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Rosina T. Schmidt

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Hrastovacers Family Registry

Abel, Andreas Abel,Andreas-Descendants
Arndt-Descendants Arndt-Descendants
Bialleck, Anna Ancestors Bialleck-Ancestors
Braun, Valentin, *ca. 1690 BraunValentin-Descendants
Buchenauer, Henrich *ca.1785 BuchenauerHeirnich,1785
Bäcker, Johann, *ca. 1820 Baecker,Johann,ca.1820
Dörmer, Johann Heinrich, *1693 in Birklar, Giessen Dörmer,Johann.Heinrich,*1693
Eisenbeiss, Johann Michael, *ca. 1740 Eisenbeiss,Johann_Michael
Ellenberger, Georg, *ca. 1800 Ellenberger,Georg
Ernst-Jung Ernst-Jung
Fausst, Johann, *ca. 1595 in Grossenlueder, Hesse Fausst,Johann,*1595
Fausst, Johann *1750 Fausst,Johann*1750
Fink, Georg Heinrich *ca. 1710 Fink,GeorgHeinrich,1710
Friedrich, Hans, *1525, Gersfeld, Hesse Friedrich,Hans*1525
Färber-Descendants Färber-Descendants
Göbel, Adam, *bef. 1550, Laubach, Hesse Göbel,Adam,*1510,Laubach
Göbel, Johann Caspar *1698, Felda, Hesse Göbel,Johann_Caspar,*1698
Göbel, Johann Georg, *ca. 1711 Göbel,Johann_Georg,*ca.1711
Göbel, Martin, *ca. 1748 Göbel,Martin,*ca.1748
Heller, Hans, ca. 1569 from Nordenstadt Heller,Hans,ca.1569
Heppenheimer, Leonhard, *ca. 1690, Nieder-Ramstadt, Hesse Heppenheimer,Leonhard,1690
Jung, Family Jung-Ancestors
Just, Nikolaus,*ca.1784 JustNikolaus,1784
Kaiser, Johann, *ca. 1780 Kaiser,Johann*ca.1780
Kaiser, Johannes, *ca.1624, Ilbeshausen Kaiser,Johannes*ca1624
Kehl, Johann Jacob, *ca. 1730 Kehl,Johann_Jacob,1730
Kemler, Johann, *1768 Kemler,Johann,1768
Kirchner, Johann Abraham, *1717, Langhain Kirchner,JohannAbraham,1717
Knoch, Somogydöröcske, Somogy Knoch-Somogydöröcske
Kolb, Johann Christoph, *1694 Kolb,JohannChristoph
Kuehfaber, Kiehfaber, Johann Michael *1697, Burgfella, Hesse-D. Kuehfaber,Johann_Michael
Lehn Family Lehn-Family
Lickl, Lückl Descendants Lickl-Descendants
Loebel, Johann, *ca. 1700 Loebel,Johann*ca.1700
Menz, Johann Heinrich, *ca. 1680 Menz,JohannHeinrich,*ca1680
Muench, Johann Jakob *ca.1749 Muench,JohannJakob
Muth Family Origins Muth-Family-Origins
Müller, Andreas, 1778 Mueller,Andreas
Müller, Johann Jacob, 1668, Breckenheim, Hesse Mueller,Johann_Jacob
Ochs, Hrastovac Genealogy Group Ochs-Hrastovac
Ochs, Johann Philipp, *1794 Ochs,JohannPhilipp,1794
Ochs, Kaufman Chart Ochs-Kaufman-Chart
Ochs, Peter, Descendants Ochs,Peter-Descendants
Ochs, Sebastian,  Descendants Ochs-Sebastian-Descendants
Ochs,3 brothers Ochs-3-Brothers
Ochs-Schneider Descendants Ochs-Schneider
Ochs-Stark Descendants Ochs-Stark
Pfeiffer, Jakob, ca. 1610 Pfeiffer-Johann
Plätzer (Blaeser), Johann Heinrich, *ca. 1720 Plätzer-Descendants
Rasch, Nicolaus Descendants, Baden-Durlach Rasch,Nicolaus-Descendants
Peter, Johann Josst, *1690 Peter,Johann.Jost*1690
Reith, Johann Christoph Reith,JohannChristoph
Rosenbecker, Johann (Georg) Heinrich, *1688 in Delkenheim Rosenbecker,Johann(Georg)Heinrich
Rothärmel, Hans Georg, *1664, Hammelbach, Odenwald Rothermel,Hans-Georg*1664
Rothärmel, by Wally Schlegel Rothermel
Rück, Gerhard, *ca. 1585, Reichelsheim, Hesse Rück,Gerhard,*ca.1585
Rühl, Rüll, Riel, Johannes, * 1643, Echzell, Hesse Rühl,Johannes,*1643
Sammet, Heirnich, *ca. 1775 Sammet,Heirnich*ca.1775
Schmidt, Caspar, *ca. 1690 Family Schmidt,Caspar,1690
Schmidt, Rosina's Ancestors Rosina's-Ancestors
Schoen, Johann, *ca. 1701 Schoen-Descendants
Schwindt, Georg Andreas, *ca. 1700 Schwindt,GeorgAndreas*ca.1700
Spandler, Johann, *1842 Spandler,Johann,1842
Stumpf, Johann Jacob Descendants Stumpf,Johann_Jacob-Descendants
Tenz, Josef, *ca. 1737 Tenz,Josef
Trautmann, Georg Philipp, *1705, Gross-Gumpen Trautmann-Descendants
Trautmann-in-Varsad Trautmann_in_Varsad
Wagner, Peter, *1769 Wagner,Peter-Descendants
Waing, Weing, Weink, Veing, etc. Waing-Somogydorocske
Wickert Marriages in  Varsad Wickert-Marriages,Varsad
Wickert Research Wickert-Research
Wickert, Births in Kalazno, Tolna Wickert-Births-Kalazno
Wickert, Births in Varsad, Tolna Wickert-Births-Varsad
Wickert, Deaths in Kalazno and Varsad Wickert-Deaths
Wickert, Johann Dietrich, Leusel, Hesse Wickert,Johann_Dietrich
Zarth,Johan Heinrich, *ca. 1720 Zarth,Johann.Heinrich*1720
Weyl (Weil), Peter Weyl,Peter
Wolf-Families Wolf-Families

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