan, Josef, *7/11/1930 Mendicevac Slavonia
Fillan, Anna, *20/8/1937 Mendicevac Mendicevac Slavonia
Fillan, Jakob, *11/10/1929 Mrzovic Slavonia
Fillan, Luise, nee Kuhn, *7/6/1929 Pancevo Banat
Fillan, Jakob, *8/8/1951 Linz Austria
Fischer, Michael, *21/1/1891 Klein Betscherek Banat
Fischer, Susane, nee Stemper, *11/91899 Klein Betscherek Banat
Freohaut, Franz, *7/7/1928 Mrzovic Slavonia
Freihaut, Katharina, nee Mueller, *22/11/1925 Tovarnik Syrmia
Freihaut, Theresia, *22/9/1947 Antisenhofen Austria
Freihaut, Monika, *1/8/1950 Lindau Germany
Fuchs, Johann, *27/8/1905 Kapan Slavonia
Fuchs, Katharina, nee Pammer, *29/10/1913 Borova Slavonia
Fuchs, Johann, *11/8/1934 Kapan Slavonia
Gessler, Jose, *3/2/1888 Semeljci Slavonia
Gessler, Juliane, nee Stampfer, *19/12/1894 Satnica Slavonia
Gessler, Katharina, *25/5/1931 Satnica Slavonia
Gessler, Magdalena, *24/10/1937 Satnica Slavonia
Giljum, Walter, *21/2/1930 Elemer Banat
Gilijum, Johann, *2/11/1889 Elemer Banat
Gilijum, Elisabeth, nee Gilijum (?), *23/5/1897 Elemer Banat
Grasst, Johann, *11/11/1916 Schag Banat
Grassl, Katharina, nee Leichnam, *14/4/1923 Schag Banat
Grassl, Klaus, *22/7/1946 Linz Austria
Grassl, Edmund, *28/4/1951 Linz Austria
Grassl, Margareta, nee Reicher, *26/2/1891 Schag Banat
Grassl, Nikolaus, *8/10/1921 Schag Banat
Grassl, Josef, *12/4/1910 Schag Banat
Grassl, Kaethe, nee Muth, *18/4/1909 Gier Banat
Grassl, Johann, *7/8/1932 Schag Banat
Guggenberger, Erwin, *26/3/1929 Sarajevo Bosnia
Guggenberger, Theresia, nee Gasafi, *5/3/1933 Kukujevci Syrmia
Gumpl, Jakob, *26/10/1891 Hrtkovci Syrmia
Gumpl, Jakob, *26/10/1891 Hrtkovci Syrmia
Gumpl, Barbara, nee Heipl, *18/3/1903 Tovarnik Syrmia
Gumpl, Paul, *1/8/1929 Hrtkovci Syrmia
Gumpl, Georg, *23/1/1937 Hrtkovci Syrmia
Gumpl, Agathe, *23/1/1937 Hrtkovci Syrmia
Gumpl, Katharina, *23/6/1940 Hrtkovci Syrmia
Gutfreund, Johann, *10/10/1898 Jarmina Slavonia
Gutfreund, Maria, nee Spischitsch, *7/9/1893 Jarmina Slavonia
Gutfreund, Josef, *30/11/1927 Gabosch Slavonia
Gutfreund, Theresia, *24/6/1930 Gabosch Slavonia
Hansele, Anton, *14/8/1910 Progar Syrmia
Hansele, Elisabeth, nee Damm, *24/2/1916 Obersch Syrmia
Hansele, Liljana, *26/1/1941 Belgrad Croatia
Hansele, Ernst, *14/9/1942 Bezanija Syrmia
Hansele, Helga, *31/8/1948 Wels Austria
Hatz, Johann, *24/6/1917 Zagreb, Croatia
Hats, Katharina, nee Scherer, *4/5/1920 Mitrovica Syrmia
Martin, Branko, *20/12/1937 Mitrovica Syrmia
Hatz, Franz, *28/8/1948 Linz Austria
Hatz, Hilda, *13/11/1950 Haid Autsria
Scherer, Michael, *24/11/1901 Mitrovica Syrmia
Scherer, Maria, nee Zelitsch, *6/6/1901 Mitrovica Syrmia
Hatz, Anton, *17/1/1940 Mitrovica Syrmia
Hauptmann, Franz, *26/7/1900 Novaki Slavonia
Hauptmann, Veronika, nee Bokorni, *27/10/1902 Nova Bukovica Croatia
Strasser, Maria, nee Hauptmann, *3/3/1924 Novaki Slavonia
Strasser, Mathilde, *25/3/1941 Novaki Slavonia
Strasser, Michael, *27/9/1942 Novaki Slavonia
Strasser, Theresia, *26/2/1948 Linz Austtria
Hauptmann, Franz, *23/12/1943 Novaki Slavonia
Heiser, Stefan, *23/3/1914 Prigrevica Batschka
Heiser, Eva, nee Stefan, *9/3/1917 Prigrevica Batschka
Heiser, Franz, *20/11/1938 Prigrevica Batschka
Heiser, Stefan, *24/1/1941 Prigrevica Batschka
Heiser, Anna, *25/3/1942 Prigrevica Batschka
Heiser, Martin, *9/4/1950 Mautern Austria
Heiser, Elisabeth, nee Rotinger, *21/8/1891 Prigrevica Batschka
Hild, Helene, (3/11/1914 Franzfeld Banat
Hild, Maria, *2/5/1935 Belgrad Croatia
Hild, Stefanie, *26/6/1943 Belgrad Croatia
Hild, Karl, *11/1/1948 Ried Austria
Hild, Angela, *6/6/1951 Ried Austria
Hildenbrandt, Georg, *7/4/1898 Jarmina Slavonia
Hildenbrandt, Maria, nee Marschall, *14/3/1896 Jarmina Slavonia
Hildenbrandt, Adam, *1/5/1924 Jarmina Slavonia
Hildenbradt, Katharina, nee Hirth, *17/11/1922 Rudolfsgnad Banat
Hoff, Dithelm, *14/2/1926 Schag Banat
Hoff, Anni, nee Salm, *19/10/1919 Rudolfsgnad Banat
Keller, Margarethe, *27/4/1938 Rudolfsgnad Banat
Hunger, Johann, *4/12/1907 Batsch Batschka
Hunger, Magdalena, nee Duhatschek, *21/9/1913 Tovarnik Syrmia
Hunger, Maria, *19/2/1935 Kukujevci Syrmia
Hunger, Franz, *2/2/1945 Senftenbah Austria
Duhacek, Matthias, *28/5/1889 Tovarnik Syrmia
Duhacek, Magdalena, nee Mettler, *6/9/1891 Tovarnik Syrmia
Illich, Paul, *18/7/1928 Ivankovo Slavonia
Illich, Elisabeth, nee Beld, *20/7/1901 Ivankovo Slavonia
Illich, Fran, *30/6/1940 Ivankovo Slavonia
Illich, Katharina, *21/6/1927 Ivankovo Slavonia
Illich, Josef, *6/1/1933 Ivankovo Slavonia
Jaretz, Edelbert, *28/10/1929 Bregenz Austria
Jug, Stefanie, *25/9/1892 Banja Luka Bosnia
Jung, Lorenz, *28/10/1903 Klein Betschkerek Banat
Jung, Anna, nee Kropp, *20/6/1905 Klein Betschkerek Banat
Jung, Adam, *20/4/1926 Klein Betschkerek Banat
Jung, Klara, nee Keller, *1/5/1929 Tomaschanci Slavonia
Mecher, Magdalena, nee Jung, *20/12/1927 Klein Betschkerek Banat
Mecher, Nikolaus, *20/8/1921 Tschenel Banat
Mecher, Anna, *10/8/1949 Neuhofen Austria
Mecher, Johann, *16/8/1950 Neuhofen Austria
Kaiser, Franz, *7/10/1924 Djagovacki selci Slavonai
Kaiser, Pauline, nee Tremmel, *28/8/1925 Krndija Slavonia
Kaiser, Martin, *22/22/1942 Krndija Slavonia
Kaiser, Franz, *13/9/1945 Rubmannsberg Austria
Tremmel, Michael, *24/4/1879 Sakolovac Slavonai
Tremmel, Rosina, nee Huiber, *1/6/1883 Nemetker Hungary
Keller, Franz, *22/12/1901 Filipovo Batschka
Keller, Maria, Neubert, *6/3/1906 Viskovci Slavonia
Keller, Andreas, *25/3/1931 Tomaschanci Slavonia
Majowski, Maria, nee Keller, *25/12/1925 Viskovcin Slavonia
Majowski, Valentin, *3/6/1923 Ratkovo Batschka
Majowski, Theresia, *6/9/1950 Ried Austria
Kessler, Franz, *30/6/1911 Beldegaszonyfa Hungary
Kessler, Margarethe, *2/4/1916 Puespoeknad Hungary
Kessler, Franz, *14/1/1937 Puespoeknad Hungary
Kessler, Josef, *6/9/1940 Puespoeknad Hungary
Kindreich, Johann, *31/1/1900 Novaki Slavonia
Kindreich, Maria, nee Dlap, *4/10/1904 Bakic Slavonia
Kindreich, Maria, *27/4/1940 Kapinci Slavonia
Nuber, Rosina, *4/9/1928 Descelvado Slavonia
Nuber, Josef, *31/7/1925 Osijek Slavonia
Klein, Franz, *6/4/1906 Schag Banat
Klein, Maria, nee Muth, *6/12/1906 Gier Banat
Hoff, Maria Theresia, *30/5/1943 Schag Banat
Kobold, Adam, *16/6/1910 Indjia Syrmia
Kobold, Maria, *25/10/1937 Indjia Syrmia
Kobold, Herta, *16/4/1944 Indjia Syrmia
Kobold, Adam, *27/1/1946 Undervogau Austria
Kobold, Rosina, *10/9/1950 Untervogau Austria
Kobold, Elisabeth, nee Pill, *25/5/1920 Indjia Syrmia
Petz, Alois, *22/11/1931 St. Aegidi, Linz Austria
Kratz, Jakob, *15/4/1900 Indjia Syrmia
Kratz, Maria, nee Goeringer, *6/5/1903 Indjia Syrmia
Krazt, Josef, *26/2/1920 Indjia Syrmia
Kratz, Katharina, nee Haas, *15/5/1929 Indjia Syrmia
Kratz, Renate, *21/12/1949 Wels Austria
Kratz, Dagmar, *5/3/1951 Wels Austrai
Haas, Theresia, neee Mellert, *3/12/1910 Vitojevci Syrmia
Kunst, Michael, *5/12/1909 Keglevichhausen Banat
Kunst, Theresia, nee Oster, *2/2/193 Keglevishhausen Banat
Kunst, Theresia, *27/3/1936 Keglevichhausen Banat
Kunst, Juliane, *9/12/1938 Kelgevichhausen Banat
Kusnt, Michael, *3/3/1943 Keglevichhausen Banat
Kuszka, Ludwig, *2/5/1902 Mramorak Banat
Kuszka, Mathilde, nee Bergsasy, *4/11/1907 Werschetz Banat
Kuszka, Karl, *22/3/1928 Karlsdorf Banat
Kuszka, Erwin, *25/6/1931 Karlsdorf Banat
Laki, Johann, *30/10/1924 Ofalu Hungary
Laki, Eva, nee Welzer, *7/5/1924 Sartscha Banat
Laki, Peter, *15/12/1948 St. Martin Austria
Laki, Anna, *20/1/1950 Odenberg Austria
Laudenbach, Johann, *10/6/1920 Semlin Syrmia
Lehmann, Josef, *7/1/1912 Sisak Croatia
Lehmann, Maria, nee Pentz, *11/1/1922 Jarmina Slavonia
Lehmann, Paul, *10/7/1942 Jarmina Slavonia
Pentz, Paul, *29/9/1883 Ceric Slavonia
Pentz, Rosina, nee Drescher, *26/3/1886 Jarmina Slavonai
Leipold, Andreas, *23/10/1919 Ruma Syrmia
Leipold, Katharina, nee Fath, *25/11/1923 Brcko Bornia
Leipold, Josef, *25/8/1947 Ried Austria
Leipold, Rheresia, *23/1/1949 Theiskirchen Austria
Leipold, Andreas, *29/7/1950 Theiskirchen Austria
Linz, Josef, *3/7/1912 Mor Hungary
Linz, Maria, nee Graf, *15/9/1912 Mor Hungary
Linz, Elisabeth, *12/11/1934 Mor Hungary
Linz, Stefan, *8/8/1936 Mor Hungary
Marx, Magdalena, nee Beissmann, *15/4/1915 Gasinci Slavonia
Marx, Stefan, *8/8/1935 Rokovci Slavonia
Marx, Georg, *19/10/1937 Rokovci Slavonia
Marx, Michael, *14/12/1933 Rokovci Slavonia
Beissmann, Magdalena, nee Dillmann, *8/2/1885 Svinjarevci Slavonia
Melcher, Stefan, *30/5/1918 Moritzfeld Rumenia
Melcher, Anna, nee Marx, *12/12/1927 Keglevichhausen Banat
Melcher, Gerlinde, *9/6/1951 Frankenmarkt Austria
Marx, Josef, *22/9/1903 Keglevichhuaseun Banat
Marx, Elisabeth, nee Oster, *3/3/1903 Kelgevichhausen Banat
Merkl, Anton, *13/4/1926 Jarmina Slavonia
Merkl, Elisabeth, nee Schlotzer, *13/10/1928 Vucevci Slavonia
Merkl, Anton, *24/5/1950 Wels Austria
Merkl, Barbara, nee Michelz, *13/7/1901 Jarmina Slavonia
Merkl, Martin, *11/11/1931 Jarmina Slavonia
Mueller, Jakob, *12/1/1920 Tovarnik Syrmia
Mueller, Magdalena, nee Klenantz, *25/11/1924 Svinjarevci Slavonia
Mueller, Stefan, *29/11950 Antisenhofen Austria
Mueller, Stefan, *2/8/1897 Tovarnik Syrmia
Mueller, Theresia, nee Lang, *24/7/1902 Tovarnik Syrmia
Nuspl, tefan, *25/1/1917 Tomaschanci Slavonia
Nuspl, Elisabeth, neen Pertschy, *25/4/1922 Mrzovic Slavonia
Nuspl, Renate, *14/10/1950 Wies Austria
Nuspl, Amalia, *29/6/1946 Muregg Austria
Pertschi, Josef, *661890 Filipovo Batschka
Pertschi, Anna, nee Unterreiner, *16/4/1893 Filipovo Batschka
Ochsenfeld, Michael, *3/9/1894 Tschestkerek Banat
Ochsenfeld, Helene, nee Bayer, *20/6/1899 Tschestkerek Banat
Dan, Josef, *29/4/1928 Szombathely Hungary
Dan, Eva, nee Ochsenfeld, *29/1/1924 Tschestkerek Banat
Ochsenfeld, Gertrud, *16/11/1946 Schardenberg Austria
Oster, Jakob, *17/5/1923 Tscherwenka Batschka
Oster, Elisabeth, nee Spies, *25/1/1928 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Oster, Christine, *25/3/1937 Hochburg Austria
Oster, Herann, *5/11/1948 Ostermiething Austria
Oster, Jakob, *10/2/1901 Tscherwenka Batschka
Oster, Christine, nee Beker, *26/5/1901 Tscherwenka Batschka
Oster, Johann, *13/6/1927 Tscherwenka Batschka
Oster, Karl, *8/10/1933 Tscherwenka Batschka
Oster, Juliane, nee Siegel, *5/12/1875 Tscherwenka Batschka
Patzek, Georg, *12/4/1914 Backi Brestovac Batschka
Patzek, Klara, nee Weissinger, *29/2/1916 Sombor Batschka
Petzek, Fransizka, *18/9/1934 Backi Brestovac Batschka
Petzek, Mathilde, *15/5/1944 Backi Brestovac Batschka
Mutsch, Maria, nee Weisinger, *26/11/1893 Backi Brestovac Batschka
Pfann, Heinrich, *17/8/1912 Vinkovci Slavonia
Pfann, Rosina, nee Beismann, *28/2/1911 Gasinci Slavonia
Pfann, Josef, *22/9/1936 Andijasevci Slavonia
Pfann, Annemarie, nee Klecker, *23/8/1951 Wels Austria
Pfann, Appolonia, *9/2/1934 Andrijasevci Slavonia
Pock, Franz, *13/3/1896 Brodjanci Slavonia
Pock, Elisabeth, nee Zimmer, *7/10/1899 Djakovacki Selci Slavonia
Pock, Josef, *4/3/1929 Krndija Slavonia
Pock, Magdalena, *4/2/1935 Krndija Slavonia
Polly, Johann, *26/12/1900 Ruma Syrmia
Polly, Juliana, nee Pflug, *1/8/1901 Ruma Syrmia
Polly, Adam, *19/12/1921 Ruma Syrmia
Polly, Julie, nee Bornbaum, *27/8/1931 Ruma Syrmia
Polly, Gertrud, *23/10/1950 Althofen Austria
Rausch, Peter, *9/10/1910 Grabovci Syrmia
Rausch, Maria, nee Schmidt,*15/11/1908 Grabovci Syrmia
Rausch, Josef, *28/2/1932 Grabovci Syrmia
Rausch, Stefan, *16/2/1934 Grabovci Syrmia
Rausch, Magdalena, *17/3/1935 Grabovci Syrmia
Rausch, Christine, *21/5/1939 Grabovci Syrmia
Rech, Johann, *25/2/1909 Setschan Banatq
Rech, Katharina, nee Kalb, *1/7/1910 Setschan Banat
Rech, Georg, *24/4/1929 Setschan Bant
Rech, Eva, nee Kindereich, *24/7/1930 Novaki Slavonia
Reinerth, Johann, *12/2/1922 Toschau Batschka
Reinearth, Katharina, nee Konradt, *25/9/1921 Karavukovo Batschka
Reinearth,Horst, *20/7/1948 Lenzing Austria
Reiter, Maria, nee Kettenbach, *18/12/1948 Svinjarevci Slavonia
Reiter, Maria, *26/6/1935 Erdevik Syrmia
Reiter, Anna, *1/1/1929 Erdevik Syrmia
Reiter, Anton, *10/9/1930 Erdevik Syrmia
Reiter, Johann *22/6/1933 Erdevik Syrmia
Rittenbacher, Aton, *14/1/1911 Lukac - Virovitica Croatia
Rittenbacher, Juliane, nee Huber, *14/12/1915 Hrnjevac Croatia
Rittenbacher, Maria, *5/4/1936 Lukac - Virovitica Croatia
Rittenbacher, Theresia, *21/8/1940 Lukac - Virovitica Croatia
Roth, Karl, *6/6/1912 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Roth, Wilhelmine, nee Stock, *`14/12/1912 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Roth, Paul, *16/11/1941 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Roth, Heinrich, *8/9/1943 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Salm, Johann, *3/3/1897 Rudolfsgnad Banat
Salm, Barbara, nee Schaampler, *4/2/1901 Rudolfsgnad Banat
Schwarz, Elisabeth, nee Salm, *25/8/1921 Rudolfsgnad Banat
Schwarz, Magdalena, *8/2/1941 Rudolfsgnad Banat
Schwarz, Elfriede, *11/5/1942 Rudolfsgnad Banat
Keller, Franz, *7/7/1935 Rudolfsgnad Banat
Sayer, Katharina, nee Klenantz, *19/6/1928 Apatin Batschka
Sayer, Katharina, nee Klenantz, *19/6/1928 Svinjarevci Slavonia
Sayer, Theresia, *5/1/1948 Attersee Austria
Sayer, Johann, *29/11/1949 Voecklabruck Austria
Sayer, Martin, *2/4/1888 Apatin Batschka
Sayer, Theresia, nee Ries, *30/3/1897 Apatin Batschka
Seidl, Josef, *18/6/1929 Illatsch Syrmia
Seidl, Edith, nee Warwrick, *28/9/1928 Bsanila Romania
Seidl, Peter, *28/10/1947 St. Willibald Austria
Seidl, Juliana, nee Mueller, *30/10/1904 Illatsch Syrmia
Seidl, Andreas, *23/8/1930 Illatsch Syrmia
Schramm, Johann, *21/11/1921 Vucevci Slavonia
Schramm, Magdalena, nee Schlotzer, *13/2/1925 Vucevci Slavonia
Schramm, Magdalena, *12/4/1947 Attnang-Puchheim Austria
Schlotzer, Josef, *2/11/1898 Vucevci Slavonia
Schlotzer, Maria, nee Schtumpfroll, *20/5/1903 Vucevci Slavonia
Schramm, Michael, *24/10/1897 Backa Kula Batschka
Schramm, Appolonia, nee Letscher, *28/12/1901 Vucevci Slavonia
Schramm, Peter, *16/3/1924 Vucevci Slavonia
Schwarz, Peter, *26/6/1894 Topola Banat
Schwarz, Maria, nee Keller, *18/11/1900 Topola Banat
Schwarz, Franz, *26/6/1935 Topola Banat
Schwarz, Georg, *2/6/1932 Topola Banat
Steinmetz, Johan, *26/3/1902 Marijanci Slavonia
Steinmetz, Getrud, Temmer, *8/12/1903 Marijanci Slavonia
Steinmetz, Jakob, *20/2/1925 Marijanci Slavonia
Steinmetz, Johann, *22/3/1950 Marijanci Slavonia
Steinmetz, Agnes, nee Walter, *29/4/1925 Marijanci Slavonia
Stiegler, Mathias, *31/12/1899 Gorjani Slavonia
Stiegler, Katharina, nee Katzenmayer, *5/2/1904 Gorjani Slavonia
Stiegler, Peter, *12/9/1927 Gorjani Slavonia
Stiegler, Eva, *5/1/1930 Gorjani Slavonia
tiegler, Elfriede, *15/5/1950 Ried Austria
Taschelmayer, Anton, *24/10/1926 Cernik Slavonia
Taschelmayer, Elisabeth, nee Schwemlein, *11/1/1929 Vodjinci Slavonia
Taschelmayer, Maria, nee Ebner, *9/5/1900 Cernik Slavonia
Temari, Jakob, *8/7/1908 Temeschwar Banat
Temari, Elisabeth, nee Szenaschi, *21/3/1912 Pecka Romania
Temari, Georg, *30/6/1935 Perjamosch Banat
Temari, Gerhard, *21/12/1943 Perjamosch Banat
Temari, Franz, *22/9/1947 Ried Austria
temari, Josef, *6/3/1934 Perjamosch Romania
Taubinger, Josef, *6/1/1912 Vaschka Croatia
Taubinger, Christine, nee Frey, *14/5/1914 Vaschka Croatia
Taubinger, Katharina, *22/6/1933 Vaschka Croatia
Taubinger, Anna, *1/5/1939 Vaschka Croatia
Taubinger, Josef, *7/3/1951 Wolfsegg-Voecklabruck Austria
Taubinger, Elisabeth, nee Matern, *19/11/1881 Kapinci Slavonia
Feth, Friedrich, *4/10/1927 Soplanska Ada Syrmia
Feth, Maria, nee Taubinger, *29/1/1933 Vaschka Croatia
Taubinger, Paul, *17/4/1910 Vaschka Croatia
Taubinger, Maria, nee Novak, *5/5/1911 Ceric Slavonia
Taubinger, Leopold, *2/2/1936 Vaschka Croatia
Taubinger, Juliana, *20/3/1934 Vaschka Croatia
Taubinger, Karl, *25/2/1951 Wolfsegg-Voecklabruck Austria
Tauginger, Maria, *20/9/1932 Vaschka Croatia
Tettmann, Franz, *11/4/1914 Trpinja Batschka
Tettmann, Katharina, nee Grassler, *12/2/1919 Prigrevica Batschka
Tettmann, Theresia, *3/10/1937 Prigrevica Batschka
Tettmann, Katharina, *18/5/1939 Esseg Slavonia
Tettmann, Hildegard, *21/4/1944 PrigrevicA Batschka
Tettmann, Reinhold, *20/10/1950 Eisenera Austria
Venzler, Josef, *19/3/1923 Kupinovo Syrmia
Venzler, Magdalena, nee Leopold, *18/2/1924 Obresch Syrmia
Venzler, Heinrich, *13/12/1899 Kupinovo Syrmia
Venzler, Theresia, nee Wesan, *24/8/1900 Kupinovo Syrmia
Wagner, Josef, *22/12/1909 Andrijasevci Slavonia
Wagner, Anna, nee Nikolc, *28/8/1917 Gradiste Slavonia
Wagner, Martha, *25/7/1939 Gradiste Slavonia
Wagner, Katharina, *25/11/1942 Gradiste Slavonia
Wagner, Maria, *18/5/1948 Pettenbach Austria
Wagner, Magdalena, *9/10/1950 Pettenbach Austria
Wild, Matthias, *3081926 Ravni Topolovac Banat
Wildmann, Josef, *14/1/1925 Plavna Batschka
Wildmann, Anna, nee essing, *30/4/1927 Retkovci Slavonia
Massing, Katharina, *14/1/1901 Plavna Batschka
Wirth, Fritz, *18/6/1904 Torschau Batschka
Wirth, Susanne, nee Reinhert, *1/2/1902 Kucura Batschka
Wirth, Fritz, *3/4/1928 Torschau Batschka
Wirth, Erich, *4/4/1948 Lenzing Austria
Wirth, Elisabeth, nee Molnar, *13/3/1927 Ruma Syrmia
Zaloznik, Josef, *26/3/1919 Gonobitz Slovenia
Peci, Josef, *8/2/21902 Orisak Hungary
Peci, Julia, *17/2/1906 Bapska Novak Syrmia
Peci, Franz, *8/1/1944 Tenje Slavonia
Peci, Stephan, *8/12/1941 Tenje Slavonia
Peci, Elisabeth, *8/8/1939 Tenje Slavonia
Peci, Josef, *24/2/1933 Tenje Slavonia
Peci, Anton, *15/2/1945 Feldbach Austria
Peci, Ernestina, *15/3/1951 Itaberal/Golas Brazil
Hieronimus, Friedrich, *11/9/1922 Crvenka Batschka
Hieronimus, Katharina, *14/12/1928 Prigrevica Batschka
Hieronimus, Friedrich, *13/6/1950 ? Austria
Schaeffer, Karl, *18/12/1910 Semlin Syrmia
Gerster, Therese, *3/5/1914 Jarmina Slavonia
Ebenhoeh, Margarethe, *8/6/1909 Vukovar Slavonia
Ebenhoeh, Edeltraud, *25/6/1936 Vukovar Slavonia
Arras, Andreas, *10/8/1925 Obresch Syrmia
Arras, Elisabeth, *10/1/1925 Vucevci Slavonia
Arras, Paul, *19/11/1949 Kapfenberg Austria
Hittinger, Juliane, *15/10/1932 ? ?
Kleinfelder, Johann, *20/7/1924 Rudolfsgnad Banat
Kleinfelder, Johann, *12/6/1951 Hoersching Austria
Klotzbuecher, Margarethe, *12/8/1891 ? ?
Lay, Jakob, *27/3/1954 Knees Banat
Marath, Erich, *20/2/1929 Poelfing-Brunn Austria
Marath, Magdalena, *17/1/1929 Tomaschanci Slavonia
Marath, Erich, *1/'3/1952 Poelfing-Brunn Austria
Pfann, Mathias, *29/6/1909 Vinkovci Slavonia
Polly, Josef, *27/9/1928 Ruma Syrmia
Polly, Susanne, *7/9/1934 Detsch Syrmia
Polly, Johann, *5/11/1951 ? Austria
Pfaff, Caecilla, *15/5/1904 B. Novoselo Batschka
Pfaff, Caecilla, *10/4/1935 B. Novoselo Batschka
POfaff, Anna, *7/6/1927 B. Novoselo Batschka
Pfaff, Rita, *28/8/1951 Gmuenden Austria
Remlinger, Franz, *24/9/1924 Tomaschanci Slavonia
Remlinger, Theresia, *14/5/1925 Tomaschanci Slavonia
Remlinger, Franz, *8/9/1952 St. Peter Austria
Schwaz, Johann, *11/9/1929 ? Mexiko
Stock, Albert, *11/9/1927 Sotin Slavonia
Stock, Margarethe, nee Stummer, *25/6/1932 Laskirchen, Austria
Stock, Ulrike, *29/11/1951 Laskirchen Austria
Wiedermann, Nikolaus, *25/1/1927 Illatscj Syrimia
Dewald, Johann, *30/11/1919 Racinovci Slavonia
Dewald, Maria, *23/6/1923 Vodjinci Slavonia
Dewald, Eva, *15/6/1949 Waldneukirchen Austria
Edel, Anton, *5/5/1926 Bogdanovci Syrmia
Fath, Anna, *17/8/1899 Drenovci Syrmia
Fath, Mathias, *17/4/1928 Brcko Bosnia
Fath, Helene, *20/8/1934 Brcko Bosnia
Griesmayer, Theresia, nee Tittjung, *4/5/1907 Tordinci Slavonia
Griesmayer, Mathias, *26/8/1937 Svinjarevci Slavonia
Hagedusch, Peter, *15/5/19011 Tordinci Slavonia
Hagebuusch, Barbara, *? ? ?
Fischer, Katharina, *? Tordinci Slavonia
Fischer, Eugen, *26/12/1921 Perigdorf Hungary
Heinrich, Franz, *17/11/1925 Gorjani Slavonia
Heinrich, Anna, nee Schoen, *13/1/1929 Kunisinci Slavonia
Heinrich, Fabian, *1/10/1951 Offervorschitz Germany
Heinrich, Elisabeth, nee Mueller, *5/6/1904 Gasinci Slavonia
Mueller, Maria, *8/2/1941 Gasnci Slavonia
Leh, Franz, *1/4/1905 Tomaschanci Slavonia
Leh, Eva, *4/2/1908 Tomaschanci Slavonia
Leh, Theresia, *3/2/1925 Tomaschanci Slavonia
Leh, Martin, *1/4/1930 Tomaschanci Slavonia
Leh, Philipp, *28/12/1931 Tomaschanci Slavonia
Leh, Franz, *3/3/1948 Poefling-Brunn Austria
Milla, Theresia, nee Leicht, *19/10/1912 Tomascanci Slavonia
Milla, Hermann, *7/1/1942 Tomaschanci Slavonia
Milla, Siegfried, *7/1/1942 Tomaschanci Slavonia
Milla, Stefan, *21/8/1934 Tomaschanci Slavonia
Milla, Anton, *21/7/1931 Tomaschanci Slavonia
Milla, Ernst, *24/3/1945 Sankt Martin Austria
Linzner, Josef, *6/3/1929 Ruma Syrmia
Linzner, Eva, *30/7/1930 Tovarnik Syrmia
Linzner, Rose Marie, *6/8/1952 Sankt Martin Austria
Linzner, Maria, *18/4/1910 Ruma Syrmia
Linzner, Anton, *9/1/1909 Ruma Syrmia
Manier, Josef, *19/3/1905 Jarmina Slavonia
Manier, Maria, *12/7/1905 Jarmina Slavonia
Manier, Martin, *4/2/1930 Jarmina Slavonia
Manier, Josefa, *6/4/1932 Kravice Slavonia
Manier, Stefan, *21/9/1951 Kapfenberg Austria
Metzger, Georg, *8/8/1922 Siegmundsfeld Banat
Metzger, Anna, *14/5/1927 Pisak Slavonia
Metzger, Johann, *25/4/1951 Graz Austria
Muellerlelly, Josef, *20/12/1916 Sotin Slavonia
Remlinger, Adam, *12/11/1899 Tomaschanci Slavonia
Remlinger, Katharina, *24/8/1904 Tomaschanci Slavonia
Remlinger, Johann, *8/8/1933 Tomaschanci Slavonia
Remlinger, Stefan, *5/6/1928 Tomascanci Slavonia
Remlinger, Elisabeth, *1/3/1927 Tomaschanci Slavonia
Schmitutz, Josef, *27/71925 Djakovo Slavonia
Schochter, Philipp, *? Bezdan Batschka
Schochter, Anna, *19/3/1911 Djakovacki Selci Slavonia
Schochter, Katharina, *25/12/1935 Lacici Slavonia
Schochter, Franz, *9/6/1937 Lacici Slavonia
Schochter, Johann, *22/3/1944 Lacici Slavonia
Schochter, Josef, *10/9/1932 Lacici Slavonia
Wagner, Peter, *13/3/1885 ? ?
Wagner, Anna, *13/1/1889 ? ?
Fischer, Michael, *15/12/1922 Klein Betschkerk Banat
Fischer, Anna, nee Mueller, *22/11/1922 Deta ?
Fischer, Anna, *7/1/1952 Ried Austria
Fischer, Inge, *19/6/1955 Speyer Germany
Bayer, Emil, *1/6/1977 Vinkovci Slavonia
Bayer, Ursula-Emilie, *16/8/1953 Innsbruck Austria
Bayer, Stefanie, *20/4/1951 Innsbruck Austria
Bayer, Stefanie, *27/9/1912 Pettnau Austria
Braz, Francois, *28/2/1924 ? ?
Geckt, Rosina, *16/5/1897 Jarmina Slavonia
Geckt, Maria, *10/8/1930 Jarmina Slavonia
Zastavni, Stefan, *29/11/1918 Hrvacani Bosnia
Zastavni, Anna, nee Meljnik, *19/9/1922 Hrvacani Bosnia
Zastavni, Marina, *27/8/1943 Hrvacani Bosnia
Zastavni, Vasil, *17/6/1940 Hrvacani Bosnia
Zastani, Anastacia, *1/1/1937 Hrvacani Bosnia
Zastavni, Anna, *? Hrvacani Bosnia
Zastavni, Vera, *22/2/1952 ? Italy
Rosoha, Vasil, *15/3/1915 Veilka Trnava Russia
Rosoha, Maria, nee Mahanec, *18/1/1914 Velika Trnava Russia
Rosoha, Maria, *3/5/1946 ? ?
Rosoha, Michael, *28/10/1942 Sombor Batschka
Rosoha, Ivan, *22/4/1938 Sombor Batschka
Rosoha, Anna, *15/3/1940 Sombor Batschka
Rosoha, Helene, *8/4/1950 ? ?
Rosoha, Katharina, *22/4/1944 Sombor Batschka
Faerber, Nikolaus, *5/10/1921 Kaltschinovka Russia
Faerber, Willi, *1/3/1952 Karpfenberg Austria
Faerber, Linda, *10/12/1947 Karpfenberg Austria
Faerber, Nikolaus, *9/4/1945 Altiag Neulag Austria
Milla, Andreas, *26/10/1899 Mrzovic Slavonia
Milla, Eva, nee Milla, *14/9/1902 Mrzovic Slavonia
Striebl, Eva, nee Milla, *14/8/1924 Mrzovic Slavonia
Striebl, Erika, *16/51952 Santo Andre - Sao Paulo Brazil
Milla, Migo, *14/11/1928 Mrzovic Slavonia
Thoman, Johann, *18/10/1905 Sotin Slavonia
Thomann, Veronika, nee Laufer, *19/3/1909 Sotin Slavonia
Turda, Anton, *12/1/1898 Jarmina Slavonia
Turda, Josef, *17/3/1929 Jarmina Slavonia
Turda, Katharina, *4/4/1928 Jarmina Slavonia
Turda, Wilhelm, *27/1/1952 Kapfenberg Austria
Schat Friedrich *> Saporoschje Ukraine
Scheer, Nikolaus, *19/9/1913 Orzydorf Banat
Scheer, Juliana, *22/11/1911 Keschinzi Slavonia
Schweitzer, Stefan, *29/12/1924 ? ?
Schweitzer, Anton, *? ? ?
Gloeckler, Karl, *23/11/1925 Bulkes, Maglic Batschka
Gloeckler, Eva, nee Konrad, *3/9/1927 Bulkes, Maglic Batschka
Gloeckler, Maria, nee Bernhardt, *5/1/1906 Bulkes, Maglic Batschka
Gloeckler, Heinrich, *4/10/1948 Linz Austria
Gloeckler, Karl, *2/6/1953 Linz Austria
Konrad, Stefan, *5/3/1900 Karavukovo Batschka
Adamovic, Josef, *5/5/1903 Gorizia Italy
Adamovic, Milena, nee Maldek, *6/11/1901 Celje Slovenia
Boehm, Marlene, *22/2/1935 Ljubljana Slovenia
Boehm, Veronika, *22/10/1938 Ljubljana Slovenia
Boos, Jakob, *2/5/1920 Backi Brestovac Batschka
Boos, Veronika, nee Geiger, *15/5/1923 Backi Brestovac Batschka
Boos, Veronika, *9/1/1941 Backi Brestovac Batshka
Boos, Magdalena, nee Bung, *19/1/1883 Backi Brestovac Batschka
Boos Anna, nee Leinweber, *15/7/1904 Backi Brestovac Batschka
Boos, Anna, nee Schlachter, *15/8/1908 Becki Brestovac Batschka
Boos, Josef, *28/6/1930 Backi Brestovac Batschka
Boos, Franz, *29/3/1931 Backi Brestovac Batschka
Kapp, *Paul, *3/7/1910 Backi Brestovac Batschka
Kapp, Magdalena, nee Brenner, *3/3/1914 Backi Brestovac Batschka
Kapp, Anton, *22/8/1931 Backi Brestovac Batschka
Kapp, Magdalena, *23/8/1934 Backi Brestovac Batschka
Ruppaner, Jakob, *15/12/1905 Backi Brestovac Batschka
Ruppaner, Elisabeth, *10/9/1928 Backi Brestovac Batschka
Ruppaner, Stefan, *30/8/1931 Backi Brestovac Batschka
Bung, Anton, *11/1/1886 Backi Brestovac Batschka
Schnaebel, Johann, *15/10/1899 Pantschowa Banat
Schnaebel, Adelheid, nee Higl, *18/7/1905 Pantschowa Banat
Schnaebel, Nikolaus, *17/9/1928 Pantschowa Banat
Schnaebel, Ernestina, *3/5/1932 Pantschowa Banat
Schnaebel, Simon, *18/2/1937 Pantchowa Banat
Sposta, Karl, *30/9/1911 Lugosch Banat
Sposta, Anna, nee Focht, *17/4/1920 Perjamosch Banat
Sposta, Maria, *29/71948 Wels Austria
Bieber, Maria, nee Zelinka, *25/3/1868 Perjamosch Banat
Focht, Heirnich, *16/12/1891 Perjamosch Banat
Focht, Margarete, nee Bieber, *23/12/1894 Perjamosch Banat
Toninger, Ludwig, *4/8/1916 Cleveland USA
Toninger, Marianne, nee Nagy, *16/12/1919 Dejan Banat
Toninger, Andreas, *20/11/1938 Werschetz Banat
Toninger, Annemarie, *5/1/1941 Werschetz Banat
Toninger, Stefan, *25/7/1942 Werschetz Banat
Toninger, Renate, *19/12/1947 Linz Austria
Wild, Georg, *17/11/1971 Kathreinfeld Banat
Wild, Petronella, nee Seidl, *15/4/1922 St. Lambrecht Austria
Wild, Anna, *2/6/1946 Zeutschach Austria
Wild, Josef, *25/12/1947 Marienhof Austria
Wild, Johann, *23/21891 Kathreinfeld Banat
Wild, Barbara, nee Hoeckl, *72/1898 Pardan Baant
Brandstaetter, Nikolaus, *21/6/1911 Pardan Banat
Brandstaetter, Anna, nee Fischbach, *14/4/1912 Pardan Banat
Brandstaetter, Theresia, *4/12/1922 Pardan Banat
Brandstaetter, Anni, *7/12/1934 Pardan Banat


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