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A small but fortunate group of 500 Danube Swabian refugee families, exactly 2466 persons, were transported in 7 ships to the steppe of Entre Rios area in Brazil with the help of a Swiss charity “Schweizer Europahilfe" (Swiss Aid), who donated 9 Million Swiss Francs, and by the invitation and help of the Brazilian government, as well as the Brazilian State of Parana. See




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Place of birth


Rheinhofer, Regina, nee Stegh, *17/4/1909 Jarmina Syrmien
Rheinhofer, Stefan, *24/2/1905 Jarmina Syrmien
Rheinhofer, Johann, *15/12/1931 Jarmina Syrmien
Rheinhofer, Stefan, *12/8/1877 Jarmina Syrmien
Rheinhofer, Maria, nee Herzog, *2/2/1887 Jarmina Syrmien
Riesl, Johann, *21/11/1918 Jarmina Syrmien
Riesl, Maria, nee Gerard, *2/12/1919 Jarmina Syrmien
Riesl, Josef, *20/2/1939 Jarmina Syrmien
Riesl, Karl, *27/9/1941 Jarmina Syrmien
Riesl, Johanna Maria, *28/8/1943 Jarmina Syrmien
Riesl, Hildegard, *28/1/1947 Wels Austria
Riesl, Martin, *11/11/1893 Jarmina Syrmien
Riesl, Elisabeth, nee Seller, *15/6/1895 Jarmina Syrmien
Riesl, Andreas, *10/7/1918 Jarmina Syrmien
Riesl, Maria, nee Kohler, *7/9/1923 Jarmina Syrmien
Riesl, Franz, *14/7/1942 Jarmina Syrmien
Riesl, Walter, *20/2/1951 Kapfenberg Austria
Ritter, Johann, *1/11/1895 Lowas Syrmien
Ritter, Eva, nee Hock, *18/3/1897 Illatsch Syrmien
Rittter, Josef, *9/9/1930 Lowas Syrmien
Ritter, Johann, *29/9/1933 Lowas Syrmien
Ritter, Martin, *10/7/1904 Lowas Syrmien
Ritter, Franzixka, nee Ebli, *4/9/1907 Berak Slavonia
Ritter, Apollonia, *22/1/1926 Lowas Syrmien
Ritter, Josef, *29/3/1928 Lowas Syrmien
Ritter, Martin, *9/2/1932 Lowas Syrmien
Schauer, Johann, *23/11/1905 Cabuna Slavonia
Schauer, Katharina, *25/8/1932 Cabuna Slavonia
Schauer, Eva, nee Kreidl, *15/6/1911 Novxki Slavonia
Kreidl, Josef, *20/3/1883 Novski Slavonia
Kreidl, Maria, nee Baumann, *10/2/1886 Novski Slavonia
Scherer, Adam, *20/9/1912 Gorjani Baranya
Scherer, Theresia, nee Mattes, *25/9/1911 Tomašanci Slavonia
Scherer, Josef, *4/3/1938 Gorjani Baranya
Scherer, Peter, *8/6/1941 Gorjani Baranya
Scherer, Maria, *27/11/1943 Gorjani Baranya
Scherer, Karl, *24/3/1949 Wies Austria
Scherer, Jakob, *18/8/1903 Veprovac Baranya
Scherer, Barbara, nee Scherer, *17/1/1905 Temerin Batschka
Scherer, Elisabeth, nee Fischer, *16/12/1883 Temerin Batschka
Scherer, Stefan, *23/4/1923 Gorjani Baranya
Pertschi, Katharina, nee Scherer, *2/58/1925 Gorjani Baranya
Pertschi, Karl Josef, *15/3/1942 Gorjani Baranya
Pertschi, Johann, *28/12/1943 Gorjani Baranya
Schieber, Anton, *11/9/1910 Kravica Bosnia
Schieber, Maria, nee Kreis, *22/11/1912 Kravica Bosnia
Schieber, Anton, *5/7/1933 Kravica Bosnia
Kreiss, Johann, *20/5/1885 Kravica Bosnia
Schleer, Johann, *12/2/1893 Novaki Croatia
Schleer, Maria, nee Basinger, *25/3/1896 Kapinci Slavonia
Schleer, Anton, *16/8/1926 Novski Croatia
Schleer, Matthias, 20/12/1918 Novski Croatia
Schleer, Maria, nee Nikolaus, *7/11/1922 Novski Croatia
Schleer, Helene, *26/6/1940 Novski Croatia
Schleer, Hilde, *20/9/1944 Orolik Slavonia
Shleer, Franz, *2/12/1945 Linz Austria
Schloegel, Michael, *21/9/1907 Gašinci Slavonia
Schloegel, Magdalena, nee Herstes, *5/7/1910 Gašinci Slavonia
Schloegel, Franz, *18/11/1937 Gašinci Slavonia
Schloegel, Magdalena, *18/1/1939 Gašinci Slavonia
Schloegel, Thomas, *29/7/1940 Gašinci Slavonia
Schloegel, Matthias, *9/5/1942 Gašinci Slavonia
Schloegel, Michael, *23/9/1946 Linz Austria
Schloegel, Maria Rosalie, *25/4/1948 Linz Austria
Schloegel, Alois, *13/10/1949 Linz Austria
Schmidt, Adam, *27/7/1924 Josipovac Slavonia
Schmidt, Maria, nee Keilhauer, *24/10/1930 Vucevci Slavonia
Keilhauer, Valentin, *10/4/1902 Vucevci Slavonia
Keilhauer, Barbara, nee Fabing Vucevci Slavonia
Hauth, Anna, nee Keilhauer, *18/10/1921 Vucevci Slavonia
Hauth, Barbara, *4/3/1943 Vucevci Slavonia
Schrody, Johann, *23/10/1886 Sotin Slavonia
Schrody, Anna, nee Schwager, *28/5/1915 Drenovci Syrmien
Schrody, Magdalena, *22/5/1936 Sotin Slavonia
Schrody, Josef, *27/11/1938 Sotin Slavonia
Schwager, Josef, *22/10/1922 Sotin Slavonia
Schwager, Kathina, nee Hermann, *26/9/1926 Virovitica Croatia
Schwager, Stefan, *21/12/1948 Linz Austria
Shwager, Marie, *10/2/1951 Linz Austria
Schwger, Theresia, nee Fasekasch, *15/11/1893 Sotin Slavonia
Schwarz, Peter, *10/4/1903 Indjia Syrmia
Schwarz, Magdalena, nee Veith, *11/1/1905 Backi Brestovac Batschka
Schwarz, Maria, nee Kratz, *20/9/1877 Indjija Syrmien
Schwemmlein, Adam, *7/8/1904 Vodjinci Slavonia
Schwemmlein, Katharina, nee Bauer, *16/3/1912 Sotin Slavonia
Schwemmlein, Josef, *19/4/1932 Vodjinici Slavonia
Schwemmlein, Johann, *4/4/1934 Vodjinci Slavonia
Schwemmlein, Eva, *3/6/1944 Vodjinci Slavonia
Schwemmlein, Therese, nee Hiel, *5/11/1883 Vodjinci Slavonia
Sehner, Martin, *7/4/1930 Ruma Syrmia
Franzesko, Anna, *8/1/1887 Ruma Syrmia
Sehner, Elisabeth, nee Franzesko, *14/2/1910 Ruma Syrmia
Seider, Georg, *10/8/1905 Rokovci Slavonia
Seider, Katharina, nee Tittjung, *9/6/1911 Tordinic Slavonia
Seider, Rosalie, *14/11/1934 Rokovci Slavonia
Seider, Anna, *23/2/1936 Rokovci Slavonia
Seider, Balthasar, *22/8/1937 Rokovci Slavonia
Seider, Maria, *4/5/1942 Rokovci Slavonia
Spiel, Josef, *22/2/1931 Drenje Slavonia
Spiel, Maria, nee Guld, *7/4/1932 Vodjinci Slavonia
Spiel, Magdalena, nee Heist, *28/3/1913 Drenje Slavonia
Spiel, Matthias, *14/8/1910 Drenje Slavonia
Spiel, Stefan, *26/3/1933 Drenje Slavonia
Spiel, Anna, *25/6/1936 Drenje Slavonia
Spei, Matthias, *19/8/1939 Drenje Slavonia
Spiel, Adam, *10/7/1941 Drenje Slavonia
Spiel, Nikolaus, *6/12/1042 Drenje Slavonia
Spiel, Andreas, *21/10/1945 Linz Austria
Spieler, Johann, *1/8/1929 Sotin Slavonia
Spieler, Katharina, nee Ams, *30/6/1928 Sotin Slavonia
Schrody, Josef, *24/7/1889 Sotin Slavonia
Schrody, Theresia, nee Slatter, *9/2/1893 Sotin Slavonia
Spieler, Rosina, nee Schrody, *3/2/1912 Sotin Slavonia
Spieler, Josef, *23/5/1914 Sotin Slavonia
Spieler, Maria, nee Schrody, *29/6/1914 Sotin Slavonia
Spieler, Rochus, *1/5/1934 Sotin Slavonia
Spieler, Barbara, *2/12/1938 Sotin Slavonia
Spieler, Stefan, *22/2/1889 Sotin Slavonia
Spieler, Katharina, nee Muellerleily, *7/10/1890 Sotin Slavonia
Spieler, Theresia, nee Seebauer, *31/12/1927 Bapska Novak Syrmia
Spieler, Reinhold, *15/6/1949 Neukirchen-Altmuenster Austria
Spieler, Theresia, *31/7/1950 Neukirchen -Altmuenster Austria
Spieler, Johann, *21/9/1886 Sotin Slavonia
Spieler, Marta, nee Schlaug, *25/11/1887 Sotin Slavonia
Spieler, Franz, *10/6/1906 Sotin Slavonia
Spieler, Theresia, nee Ams, *25/4/1908 Sotin Slavonia
Spiess, Michael, *5/3/1896 Neu Palanka Batschka
Spiess, Katharina, nee Scheeirich, *25/9/1899 Kusmin Syrmia
Spiess, Peter, *10/5/1936 Orolik Slavonia
Spiess, Philipp, *24/8/1901 Orolik Slavonia
Stader, Michael, *4/10/1910 Satnica Slavonia
Stader, Johanna, nee Viduschek, *24/2/1910 Esseg Slavonia
Stader, Agatha, *27/6/1929 Krndija Slavonia
Stader, Anton, *24/4/1931 Satnica Slavonia
Stader, Adam, *17/2/1937 Satnica Slavonia
Stader, Heinrich, *7/1/1945 Ried Austria
Statter, Wenzel, *8/12/1897 Sotin Slavonia
Statter, Katharina, nee Schendlinger, *9/8/1903 Sotin Slavonia
Statter, Leonhard, *5/10/1927 Sotin Slavonia
Statter, Agnes, nee Schauer, *7/9/1928 Cabuna Croatia
Stemmer, Theresia, nee Mueller, *1/3/1917 Tompojevci Slavonia
Stemmer, Stefan, *30/1/1936 Illatsch Syrmia
Stemmr, Anna, *31/1/1938 Illatsch Syrmia
Stemmer, Barbara, nee Mayer, *28/11/1887 Illatsch Syrmia
Mayer, Josef, *17/9/1891 Tompojevci Slavonia
Mayer, Annemarie, nee Mueller, *2/12/1898 Tompojevci Slavonia
Stock, Franz, *27/3/1904 Sotin Slavonia
Stock, Theresia, nee Schrody, *8/4/1904 Sotin Slavonia
Schrody, Georg, *19/3/1884 Sotin Slavonia
Schrody, Theresia, nee Stauber, *13/9/1884 Sotin Slavonia
Spiler, Katharina, nee Sock, *10/12/1922 Sotin Slavonia
Stock, Adam, *21/5/1927 Sotin Slavonia
Stock, Marie, nee Ress, *9/3/1928 Lapovci Slavonia
Spieler, Josef, *8/11/1940 Sotin Slavonia
Stock, Georg, *23/4/1909 Sotin Slavonia
Stock, Juliana, nee Abt, *28/4/1917 Sotin Slavonia
Stock, Georg, *27/3/1933 Sotin Slavonia
Stock, Anton, *12/10/1938 Sotin Slavonia
Stock, Maria, *20/12/1946 Wels Austria
Stock, Christine, nee Apieler, *10/5/1883 Sotin Slavonia
Miskatovic, Ivan, *9/2/1901 Cernik Slavonia
Taeubl, Theesia, nee Schwager, *30/8/1912 Drenovci Syrmia
Taeubl, Anton, *21/4/1940 Sotin Slavonia
Taeubl, Monika, *25/4/1942 Sotin Slavonia
Taeubl, Emma, *29/5/1943 Sotin Slavonia
Tschonka, Michael, *20/6/1922 Zubica Slavonia
Tschonka, Anna, nee Scherzl, *7/8/1922 Cabuna Croatia
Tschonka, Katharina, *10/9/1941 Zubica Slavonia
Tschonka, Brigitte, *7/5/1949 Oftering Austria
Tschonka, Johann, *25/10/1897 Zubrica Slavonia
Tschonka, Katharina, nee Nikolaus, *25/11/1898 Zubrica Slavonia
Utri, Josef, *18/10/1895 Orolik Slavonia
Uri, Anna, nee Gaus, *21/1/1904 Retkovci Slavonia
Utri, Michael, *17/1/1928 Orolik Slavonia
Utri, Josef, *27/12/1933 Orolik Slavonia
Utri, Franz, *14/7/1936 Orolik Slavonia
Welcher, Anton, *3/9/1906 Josipovac Slavonia
Welcher, Maria, nee Mauser, *25/8/1908 Josipovac Slavonia
Welcher, Theresia, *20/6/1932 Josipovac Slavonia
Manler, Theresia, nee Mayer, *16/2/1908 Erdevik Syrmien
Welcher, Franz, *16/3/1928 Josipovac Slavonia
Welcher, Maria, nee Manler, *13/3/1930 Tovarnik Syrmia
Welcher, Anna, *1/3/1949 Feldbach Austria
Welcher, Franz, *6/7/1950 Feldbach Austria
Wiedermann, Georg Sr., *10/10/1900 Illatsch Syrmia
Wiedermann, Barbara, nee Maier, *8/11/1905 Tordinci Slavonia
Wiedermann, Eva, *3/4/1926 Illatsch Syrmia
Wiedermann, polonia, *8/2/1930 Illatsch Syrmia
Wiedermann, Adam, *7/1/1933 Illatsch Syrmia
Wiedermann, Anton, *8/2/1935 Illatsch Syrmia
Wiedermann, Horst *11/1/1944 Illatsch Syrmia
Wiedermann, Georg Jr., *23/4/1923 Illatsch Syrmia
Wiedermann, Barbara, *21/11/1923 Illatsch Syrmia
Wiedermann, Helene, *27/3/1947 St. Willibald Austria
Wiedermann, Elisabeht, *19/11/1948 St. Willibald Austria
Widermann, Elisabeth, nee Jungert, *1/11/1895 Illatsch Syrmia
Brandelin, Theresia, nee Pichler, *25/12/1903 Tovarnik Syrmia
Brandelik, Georg, *18/1/1927 Illatsch Syrmia
Wieland, Adam, *12/7/1924 Vucevci Slavonia
Wieland, Agnes, nee Kohler, *1/1/1929 Jarmina Slavonia
Wieland, Helmuth, *5/5/1950 Kapfenberg Austria
Wieland, Andreas, *6/10/1883 Vucevci Slavonai
Wilhelm, Michael, *21/4/1901 Illatsch Syrmia
Wilhelm, Theresia, nee Fischer, *15/10/1901 Gibarac Syrmia
Wilhelm, Johann, *6/5/1929 Illatsch Syrmia
Willhelm, Anna, nee Mueller, *16/12/1929 Illatsch Syrmia
Winkler, Stefan, *5/8/1923 Illatsch Syrmia
Winkler, Rosalia, nee Jungert, *10/10/1897 Illatsch Syrmia
Winkler, Josef, *1/8/1937 Illatsch Syrmia
Wolbert, Adam, *10/2/1896 Cerna Slavonia
Wolbert, Elisabeth, nee Gaertner, *24/6/1901 Berak Slavonia
Wolbert, Elisabeth, *18/2/1929 Cerna Slavonia
Wolbert, Peter, *21/6/1931 Cerna Slavonia
Wolbert, Anna, *27/4/1933 Cerna Slavonia
Wolbert, Johann, *2/11/1946 Kematen Austria
Zehr, Matthias, *19/1/1908 Lowas Syrmia
Zehr, Hermine, nee Mueller, *9/12/1911 Lowas Syrmia
Zehr, Matthias, *16/3/1940 Lowas Syrmia
Zehr, Nikolaus, *6/12/1879 Lowas Syrmia
Zehr, Regina, nee Weber, *20/8/1885 Lowas Syrmia
Zehr, Magdalena, nee Maier, *15/10/1921 Bezanija Syrmia
Zehr, Johann, *5/7/1929 Lowas Syrmia
Zehr, Gottfried, *5/11/1950 Braunau Austria
Zlasch, Josef, *20/7/1909 Jarmina Slavonia
Zlasch, Rosina, nee Geckl, *20/8/1912 Jarmina Slavonia
Zlasch, Sebastian, *23/10/1931 Jarmina Slavonia
Zlasch, Stefan, *9/5/1942 Jarmina Slavonia
Zlasch, Barbara, nee Schaffer, *14/2/1890 Jarmina Slavonia
Abt., Anton Sr., *12/12/1912 Illatsch Syrmia
Abt, Theresia, nee Mayer, *1/12/1915 Illatsch Syrmia
Abt, Theresia, *20/4/1932 Illatsch Syrmia
Abt, Maria, *4/9/1933 Illatsch Syrmia
Abt, Josef, *30/9/1935 Illatsch Syrmia
Abt, Rosalia, nee Harnes, *6/6/1891 Tovarnik Syrmia
Altheim, Philipp, *28/1/1911 Grabovci Syrmia
Altheim, Elisabetha, nee Schenk,*29/5/1914 Obresch Syrmia
Altheim, Hilde, *25/2/1935 Grabovci Syrmia
Altheim, Philipp, (26/6/1940 Grabovci Syrmia
Altheim, Helmuth, *7/9/1942 Grabovci Syrmia
Altheim, Johann, *22/3/1946 St. Marienkirchen Austria
Benz, Peter, *11/1/1897 Liebling Banat
Benz, Eva, nee Hutfloetz, *28/10/1899 Liebling Banat
Benz, Maria, *10/1/1924 Liebling Banat
Benz, Margarethe, *23/12/1930 Liebling Banat
Benz, Peter, *8/8/1935 Liebling Banat
Benz, Konrad, *21/6/1937 Liebling Banat
Benz, Barbara, *15/12/1939 Liebling Banat
Bierer, Konstanz, *29/30/1908 Hrastovac Slavonia
Bierer, Karoline, nee Mueller, *21/1/1915 Brsljanica Slavonia
Bierer, Karoline, *20/3/1936 Hrastovac Slavonia
Bierer, Peter, *29/6/1938 Hrastovac Slavonia
Bierer, Andreas, *18/101895 Hrastovac Slavonia
Bierer, Stefan, *23/7/1902 Hrastovac Slavonia
Bierer, Elisabeth, nee Mueller, *7/5/1905 Brsljanica Slavonia
Bierer, Heinrich, *29/11/1926 Mlinska Slavonia
Bierer, Rosina Caecilia, nee Hoelhuber, *17/10/1931 Pattenbach Austria
Boerer Hermine, *21/4/1951 Pattenbach Austria
Boos, Franz, *28/2/1910 Backi Brestovac Batschka
Boos, Maria, nee Brenner, *5/9/1912 Backi Brestovac Batschka
Boos, Stefan, *27/6/1937 Backi Brestovac Batschka
Boos, Franz, *18/9/1950 Grieskirchen Austria
Boos, Josef, *18/9/1950 Grieskirchen Austria
Damm, Michael, *1/11/1905 Obresch Syrmia
Damm, Katharina, nee Biermann, *25/11/1912 Deusch Syrmia
Damm, Hakob, *17/5/1932 Obresch Syrmia
Damm, Katharina, *9/2/1934 Obresch Syrmia
Damm, Maria, *1/1/1938 Obresch Syrmia
Damm, Rosina, *16/2/1942 Obresch Syrmia
Damm, Erhard, *9/5/1946 Peuerbach Austria
Duch, Stefan, *29/3/1907 Kapan Slavonia
Duch, Theresia, nee Palm, *25/11/1913 Kapan Slavonia
Duch, Stefan, *16/11/1932 Kapan Slavonia
Duch, Maria, *11/11/1939 Kapan Slavonia
Palm, Maria, nee Fuchs, *3/8/1887 Kapan Slavonia
Koller, nee Maria, nee Palm, *19/6/1912 Kapan Slavonia
Koller, Stefan, *18/8/1934 Kapan Slavonia
Eng, Matthias, *6/1/1893 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Eng, Matthias, *6/1/1893 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Westbroeck, Walter, *20/2/1918 Kandl Russia
Weissboeck, Sophie, nee Eng, *5/7/1923 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Weissboeck, Hugo-Walter, *27/10/1950 Uttendorf Austria
Eng, Wilhelm, *9/7/1914 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Eng, Johanna, nee Roth, *2/8/1917 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Roth, Jakob, *15/8/1886 Tscherwenka Batschka
Roth, Elisabweth, nee Ketteenbach, *20/10/1884 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Eng, Walter, *17/2/1941 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Eng, Paul, *2/11/1942 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Eng, Leonore, *20/4/1948 Braunau Austria
Engelmann, Stefan, *13/11/1921 Peterwardein Syrmia
Engelmann, Magdalena, nee Schumacher, *24/5/1922 Semlin Syrmia
Feller, Heinrich, *17/7/1906 Sarajevo Bosnia
Feller, Anna, nee Paunaz, *27/7/1904 Novi-Slankamen Syrmia
Feller, Lea, *21/7/1933 Semlin Syrmia
Feller, Alexander, *11/3/1935 Semlin Syrmia
Feller, Heinrich, *29/10/1938 Semlin Syrmia
Feller, Waldemar, *3/8/1943 Semlin Syrmia
Frey, Anton, *12/4/1911 Dobanovci Syrmia
Frey, Franziska, nee Binder *2/12/1911 Neu Pasua Syrmia
Frey, Anton, *27/4/1934 Bezanija Syrmia
Frey, Friedrich, *7/3/1936 Bezanija Syrmia
Frey, Peter, *14/3/1938 Bezanija Syrmia
Frey, Adam, *12/6/1939 Bezanija Syrmia
Frey, Karoline, *2/1/1941 Bezanija Syrmia
Frey, Heinrich, *1/7/1945 Rossbach Austria
Frey, Jakob, *11/4/1948 Rossbach Austria
Frey, Katharina, nee Georg, *18/12/1882 Dobanovci Syrmia
Gauges, Georg, *24/4/1908 Keschinci Slavonia
Gauges, Katharina, nee Letscher, *9/4/1911 Keschinci Slavonia
Gauges, Adam, *27/12/1930 Keschinci Slavonia
Gauges, Georg, *10/8/1933 Keschinci Slavonia
Geier, Georg, *9/1/1903 Obresch Syrmia
Geier, Eva, nee Kreuscher, *8/2/1904 Detsch Syrmia
Geier, Katharina, *1/8/1925 Obresch Syrmia
Geier, Johann, *4/3/1927 Obresch Syrmia
Geier, Elisabeth, nee Urschel, *26/11/1877 Beschka Syrmia
Gerber, Franz, *31/8/1919 Andrijasevci Slavonia
Gerber, Maria, nee Hermann, *1/9/1922 Ivankovo Slavonia
Gerber, Franz, *21/2/1942 Jarmina Slavonia
Gerber, Stefan, 14/7/1945 Steinerkirchen Austria
Gerber, Anton, 6/8/1949 Wels Austria
Hermann, Josef, *24/1/1894 Tenje Slavonia
Hermann, Elisabeth, nee Ziester, *25/7/1901 Retkovci Slavonia
Gloeckner, Johann, *13/1/1904 Udvari Syrmia
Gloeckner, Barbara, nee Pill, *3/12/1914 Indjia Syrmia
Gloeckner, Johann, *14/11/1930 Keszohidegut Svabian Turkey
Gloeckner, Martin, *4/11/1931 Udvari Svabian Turkey
Gloeckner, Brunhilde, *29/5/1947 Ostermiething


Goettel, Christian, *4/1/1909 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Goettel, Katharina, nee Kroh, *2/7/1933 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Goettel, Lydia, *28/11/1930 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Goettel, Maria, *18/5/1932 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Goettel, Jakob, *12/10/1933 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Goettel, Rosina, *9/2/1935 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Goettel, Franz, *24/4/1936 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Goettle, Paul, *25/9/1937 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Goettel, Sophie, *14/1/1939 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Goettel, Arnold, *19/6/1941 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Goettel, Erika, *26/11/1942 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Goettel, Katharina, *8/10/1944 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Goettel, Sieghilde, *25/9/1949 Hochburg Austria
Goettel, Maria, nee Ruppert, *2/9/1880 Kecsed Hungary
Gregor, Johann, *20/5/1910 Berak Slavonia
Gregor, Eva, nee Schill, *28/12/1908 Berak Slavonia
Gregor, Johann, *7/8/1935 Berak Slavonia
Gregor, Martin, *5/5/1938 Lowas Syrmia
Hauth, Franz, *7/7/1903 Kechinzi Slavonia
Hauth, Theresia, nee Kraus, *10/5/1909 Keschinzi Slavonia
Hauth, Sebastian, *23/7/1936 Keschinzi Slavonia
Kraus, Theresia, nee Bergmann, *8/6/1882 Stanisic Batschka
Bayer, Anton, *26/3/1930 Vucevci Slavonia
Bayer, Theresia, nee Hauth, *6/11/1932 Keschinzi Slavonia
Heck, Anton, *29/5/1905 Keschinzi Slavonia
Heck, Elisabeth, nee Magosch, *9/1/1910 Vucevci Slavonia
Heck, Elisabeth, *8/3/1930 Keschinzi Slavonia
Heck, Magdalena, *8/5/1933 Keschinzi Slavonia
Heck, Johann, *16/10/1940 Keschinzi Slavonia
Heck, Anton, *7/8/1943 Keschinzi Slavonia
Heck, Katharina, *21/11/1945 Wolfsegg Austria
Heck, Franz, *25/5/1950 Wolfsegg Austria
Heck, Maria, nee Steinbeck, *15/8/1879 Mrzovic Slavonia
Heck, Stefan, *10/3/1916 Keschinzi Slavonia
Hedrich, Nikolaus, *23/12/1912 Liebling Banat
Hedrich, Eva, nee Benz, *20/1/1920 Liebling Banat
Hedrich, Nikolaus, *1/8/1933 Liebling Banat
Hedrich, Eva, *11/6/1940 Liebling Banat
Hedrich, Elisabeth, *11/10/1948 Burgkirchen Austria
Hedrich, Peter, *1/12/1950 Burgkirchen Austria
Hedrich, Peter, *26/12/1910 Liebling Banat
Hedrich, Katharina, nee Geiger, *23/9/1912 Liebling Banat
Hedrich, Peter, *20/4/1930 Liebling Banat
Hedrich, Katharia, *6/12/1934 Liebling Banat
Heinz, Heinrich, *20/7/1905 Liebling Banat
Heinz, Katharina, nee Klein, *14/12/1905 Beschka Syrmia
Heinz, Andreas, *19/1/1936 Obresch Syrmia
Mueller, Johann, *18/12/1923 Tigmandu - Zuckmantel Rumania
Mueller, Dorothea, nee Heinz, *25/6/1927 Obresch Syrmia
Mueller, Johann, *28//4/1949 Peuerbach Austria
Heinz, Stefan, *28/4/1949 Vodjinci Slavonia
Heinz, Theresia, nee Stutz, *14/2/1902 Vodjinci Slavonia
Heinz, Maria, *6/12/1922 Vodjinci Slavonia
Heinz, Anton, *18/6/1926 Vodjinci Slavonia
Heinz, Katharina, *19/11/1932 Vodjinci Slavonia
Heinz, Stefan, *6/6/1936 Vodjinci Slavonia
Heinz, Juliana, *19/7/1943 Vodjinci Slavonia
Hoffmann, Andreas, *20/2/1911 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Hoffmann, Elisabeth, nee Blum, *4/12/1911 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Hoffmann, Franz, *26/2/1934 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Hoffmann, Horst, *30/5/1936 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Hoffmann, Helga, *30/5/1936 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Hoffmann, Irmgard, *4/3/1945 Uttendorf, Braunau Austria
Hoffmann, Christine, *4/9/1877 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Hoffmann, Philipp, *184/1923 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Hoffmann, Barbara, nee Horwath, *9/6/1922 Liebling Banat
Hoffmann, Hannelore, *26/12/1946 Braunau Austria
Hoffmann, Christine, nee Degen, *15/3/1897 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Hoffmann, Jakob, *10/4/1897 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Hoffmann, Christine, nee Degen, *15/3/1897 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Hoffmann, Jakob, *10/4/1897 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Hoeger, Matthias, *6/5/1905 Novi Banovci Syrmia
Hoeger, Elisabeth, nee Schleicher, *6/3/1911 Novi Banovci Syrmia
Hoeger, Friedrich, *2//2/1931 Novi Banovci Syrmia
Hoeger, Matthias, *293/1932 Novi Banovci Syrmia
Hoeger, Georg, *22/3/1934 Novi Banovci Syrmia
Hoeger, Adolf, *13/1/1940 Novi Banovci Syrmia
Hoeger, Hermann, *18/2/1943 Novi Banovci Syrmia
Hoeger, Elisabeth, *6/3/1945 Buchkirchen - Wels Austria
Hoeger, Katharina, *29/11/1947 Buchkirchen - Wels Austria
Schleicher, Elisabeth, nee Schleicher, *24//8/1886 Novi Banovci Syrmia
Hoeger, Johanna, nee Umenberger, *28/11/1931 St. Marienkirchen Austria
Hoeger, Siegfried, *5/5/1950 Breienaich Austria
Jaeger, Adam, *24/11/1910 Jarmina Slavonia
Jaeger, Rosina, nee Heil, *9/11/1915 Jarmina Slavonia
Jaeger, Josef, *23/8/1934 Jarmina Slavonia
Jaeger, Maria,*3/2/1939 Jarmina Slavonia
Juhn, Johann, *25/8/1902 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Juhn, Elisabeth, nee Harfmann, *16/10/1907 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Juhn, Karolina, *13/10/1927 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Juhn, Margarete, *21/1/1931 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Juhn, Heinrich, *26/6/1933 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Juhn, Klara, *30/9/1935 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Juhn, Jakob, *14/5/1939 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Juhn, Sieglinde, *9/10/1942 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Juhn, Eva, nee Schweisgut, *4/2/1927 Neu-Slankamen Syrmia
Juhn, Philipp, *28/5/1927 Sidski Banovci Syrmia
Juhn, Robert, *28/3/1951 Braunau Austria
Kasper, Franz, *28/5/1879 Sentiwan Batschka
Kasper, Eva, *21/1/1897 Vodjinic Slavonia
Kasper, Juliana, *2/7/1908 Vinkovci Slavonia
Keller, Katharina, *8/12/1916 Jarmina Slavonia
Keller, Franz, 28/12/1936 Jarmina Slavonia
Keller, Therese, *20'4/1938 Jarmina Slavonia
Keller, Anton, *10/7/1939 Jarmina Slavonia
Keller, Anna, *25/7/1942 Jarmina Slavonia
Klein, Stefan, *1/12/1901 Tomašanci Baranya
Klein, Roina, nee Leicht, *8/9/1902 Tomašanci Baranya
Klein, Katharina, *15/12/1926 Tomašanci Baranya
Klein, Melchier, *31/3/1930 Tomašanci Baranya
Klein, Josef, *15/10/1931 Tomašanci Baranya
Klein, Eva, *18/10/1933 Tomašanci Baranya
Klein, Josef, *8/11/1878 Ratkovo Batschka
Klein, Katharina, nee Milla, *21/9/1882 Filipovo Batschka
Koller, Martin, *6/12/1914 Kapan Slavonia
Koller, Anna, nee Reich, *5/7/1919 Kapan Slavonia
Koller, Hilde, *1/12/1937 Kapan Slavonia
Koller, Rudolf, *15/3/1942 Kapan Slavonia
Koller, Martin, *24/2/1885 Kapan Slavonia
Koller, Sophie, nee Schweizer, *7/4/1886 Kapan Slavonia
Koller, Paul, *27/3/1912 Kapan Slavonia
Koller, Helene, nee REich, *18/8/1917 Kapan Slavonia
Koller, Paul, *28/3/1940 Kapan Slavonia
Koller, Hermann, *6/2/1942 Kapan Slavonia
Koller, Valentin, *18/1/1946 Neukirchen


Koller, Theresia, nee Gutheil, *6/2/1920 Kapan Slavonia
Koller, Anna, father: Sayer, Stefan, *19/10/1938 Kapan Slavonia
Koller, Maria, father: Schnitzer, Josef, *12/3/1941 Kapan Slavonia
Gutheil, Konrad, *10/5/1887 Kapan Slavonia
Gutheil, Christine, nee Bauer, *28/6/1893 Kapan Slavonia
Koenig, Stefan, *17/1/1920 Keschinzi Slavonia
Koenig, Eva, nee Letscher, *14/1/1922 Keschinzi Slavonia
Koenig, Anna, *30/8/1941 Keschinzi Slavonia
Koenig, Maria, *29/4/1943 Keschinzi Slavonia
Koenig, Rosina, *6/7/1948 Wolfsegg Austria
Koenig, Maria, nee Mayer, *17/3/1994 Stanisic Batschka
Koenig, Therese, nee Kroh, *5/4/1904 Keschinzi Slavonia
Korpasch, Siegmund, *15/9/1904 Grabovci Syrmia
Korpasch, Maria, nee Schweissgut, *17/10/1907 Mitrovica Syrmia
Korpasch, Maria, *2/2/1928 Grabovci Syrmia
Korpasch, Helene, *24/2/1934 Grabovci Syrmia
Korpasch, Anton, *10/6/1937 Grabovci Syrmia
Korpasch, Christine, *10/10/1939 Grabovci Syrmia
Korpasch, Karl, *10/9/1942 Grabovci Syrmia
Korpasch, Katharina, *24/2/1947 Hoersching Austria
Korpasch, Adam, *5/3/1949 Linz Austria
Korpasch, Nikolaus, *24/11/1950 Linz Austria
Korpasch, Maria, nee Mrgan, *1/2/1882 Hrkovci Syrmia
Kraemer, Sebastian, *16/3/1899 Drenje Slavonia
Kraemer, Margaretha, nee Schecks, *24/10/1900 Drenje Slavonia
Kraemer, Sebastian, *12/1/1932 Drenje Slavonia
Kraemer, Juliana, *11/3/1934 Drenje Slavonia
Kraemer, Eva, *29/12/1937 Drenje Slavonia
Kraemer, Georg, *18/4/1940 Drenje Slavonia
Kraemer, Elisabeth, *12/4/1946 Wildon Austria
Kraus, Martin, *24/3/1915 Obresch Syrmia
Kraus, Maria, nee Siller, *2/5/1922 Obresch Slavonia
Kraus, Eva, *31/12/1944 Eferding Austria
Kraus, Maria, *31/10/1946 Bruck-Wasen Austria
Meder, Johann, *31/10/1930 Obresch Syrmia
Lang, Andreas, *17/9/1928 Obresch Syrmia
Lang, Elisabeth, nee Heirnz, *13/4/1929 Obresch Syrmia
Silberhorn, Jakob, *15/10/1887 Obresch Syrmia
Silberhorn, Margarethe, nee Hein, *73/1890 Obresch Syrmia
Leh, Matthias, *12/8/1903 Tomašanci Baranya
Leh, Viktoria, nee Scherer *15/12/1910 Gorjani Slavonia
Leh, Thomas, *30/9/1929 Tomašanci Baranya
Leh, Matthias, *8/3/1937 Tomašanci Baranya
Leh, Philipp,*26/6/1927 Tomašanci Baranya
Leh, Katharina, nee Werner, *15/3/1928 Tomašanci Baranya
Leh, Karl, *22/6/1949 Deurschlandsberg Austria
Letscher, Johann, *29/12/1907 Berak Slavonia
Letscher, Katharina, nee Fuchs, *1/12/1911 Vrbiva Slavonia
Letscher, Paul, *2/8/1936 Keschinzi Slavonia
Letscher, Josef, *7/7/1941 Vrbiva Slavonia
Letscher, Franz, *10/11/1943 Keschinzi Slavonia
Lickel, Johann, *21/12/1908 Kapetanovo Polje Slavonia
Lickel, Magdalena, nee Schlitt, *16/3/1912 Hrastovac Slavonia
Lickel, Johann, *21/7/1936 Kapetanovo Polje Slavonia
Lickel, Siegfried, *3/10/1941 Kapetanovo Polje Slavonia
Lickel, Heinrich, *13/5/1943 Kapetanovo Polje Slavonia
Lickel, Margarete, *2/12/1945 Dorf Pram Austria
Lickel, Anna, nee Kehl, *1/5/1887 Hrastovac Slavonia
Lickel, Jakob, *14/3/1910 Kapetanovo Polje Slavonia
Link, Josef, *30/12/1906 Ruma Syrmia
Link, Agathe, nee Wagner, *18/8/1906 Ruma Syrmia
Link, Josef , * 24/3/1941 Ruma Syrmia
Marschall, Johann, *6/22/1906 Tompojevci Slavonia
Marschall, Elisabeth, nee Merda, *5/3/1906 Tompojevci Slavonia
Marschall, Jakob, *23/1/1930 Tompojevci Slavonia
Marsschall, Johann, *9/5/1925 Tompojevci Slavonia
Marschall, Theresia, nee Mayerpeter, *23/9/1926 Bad-Hall Austria
Marschall, Gerhard, *30/6/1947 Steyr Austria
Merda, Jakob, *24/11/1881 Tompojevci Slavonia
Merda, Maria nee Zaric, *4/8/1883 Tompojevci Slavonia
Marschall, Matthias, *14/6/1889 Tompojevci Slavonia
Marschall, Eva, nee Mueller, *2/1/1900 Illatsch Syrmia
Gross, Johann, * 5/5/1923 Racinovci Slavonia
Gross Maria, nee Marschall, *20/6/1925 Tompojevci Slavonia
Gross, Emil, *1/6/1949 Rohr Austria